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Small and Usefull Utilities Of Linux

Hi folks in this thread u will provide ur favourite and useful utility in linux ( if u use it). Linux is a very fastly growing operatin system these days. basically linux is a kernal means a translator between the user and the computer. and it has different desktop enviroments. but mostly used are Gnoem, KDE and XFCE.
i use the distro is Ubuntu. the KDE version of Ubuntu called KUbuntu. a very successful distro in linux world. the problem of linux is it is not very populer at desktop computers but now a days it is getting the place of windows and even mac O/Ss. now we will start to tell each other about the linux utilities which we find after a great struggle and like them( because linux utilities are not widely avaiable or programmers do not like to make them there is not small provedure just to create an exe file as in windows and it will start with a click there are totally different rules and regulations which are obeyed by only some who love u use linux or the developers). so folks starting here with a small application of KDE.
if u use Kubuntu u can get it from Adept/Synaptic( the package manager it is used to install softwares just like add remove programms utility in windows)i like and love KDE. so this utility is Kshutdown. a small utility used to shut the computer down at a given time, to restart it or to hibernate it. i know how i struggled for it and used command line Sad which i do not like mostly for shutting the computer down at a given time. but now i use kshutdown at my pc.
what do u like?????
LukeakaDanish soon as my new harddrive arrives i'm installing (k)ubuntu and possibly also madrake...

So thanks for the cool tools...I'm sure they will come in handy. Think
Some cool little tools I like:
Kruler: measures things on the screen in standard, metric, or pixels. (Very usefull when trying to set the width or height variables in HTML.)
ColorPicker Applet: Again, very usefull with HTML coding, expecialy when trying to match a theme.
Kdirstat: Displays the usage of a folder graphicly, so you can quickly tell what takes up the most space. (Very usefull if a drive is full, so that you don't waste time deleting things that don't take up much space.)
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