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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Anyone check this out yet? I watched the pilot last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's the same guys that wrote and directed the first 4 seasons of West Wing, and it has the same quick wit and dialogue. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are fantastic.
Yeah while I couldn't care less about Perry. Whitford, Sorkin and Schlamme were all big draws in me watching this.

From the basis of two episodes it does look promising.

The trick is probably going to be not thinking of it in comparison to Sorkin's West Wing (ie. up to series five) because while it is doing the television social commentary at the moment you do have to wonder how far that can be dragged out before it all seems a bit trite.

Enjoyable so far though.
Agree with the above. Sorkin's a great writer and he knows it. Reminds me a lot of Front Page with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant-fast, funny and intelligent. Definately set a high bar with West Wing.

But Studio 60 sounds a bit autobiographical of Sorkin and perhaps as such, a little too precious. Great writer, drug problems, etc., etc. And I agree that the premise of Studio 60 gives room for lots of fluff and not much else to give the material that edge that makes this material work.

I like the behind-the-scenes stuff. I do video production as a living so it's fun to see the switcher in the control room, the lighting/sets. But so far, none of the characters are really all tha appealing. A little too slick, too hollywood iconic. I hope they develop some depth.
But Studio 60 sounds a bit autobiographical of Sorkin and perhaps as such, a little too precious. Great writer, drug problems, etc., etc

I noticed this the second I started watching it. It seems to be very autobiographical of Sorkin/Schlamme only on the show, it's the director not the writer with the coke problem.

That aside, I've now watched both new episodes and am enjoying it quite a bit.
I'm really enjoying this so far too. I think it's got great potential, and is pretty much the only new US show I'm watching at the moment.

I was a bit out of the whole West Wing era, but for me this is a more relatable topic anyway. Can't wait to see where the season goes!
It is a great show. Looks likw west wing in visual, but not in the
content. few wierd stuff:

The director (Bradley Whitford) hasn't really directed anything yet.

The writer (Matthew Perry) was seen thinking a lot but not really coming up with ideas. his charector seem a bit serious to be writing comedy.

The actors - do they really have to wait in their dressing room the
whole week ????

Nevertheless it's good up until now.
I'm a little concerned for the show. I have been reading that the ratings have been down with each new episode. I hope the show stays. The 3rd episode was very very good (best one yet IMO). I hope the powers that be at NBC give the show at least a full season (two would be nice).
Or can anyone link to a website with that information ?
Pablo Diablo
I've watched the first 2 episodes so far and I was highly engrossed. It seems like an intelligent comedy/drama, and I've looking for one of those for a while.
top526 wrote:
Or can anyone link to a website with that information ?,1,20157,00.html?rsstv
I was a little disappointed with the last episode. I just think the main plotline wrapped itself up a bit too nicely. I think it would have been interesting if it hadn't resolved itself and the legal side of it was something that needed to be adressed in future episodes.

Also the journalist character that was introduced seems to be very co-operative at the moment, it'll be interesting to see what she writes in the final report, but at the moment the main story line for each week is just "somethings going/gone wrong in this weeks show lets fix it so everything is back to the status quo. The West Wing was never that episodic (although the continued comparison is probably unfair). Plus does anyone else find it a little odd that Jordan is only ever seen tackling matters directly related to Studio 60. I know that's what the show's about but she's the network president and whenever she does anything in the show she's always has to run it by Matt and Danny like they're her boss.

Still it's only the fourth show so maybe these points are a touch unfair and generally I'm enjoying it.
I thought the bit with Matt & the window was much funnier than anything that has so far been written for the show within the show. Sorkins' got the snappy dialogue stuff down, but he doesn't seem to have the skit/standup comedy thing so well.
Anyone catch this last (Oct 23rd) episode? Aaron Sorkin lays down the glove... He's a liberal intellectual and proud of it! And he wants intelligent scripts for television. Good for him, I basically agree and hope a good size audience agrees as well.

Having said that, I hope he also engages a few comedy writers... Aaron can be witty and intelligent but he doesn't seem to be good at real down and out comedy. It would be good to see enough of the show within the show be really funny, not only to be more funny, but to make the premise a little more believable.
I've really liked every episode of this that comes out, and with everything they show, I like it more.

I'm sad that it doesn't seem to be all that popular, though. :(
mrblah wrote:
It doesn't look like good news for the show.,2933,226092,00.htm

I guess they will just cancel it and put more Deal or No Deal or some other reality/gameshow crap on.


I just read that before you posted it.... sad news. I was totally getting into it more and more each episode.
It looks like the show will make it for the rest of the season.,0,1602101.story?coll=zap-news-headlines
I thought the Christmas episode was just plain adorable.... I liked how they managed to bring up all the ways that Christmas doesn't make sense, but also showed how that just doesn't matter.

Danny&Jordan were completely cute, especially with Matt there proding and laughing at the sidelines.

Just a cute, cute episode. Feel good all around.
I like the show from the start. Man, people or fans or viewiers doesn't know how to appreciate a good series like this. Though love story plot appeared early in the series. I hope the show will not be cancelled and be back next year.
I've just noticed that BravoTV is showing the first batch of episodes in order (both yesterday and today). I sure hope it spurs some more interest in the show, because it's too good to get rid of after just one season...
Well, NBC has decided to air the last few episodes of the season and they have been really really good. I hate to see this show go away, but I think it will. My only hope is that it gets picked up by another network.

On the NBC website, it has next week's episode as the "series" finale, rather than the "season" finale. Not a good sign.... Crying or Very sad
A big shame about the fate of this show. It's starting on More4 in the UK this week for those that might want to check it out. A DVD set of the series is also being released in the states in September.
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