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Web design, general quality tips!

Here are some general quality web design tips for all you frihosters out there, I use them in practice, I suggest u to use it too...

So here we begin:

1. The goal and the kind of the page.

The one of the most important things is defining the goal and the kind of the page. Is it gamers page, is it an on-line shop, an entertainment site, corporate site........
Doing this is very helpfull for the late state of the design.

2. Target visitors

Before you start designing the page, think of the visitors you like them to get visiting your, or your client's, website. Are they teenagers, or grandmas. Maybe they are enterteinment on the web seeking people or maybe they're businessmans. This will help you for the style of the site.

If it is for the teenager, make it full of colours, if it is for the businessman, make it simple and easy to use.

3. Style

As I said, the style depends on the kind of the page. However, there are some common things about them all:

- Keep it all together. By that I mean that you should degin your page as whole thing. Banner, navigations, footer, right or left columns, they should be same style and somehow connected.

- Have an colorscheme in mind. This is a bit related to the previous point. Using only two, three or four(max) colours is good for the style, otherwise it'll be too messy.

- Fonts. Use san seriff fotns. Most common used are Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. That's for the content text. For your logo or some other graphix use some stylish font, or make a creation in photoshop or something.

- Layout. This, again, depemds on the style. If yoy're making an on-line store make it simple, three columned site, with minimum graphycs, and lots of informations about the product. If it is entertainment you're free to go, as soon as it is all together. You can even make a circle layed web site.... This is why defying the kind of the page is importanit!!

Quality of the graphics

Well this should be the most important about designing the page. Use your favorite graphics editor, I use Photoshop. First you should know how to work with it. For example I've learned a lot of stuf here: and here:

Use Flash to create some animations to bring the attention.

That's all. I know that there maiht be some other, more usefol topics but this is for the beginners... If you have some questions, PM me or reply here.
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