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Howto stream video?

Got this 8 minute video which shall be streamed on my website. The file is at the moment mpeg2 725mb sized file. Seems a little bit huge for internet-stream, doesn't it? Never done that before but I noticed that many sites stream to quicktime player. Anyone knows a good (noob)howto do that?
you can upload the video to YouTube or Google video and get the code from the site to embed the video into your site.
I hate Quicktime.
.wmv from windows movie maker is much more compatable to the world at large.
.swf is also a good format choice.
vignesh_natraj wrote:
you can upload the video to YouTube or Google video and get the code from the site to embed the video into your site.

Ok, but how do I make the file "smaller"?
What's the best setting/codec/size/bitrate for streaming video?

As mentioned above, the file is 275mb at a size of 720x576.
I already tried converting the file to quicktime-video (.mov) at 276x188 with Cinepak-codec but it resulted in a much larger file (~700mb)!?!?
you can always search google to reduce the file size try changing the format try converting it to .3gp and things like that.
the video size reduce by reducing the frame rate per second by some 20 frames or like that.
You can try DivX convertor it can shrink a movie into a single CD

also try using windows movie maker
windows movie maker would be easiest if youre running windows xp.
windows movie maker> otpinos > don't make clips (you don't want to edit).
then go import video, and select your file, then go export video, and you can "fit to file size" , or there are options like "email - best quality for best size" stuffs like that. fool around with it, see what ya get. also if you have nero or anything like that you can get the free xvid codec, which also drastically reduces the size (along with atrac3/AC3 ssound codec). another sound encoding is obviously mp3, probly the best one out ther. for now, your best bet is probly windows movie maker (depending on how much RAM, how good ur comp is, it will take ages or 10 secs).
later, if you want to upload it (or stream it) so people can see it on the internet, you need a youtube or google video account ( after uploading, send link to friends.
if the file is really that big, and your friends are next door, just burn it and walk man!
cheers myte.
download VirtualDub and any good codec souch as XVid, ffdshow


download Mencoder and try good command line video encoder

if you have file with smaller resolution and better codec it will be much smaller and you can upload it to youtube
if you don't want to do that, you can use the google desktop-based uploader for files 100mb+. then you don't have to convert anything, just upload.
If you are after codecs might i suggest the "cole 2k media" codec pack it has a bunch of codecs from xvid to ffdshow as mentioned above this is all you need for codecs Razz.
jwellsy wrote:
.wmv from windows movie maker is much more compatible to the world at large.

FYI: WMV = Windows Media Video ... so if you have WINDOWS then it MIGHT be more compatible. Additionally Windows has updated thier codec base a couple times. IF you have the latest WMV codecs then you might play it. This isn't exactly what I'd call the "more compatible" option. Mpg is a MUCH more open standard. If you wanted to host the video on your web server then use mpeg.

I would agree with Big_Rich/JayBee and say the way to go would be to use google video/youtube. This would allow you to link to the video to another server. Thus if your video hits it big like a treadmill you won't run out of bandwidth.

I am starting to like the H.264 format of video (aka iPod video format). If you want to make the video small while retaining quality and allow user's to add it to their iPod. You can get Videora to convert to iPod.
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