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Screen recording software

Hi, does anyone know any good screen recording software! I would like to make some tutorials based an recording my work.
You can use Irfanview to take screenshots of your desktop or client screen area!
you can assign some keys for taking screenshots and it will be stored in some predefined folder!
But remember, its only for taking still screenshots!
If you need to create some video presentation, then there are some applications availbale!
I'll search for that and will post here soon! Laughing
Bwn, the Irfan view is available here

check these following sites
CamStudio 1.22
Fraps is what you need...

Have fun Smile
Check these screen capture sharewares here, here and also here

Techsmith has nice softs.
For video use Camtasia for Pictures use Snag it.

If you want a free soft use FastStone Capture for screenshots.
orno wrote:
Fraps is what you need...

Have fun Smile

Thanks, I will try it out!
orno wrote:
Fraps is what you need...

Have fun Smile

i dont know for sure, but dont fraps only work inside games or 3d viewports? as far as i know it only works inside thoos.


Camtasia studio is the way to go, i have personal used it and i can only recommend it, the capture possibilities is great(windowed, full-screen or you can even crop to a specefic area of your screen) and then you can edit and save it with a codec after, it can also record voice while doing it(and that something fraps cant do)
Any Ideas where I could get this Camptasia??? Much appriciate.
Use CamTasia It's the besy however when you record it saves as a camtasia file and afterwards you have to convert it to .avi.

Maybe anybody knows how you cna record it directly to .avi would save some time then.

You can also use a free thingy like hypercam
In the good old days when Internet was just a mystery to us, I remember buying PC magazines so I could install every single one of the programs given in the CD attached. Once I came up with such a program, I was so happy to be able to do this kind of thing. Good old days eh?
use ZD soft screen recorder it will not save as avi file, if it save the screen as exe itself... it will take very small amount of disk space...

use and feel the difference
I just downloaded Screen Virtuoso. This seems to do the job, however, it uses
a lot of CPU and RAM so I can actually go as quick as I need. I really would like to find something just as functional but not as resaurce intencive.
This link will give you an extensive list of Screen shot softwares from
Gadwin PrintScreen 3.1 is one of the best free screen capture software.
ScreenHunter 4, Ace WINScreen 4.5, Screen Print & Capture 32 are high rated by cnet users, so you can trust their usability and Screen Print & Capture 32 is the most download free screen capture software.
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