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Bullets and Casings

Just finished re-creating one of my earlier scenes. I added HDRI and AO/GI with full shadow precision. Also made the ground reflective, and added slight DOF. Only post-pro was a slight noise reduction.

Sad No responses... Anyone have anything to say?
That looks really cool!! Razz
Nice job! Laughing
what a fighter person inside your picture ! Arrow

the things i liked... the colors and the lights ...

Good Job Man

Hmm, bullets. What is your artistic intention for this photo? What is its meaning?
It's not a photo, It's a 3D scene which has been rendered.

As far as you guys are concerned, there is no artistic intention. It means nothing. It's just a render I did because I thought it would look cool. AKA I'm not going to tell you... It wouldn't be art if it wasn't confusing Wink
Nice scene, simple but nice Wink
Only one thing if you want to draw any realistic bullet - search for some bullet pics first.
Let's see.... If I've anderstood correctly we have here 9mm. and 5.56 bullets (silver ones are 5.56).
Take a look at this pic:

I've pointed with arrows on some of your mistakes.

Check this work, I've modeled it specialy as example of the 5.56 bullet Cool

Name - Bullet
Modeled in - 3ds Max
Optimised in - Adobe Photoshop CS2


In any case - you made great materials for texturising! Twisted Evil
Your cross critics is welcome Wink
Nice image! And Alie, how do you know all those things Razz
Hey Alie thanks for the feedback.

I was already awear of the problem with the non-fired bulelts having the fired depression at the base. I just never went back to redo the models of the non-fired ones because there were so many and I thought it wouldnt take away too much from the overall composition.

I never did any reaserch on the bullets themselfs, I modeled them all off of bullets I had already shot, so obviously I would have problems with the caps.

Anyways, thanks for the complimets too. You should all know that everything in this scene was created by me exept the background image, which was Paul Devebec's doing. I probably won't redo the pic simply because it took 28 hours... But in the future I'll make sure to fix the easy stuff like this before I go duplicate-crazy and put 30 of em in the scene Wink
cool broo i like it
yeah man, i like that bullets, i love it, how did you done it?
the rendering is very good but it could be a little bit smaller Wink
I will on no account cease to be flabbergasted by the human being’s consciousness for existentialist turn of phrase through graphic communication leaving nothing to the imagination.
wow the silver bullets look really nice, the soft texture really makes them realistic...

Some bullets are a bit too shiny though, but keep those pictures comming :p
Personally, I think that the picture is too cluttered. Now, if you were to have a couple caseings on the floor, photoshop in some smoke, a bullet hole in the 'lens' of the camera (our screen) and maybe some splattered blood. That would at least make it alittle more interesting. But in itself it it still a good thing. Though I feel that since you used a 3d rendering program to build it, it didn't take much time.
The only thing I have to say is that you need to take some measurements of real bullets and casings.

Use those dimensions to build from. Because those look like bullets. But they do not look like actual bullets in shape or size.

Nice work though. I just think a litttle knowledge about your subject will make them better.

BTW: I have spent 30 some years around guns.
I think the reflections are wonderful Smile And you did a lovely job rendering. I don't know much at all about bullets, so I couldn't help you there. But lighting, reflections, great work Smile
Are you sure that's a 3D rendering? It looks like a real photograph.
Excellent job.
I like the colours... they go well with bullets... steel grey, blue and cold.
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