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someone heard of it?
its a good band, it is german
yeah i got all theirs albums.
i love their song`s, but their lauging at USA in song called "Amerika" Wink
It will be theirs concert in my country soon, i must go Very Happy
where are u from?
Oh man. Rammstein are very good. They have a very unique sound and their songs are awesome! I personally prefer their newer albums rather then their older ones. Mutter and Reise Reise. My all time favourite song by them is "Sonne". And their music videos are awesome as well! Full of creativity and always very cinematic.
Sonne and Mutter-are not new songs.
I like this band to.
Mu Deutch teacher is always listening to this band.
I habe all album and some special album of remixes.
NIce band Very Happy
I would compare them to Nine Inch Nails. So... no they aren't entirely unique.
I like their song "Du Hast" I was making a flash animation to it...but gave up, it was taking too long.
That's a very good song and that would be a sweet animation to see...
I said I liked their newer songs. And the Mutter and Reise Reise albums were the more recent ones. I don't know, I don't really like the song Du Hast.
yeah I've heard of them. I think they're great. I can't understand what they say because it's german but I like their music.

the music of Rammstein now is very simple i thinks that the old music like du hast , is very good but the new music i dont know is very simple Sad Sad

but the oldddddd music RULES......

i cant remeber the name of a one song that play in MTV Video music awards.
these music are very very gooddddd........

see u later. Wink Wink
ofcourse i've heard it, it's a very good band and i like their music and concerts;)
yah my girlfreind told me to check them out a couple months ago, and there really good. its kinda nice not having a clue what there saying.
Hi...we are still waiting for TOUR in USA... Confused I checked today web,but I saw nothing about new tour date.Just cancled TOUR in Seoul and Tokyo Sad ...... Du riechst so gut Laughing
cj the dude
my favorite song of theres is leichziet but i havent heard alot of them ive seen a coupple music videos and cky got me started on the whole thing with the american du hast and then i learned and then i liked em
ahh i love rammstein and so does my brother, moscow is prety good but i love "amerika" we cant agree on whether he says "coca cola, wonderbra" or something like
i cand understand their music , but i like them
Ramsstein Rules i love the song Du hast Laughing
I've got the cd SEHNSUCHT. Awesome! My favourites are Alter Mann, Klavier and Engel. I actually got to see them, they were opening a show for KISS here in Brazil in 1999. ~Lucky~ Very Happy They weren't well received, though. KISS fans only wanted to see KISS, of course, and the show was already late. Too bad. At that time I didn't like Rammstein yet.

Any other good German bands? I listened to some KMFDM, but only liked their Megalomaniac.
love rammstein... have most of their albums... was big fan after i heard their du hast single way back when
Of course I know rammstein I am from Turkey and they are very popular in here.ANd my favourite song is MORGENSTERN..
my favorite song is Du Hast I am from The Netherlands
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