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Final Fantasy

Best Final Fantasy game is:
Final Fantasy 1-5
 9%  [ 3 ]
Final Fantasy 6
 3%  [ 1 ]
Final Fantasy 7
 32%  [ 10 ]
Final Fantasy 8
 12%  [ 4 ]
Final Fantasy 9
 6%  [ 2 ]
Final Fantasy 10
 16%  [ 5 ]
Final Fantasy 10 2
 0%  [ 0 ]
Final Fantasy 11
 0%  [ 0 ]
Final Fantasy 12
 0%  [ 0 ]
Don't Like Any Of Them... :(
 0%  [ 0 ]
You Can't Rate Final Fantasy, They Are All Good!! :D
 19%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 31

What Final Fantasy game is the best?
And why don't you tell me what you think is good\bad about them...

My favorite is Final Fantasy 7, i think that got the best story...
Yeah, FFVII.

FFVIII is also pretty good, but it isn't as... it hasn't got that... something as FF7.

Also FFIV, FFV and FFVI is good.
And that's all Final Fantasies I have played.. So I guess everyone I've played is good, but FF7 is best.

Oh, btw: This thread is in wrong forum.. Though I guess every topic fits in this forum.
For me, my favorite gonna be Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8. FF7 with a great story and FF8 with a nice gameplay Cool
I'm not a massive fanboy of Square Enix, I personally hate the company but the Final Fantasy games are amazing. Every single one of them.

I hate to agree with the masses but FFVII was the best, but I'm really looking forward to Final Fantasy VII: The Dirge of Cerberus, mainly because Vincent is an amazing character who has a very cloudy background.

So, DoC may revive the 7 in Final Fantasy for me :]
Sorry to disagree but for me FFVIII is the best, it really has a great story I've finished the game like 6-8 times and I just can't get it out of my head.
I'm all about FFIV. (II in US)
Cecil, Kain, Tellah, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, Kang, Palom, Porom, Edge, Cid and all the others.
Great story, an original, classic, good gameplay.
It's quite possibly one of my favorite games.
Aside from FFT and Tactics Ogre.
Ya, I'm one of those people, hah.

I have to say though, VII gives it a run for it's money.
But what can I say, it's nostalgia.
I would have to vote 8 because it has one of the most unforgetable fights in it. The big battle between the two seed ships was sweet! When it has the FMV where the bikers are ramping form one ship to the other is somethng that was so fun and exciting you had to finish this part of the game before you could sleep. Another thing I liked was the spliting of your party from time to time. Where you would play as one to three chars at a time and didn't have the others at all. The only down side to this was that I hated that side story with those 3 other people, I tied in to the game but I didn't like the way I was forced to play it.
PS Gunblade FTW!
for me, ff3/6 was the best one. actually, the only good one in my opinion. all the others were... boring... as shit.

on a sidenote, i think ffcc is a good game aswell. but they shouldnt have called it final fantasy =/. that name alone made expectations skyrocket, and because of it, lowered the grades the game got.
My Fav is Final Fantasy VIII cuz it has a very great story a lot of thing to find out about a past of them, laguna past, a Seed and Garden, a great Battle System, FMV is great too for that time on PS. I love it very much then I finished it 4 time. Razz

Final Fantasy VII is great too but I not have finish it cuz my PS is gone so I have play only disk 1 Crying or Very sad
skuldgoddess wrote:
My Fav is Final Fantasy VIII cuz it has a very great story a lot of thing to find out about a past of them, laguna past, a Seed and Garden, a great Battle System, FMV is great too for that time on PS. I love it very much then I finished it 4 time. Razz

Final Fantasy VII is great too but I not have finish it cuz my PS is gone so I have play only disk 1 Crying or Very sad

You could get a PS1 emulator for your computer and play it from there.
The only two I have palyed all the way through are FF8 and FF10. I once borrowed FF3 from a friend and it was fun, but I never had a chance to finish it. I've had a plethora of people tell me I need to go paly FF7, and I hope someday I get the chance to.

