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Twist Endings

When it comes to movies I'm a sucker for twist endings. Here are my 3 favorite movies with twist endings.
1. Fight Club
2. Memento
3. The Sixth Sense

Please post about movies that you like with twist endings. =)
The Others has a great twist at the end, as does Identity. Identity is one of my favorite recent horror/thriller films, but never got very much play. John Cusack is wonderful as is Amanda Peet.
yeah guys... Twists are great!

I was just thinking about all the above movies... I saw every one of them... GREAT!!
I think one could count the movie "tricks" as well.... but ow is a twist defined anyway... just as "most people won't get the true story untill the very end?" I mean in many movies thrillers the audience is sent on the wrong path... "the score" for example...

I am eager to read about more twist movies... Smile
Right now BASIC INSTINCT 2 came to my mind.... great, isn't it?

There's always "The Usual Suspects", "The Crying Game" (though the twist came in the middle, not the end), "Planet of the Apes" and who could forget "The Empire Strikes Back"

But for me, the best twist endings will always be Scooby Doo -

Mystery Machine Gang: "Old Man Saunders?!?! It was you all along???"
Old Man Saunders: "That's right. And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for these meddling kids and their dog!"
Surely The Usual Suspects must take the cake for the best twist ending. "Round up the usual suspects." And so they do - and ending up in the lineup are career criminals Michael McManus, Fred Fenster and Todd Hockney (Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Toro and Kevin Pollack), ex-cop gone bad gone good again Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) and small-time con man Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey).
Wait a minute ... five criminals in one lineup? There's something wrong here, right? Right ...

In "The Usual Suspects," not only every line but every gesture, every facial expression and every camera cut counts. Even if you distrust the story being told, you can't exactly pin down everything that's wrong with it. The plot unfolds through the tale extracted from Kint, one of two survivors of a massacre and subsequent explosion on a boat docked in San Pedro Harbor, by U.S. Customs agent David Kujan (Chazz Palminteri). And at the same time as Kint is spinning his yarn, in a nearby hospital the other survivor (badly injured and fresh out of a coma) helps a police sketch artist draw a picture of the mastermind behind the scheme - "the devil," Keyser Sze.

You can watch this movie countless times, and you will still discover new subtleties every single time. Not only will you find that it still makes sense after the story line has been unraveled at the end (which therefore is a plot twist, not a non-sequitur). You'll also discover nuance upon nuance in Kevin Spacey's incredible performance. You'll see that tiny apologetic grin on Todd Hockney's face as attorney Kobayashi (Pete Postlethwaite) lists a weapons truck heist - the very act which brought them together in the initial lineup, and which they have all come to believe to have been a trumped-up charge - as Hockney's latest sin against Keyser Sze, now forming part of the debt to be repaid by participating in the suicide mission in San Pedro Harbor. And at some point you'll also have figured out all of Fenster's lines (not being a native English speaker, I am relieved to find that I wasn't the only one struggling with them at first) ... although the mumbling is of course part of his character, and is as excellently delivered as every other aspect of Benicio del Toro's acting, his lines are so funny and to the point you almost wish he'd speak more clearly so you wouldn't miss half his punch lines the first time around.

Among a cast of tremendous actors (to name just two, Gabriel Byrne in one of his best performances and Benicio del Toro, deserving much more than just an "also starring" mentioning in the opening credits), Kevin Spacey's star shines brightest. To this day it is a mystery to me how he came to be awarded the Academy Award for Best *Supporting* Actor - the only things the man supports (in fact carries, almost single-handedly) in this movie are Bryan Singer's directing and Christopher McQuarrie's screenplay, and that alone makes him the movie's lead character. But regardless of its title, the award was more than justified, and so was the one for McQuarrie's screenplay. With infinite trust in the audience's ability to pick up on little gestures, looks and inflections of his voice, Kevin Spacey displays all the many aspects of his character at the same time; and even the tenth time around, his performance still holds as true as the first time you watch the movie. Almost expressionless he tells his tale, always seeming to give away just about as much as he has to, and only raising his voice for a pointed (and exquisitely timed) expletive upon first being confronted with the name Keyser Sze, and for a wailing "Why me??" as agent Kujan tries to convince him that his own archenemy, Keaton, has been behind their failed enterprise all along and purposely let him (Kint) live to tell their story.

This is one of those movies which have you quote their many memorable one-liners forever. (Just look at how many reviewers on this site alone are quoting the one about "the devil's greatest trick.") To the extent that it cites other works, those citations pay homage, they don't merely copy - right down to the name of the movie's production company (Blue Parrot/Bad Hat); like the title containing a reference to "Casablanca," the prototype of all films noir (or those made in Hollywood at least). It is one of the best modern examples of the genre and has long since become a cult classic - it's a must in every decent collection.
Secret Window with Johnny Depp has the greatest twist ending i ever saw!

I don't want to write spoilers so you just have to see it to understand why i liked it so much.

“"I know I can do it," Todd Downy said, helping himself to another ear of corn from the steaming bowl. "I know in time her death will be a mystery, even to me."”
Fight Club, Memento and Usual Suspects were all great twist endings. Seven also had a brilliant one.

I'd say my least favourites would be any done by M. Night Shyamalan. They all just seem far too contrived. I've never seen one of his films and thought that the revelation was sufficient enough for me to want to watch the film again.

Same with Saw. When you find out who really masterminded the whole thing it turns out to be a minor, barely mentioned character. Nothing to make you need to re-evaluate the film
Haute Tension (french horror movie)
I liked The Sixth was shyamlan first...after that he overkilled the concept.
Also there was one movie The Skeleton Key...nice twist at the end.

And ofcourse The Usual Suspects...fundoo movie.
yeah, The Sixth Sense was just on tv a few days ago. The twist at the end gets me everytime. and also the irony of how he is telling the kid how to deal with the dead people when he is dead himself
The Usual Suspect's twist was cheap. It's not as good as The Sixth Sense or Fight Club's or Memento's.

This is because you can't figure it out. There are no hints or anything to take into consideration over the course of the movie. The twist is the equivalent of, "...And then he woke up and it was all a dream!" It's that cheap.

Try out "Unbreakable", it's by the same director as the Sixth Sense. Probably his only other good movie, too.
Films with a twist at the end, if done wrong can become instant-disaster pieces.

I liked the twists in 6th Sense / Fight Club / Identity / Saw / and to some extent - the original Planet of The Apes
RT Cunningham
You can judge how good a movie is by how many times it gets parodied.

The Sixth Sense and The Village were both parodied by the Scary Movie series.

I didn't expect the twist at the end of "The Sixth Sense" or "Unbreakable", but the rest of his movie... well, no real surprises.
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