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DotA (Defense of the Ancients)

DotA is a very fun/addicting game. If you haven't tried it then I highly reccomend that you do. It is a custom map for Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne. Just buy the game, download the map frome her, and your ready to roll. To find out more about the game go to
Yeah I have had heard about this Map but I hardly ever play WC3 anymore, do you think this map is worth installing WC3?
Dota is a good custom game for Warcraft III. Me personally, I am not that good at it, but the creators of the game really did a good job for the gameplay and sound of course. You can choose your character from either the good side or the evil side. Then you can level up from creeps or the enemys units/heros. It's an alright game, but when speaking of Warcraft III custom games, Id rather Puzzle type games.
DotA is good fun, as Sparda said, it's creators have done awesomely well to get the map so well created. But for me, I can't go past TD maps, love 'em to death.
i have tried some times now and i think its a bit too long for a custom strategi map, im sure many people like it but the constant running back and forward, killing enemy NPCs and kill enemy players and then get kicked and then the same again and again, its very boring on a long term in my opinion, im more to maze games, specially the one mauls where you teamwork.
This map is horrible in my opinion. If you pick certain heroes, there is no chance for survival. Some of them are blatantly overpowered, while most are extremely underpowered.
DotA is great. It was even better back before TFT when it was the only game around that had custom skills/abilities. It is the best example I can think of that shows why Warcraft 3 is truely great. It's all in the customization.

BTW Who doesnt love TD's? lol Very Happy
I don't like DotA. You repeatedly do the same things...
Just like Tides of Blood. Play real WC3 Wink
Yeah, but think about it. You always do the same things in every computer game...
I like Judgement day or name somthing like this, it is very good MP map!
well.. i played and addict once... but not now!!
Defence of the acieant ( DotA) is a icefrog and team project!1
i like it when it first release but i soon get bored of the similar way to kill the oppenent!! ( May be i just keep " first Blood " By other player)
so i quite the game..
after a while.. my frend seduce me to played the game... i played!
yet still bored me with their new map!1
i played twice.. then quite!!

phatom asssasin are my flavor charcter with the bonus attack!! it farm faster than other character... i think so??

last but not least... the game BORED me for some reason!!
Quite now before its too late!!
I recently started playing DotA with my brother (1 on 1 isn't really all that much fun though, would like to play more people) and I quite like it. I think however the hero I chose was "a bit" overpowered though, because I had a 400% life regeneration rate.. ( Shocked Shocked !! ), meaning I killed my brother's hero like cutting butter with a warm knife. Wink I think that map wasn't updated properly though.. Heh..

TD is also very nice, but again a bit limited if you're only 1 or 2 players.
Yeah...dota is the coolest game i even is so fun and exciting...i have played this game since 5 months
DotA is the best game I've ever played!
Although you need some time to get into it ( and in the beginning getting killed all the time can be quite frustrating! ), if you finally understand how it works it is absolutely addicting!
The many heros and recent updates let it never get boring!
Nitro15 wrote:
If you pick certain heroes, there is no chance for survival. Some of them are blatantly overpowered, while most are extremely underpowered.
The game is quite good balanced, after all it is a team game every hero has its strengths and weaknesses. Only a team working together can really be successful!
The original poster is right Dota is a very addictive game...take a while to get used to it though otherwise once you get the hang of it its really simple and gives you hours of great fun Smile its like one of the only custom maps that keeps getting updated and gets its bugs fixed...the heros on both side also get balanced in the newer versions...this is much better then other player maps like the 3 corridors which just gets to unrealistic that it only becomes more and more funny.
They try to keep it as balanced according to the official game as possible.
DotA is definitively one of my favourite games.
It's really hard to get into it, but once you've seen most of the heroes and read some guides, you understand how strategical and fun it is.
There are 80 heroes, billions of item combinations and it never gets boring. I started playing DotA some weeks ago and it begins to make more and more fun.
I'm nearly always playing DotA when playing WC3: TFT. It's more comprehensive than the original game...
I really like playing DotA but then I quit playing it last year because I'm focusing now to my college studies... those voices like MONSTER KILL!, GODLIKE! TRIPPLE KILL! in the game when you kill a hero are really cool. Try to play it. Smile
Yeah, try it!
But please, if you do: give yourself some time to get into it and even if you suck and get killed a lot in the first games STAY and learn from your mistakes and the tips of your teammates.
Leavers absolutely destroy this game!
I'm addictid in the first time,
but now I'm not really addicted, It's bored to play again and again in the same map form 7 till 5 *_* with same people, same strategy nad many more

when I ask to change the map, they refuse.. And now. I prefer playing old game rather than DoTA
i love dota <3 its awesome
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