The FF series is one of the best series I have ever played and, I think it is safe to say that all FF games are good.
FF7 is great, I have never gotten to beating it, though.
FFVII all the way!

Good Cinematics, graphics, gameplay, amazing, simply amazing..

Finished it 2-3 times and still not bored! Plus i've finished FFVIII and FFX and FFX-2
I like final fantasy X because of how the way the story goes.
in my opinion all final fantasy games have good parts in them. FF6 has a nice storyline, ff7 has the best storyline i have ever seen in a game. ff8 had nice fight scenes. ff9, well, it wasnt really bad, but not outstanding either. ffx has a nice story, and the best mini game ever (blitzball!). ff11 is fun to play with friends etc. but takes up too much time sometimes.
I'm glad to see some people that actually like FF8, which is also my favorite. FF8 doesn't have the best of what it has, but an original soundtrack and a whole new system of fighting (the junction system is weird but allows for insane builds and strengths/weaknesses). Utilizing the junction system saves you in some battles (like zombieing them and then they're as good as gone). I also loved how every place in the game had a name. It's obvious that a ton of time was spent on the game, and there's even a whole section of the history and players. The real jewels of the game aren't said, but are found out by sidequests and by reading the history (rinoa's mom and squall's mom). All in all, the gameplay has never been boring and beating Omega Weapon is always a challenge.
FFX. By far. The end Very Happy

***BTW; I will be making spoilers towards several FF games.***

I loved FFX. It wasn't my first Final Fantasy (like many, seven was my first), but something about 10 resonated with me.
For one, I was born near the ocean, I love to swim, and I carry a passion for water and blue wherever I go. The major themes and imagery of water (save spheres, Blitzball, swimming, and more) really appealed to me.

I also loved the circular theme of the game. Auron pretty much summed it when he was waiting to be thrown into the Via Purifico with Tidus; Spira is the spiral of death. Summoners sacrifice themselves and a loved one (not necessarily a lover) to defeat Sin, who will later be resurrected to be killed again.

It also makes an interesting theological statement - Sin is indestructible, unless you seek out it's root. So if you're a sinner, no matter how many times you atone you will eventually sin again, unless you seek out what CAUSED you to sin and destroy it or come to terms with it.

Oh, and end of Final Fantasy X was the only entertainment experience that made me tear up. Beautiful.

FFVIII (Cool was an alright game in my experience. I just found the story contrived. "Oh, we all grew up at an orphanage together? And we all forgot that because . . . oh, because out GFs made us forget it!"
Amazing battle system, and a solid soundtrack as well. But the story was just so bad . . .

FFVI (6) is the most underrepresented FF. Amazing.
I'm going to have to go out on a limb and say Final Fantasy 1 if for nothing more than nostalgia's sake. I know the graphics suck and the story is a tad...linear, but considering the fact that my first game was Ultima V it was the best thing since...well...anything.

Final Fnkantasy is awesome. Cant think of anything better. just the idea and the style is cool. hope I can talk about that with other people
i like tha game... especially final fantsy 7 and its movie?? the final fantasy advert children!!
it rock and roll!!
the charcter cloud and sepiroth is awsome!!
the skill is almost perfes!!
the gaming a good excet for the timing thing.. give me headach!!
I can't even begin to think which one I should vote for.
I mean, FFI was great for its time. it's boring now, but the FFI enclosed in the FF origins pack has some cool vids and extra features, so that makes for a fun replay. FFII is even more fun, and longer, which again makes it best of its time. While I haven't played FFIII yet, I'm considering buying a Nintendo DS just to play it, and check it out. they did, after all remake it for the DS.

FFIV was the one with Cecil the paladin, right? that was a hell of a lot of fun, and kept me going all the way through. Twice.
FFV was the one with Bartz and the job system. Now that was fun aswell, and also kept me going.

FFVI. The legend. For me, graphics in these games don't matter, and I recently used a snes emulator for the PSP to complete it. I've got the original for PS1, but the loading times are too damn long. Overall great story, great feel, lots of mini-games, and everything is triple of what the older games used to be.

FFVII was my first FF game, so I'm really attached to it. That's probably the one I've played the most. Also the first for ps1, and what a groundbreaking game it was... Seriously, I can't even begin to rant on about it, cause I would just use too much space, and noone would care to read all of it, cause they've probably heard it all before.

FFVIII didn't do it for me. It was very eye-catching and addictive, but the Junction system threw me right off after getting used to the sweet materia of FFVII. Still a great game with a slight psychedelic story, that really is my thing.

FFIX did do it for me. It was the perfect blend between high-tech and low-tech, and really got my attention for a loong time. Still to this day, I keep on playing it to maximize all characters.

FFX... Now while a lot of people consider this to be a standalone game, I think of FFX and X-2 as one game, with different systems. I find that if you merge the story from both and unite them as one, you get a hell of a ride you won't forget. ever. the sweetness of Shuyin/Tidus and everything. Hell, even blitzball kept me going for months.

FFXI... Nah. online's just not the same for me.

and I'm highly anticipating FFXII later this year, although since I'm european, I might not get my hands on it until next year.
I disagree about FFX and FFX-2.

If you consider them 1 game (over two discs), then it just doesn't make sense.

The plot of FFX-2 is based entirely around Tidus returning/returned until Shuyin enters the picture. Now, if Tidus WERE to return it would ruin his sacrifice and loss from FFX, rendering that game's story significantly worse (sacrifices should mean something, which is why I'm glad Aeris didn't come back).
Now, since he obviously didn't return and was replaced by Shuyin (which anybody who read a preview knew; also ruining the story), the game's plotline until that point defused.

Great battle system; but the story absolutely sucked. Yuna's evolution from quiet, gentle summoner ("Sorry") to some badass gunslinger who works poles in a completely different way than before is illogical, out of character, and downright demeaning to the woman who was Yuna. Rikku was always kinda weird, so she somewhat makes sense. Oh, and Paine can just come out of the woodwork. Sure.
I mean hell, why not use Dona? If Summoners can become ******, why couldn't she?

Oh, and then we can take the beautiful soundtrack and just kill it. Where was "To Zanarkand"? Someday The Dream Will End? The CLASSIC Final Fantasy fanfare?

FFX-2: good idea (well, somewhat), great battle system, terrible Final Fantasy game. If Square-Enix had decided to make it a wholly original game it would've been not too bad (assuming they expanded it a bit for a more complete story).
But as a continuation, it's narrative became silly, it nearly ruined series continuity, and it forgot all the classic things Final Fantasy fans have come to expect from their games (music, story).
final fantasy 6 was the best imo, last of the SNES era. it had a great story and the gameplay for its time was superb. second to this game would have to be final fantasy 7 and 8 they were also fighting for the top spot lol.
yeah, hard vote, i think they're all good!
I have personally played every Final Fantasy games. In my opinion, none of them has failed to please me. I remember when I first opened my Final Fantasy VII game case, inserted the disc into my console.
Watched the opening, and instantly. I screamed at the top of my voice;
"IT ****** ROCKS!!"

Since then. I played Final Fantasy for a long time. I beaten FFVII 30 + times, and the rest over 10+ times. I has beaten all the sidequestes and secret.

If you haven't played it. Play it or I come and find you and torture you, you fackooz.

Laughing Very Happy Damn the Topic Starter for making me rant on Embarassed

That's . . . intense. I've beaten FFX (my favourite game of all time) six times. Thirty's a crazy number . . . sounds almost unbelievable.
Rad Ultima 2
Final Fantasy VII for me. Smile It has the coolest story line to it, in my opinion. The first 3D final fantasy game too. It was just awesome!
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