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Video IPod

There are rumours of Apple planning to introduce a video IPod. Will you buy one if they introduce it?
whoa, thats amazing...
but why when psp is out?
well its going to be sick though, downloading movies off the net!
sorry I think that the psp will pwn anything apple can put out.
I'd totally buy it, if I had the money, the Ipods are way to expensive here Sad
Yeah, I heard about those Video iPods. Those things will be sweet once they come out.
i can't even afford an ipod! i think i'd rather stiick to mp3 players and dvd portables.
Yes the ipods are still pretty expensive. It's a good piece of technology, but i'm pretty picky on what to spend my money for. The next i'm spending my money on that has to do with Music technology would probably be Sirius Satelite Radio. To listen to good ol' Howard Stern when he switches over in January.
i would buy it, though i like the creative zen portable media center better than the psp or the idea of a video ipod
I have been telling my friends that Apple has their game plan regarding iPod video but it won't be released any time soon. And here's why:

1. Video/Movie market (in US particular) is not ready for downloadable contents. - Movie distribution industries have a deep structure that cares so much about themselves. If Apple provides movies via iTunes, they will lose a lot of money. It is like those Hydrogen car idea. Oil companies have car industry by leash.
2. Apple have learned their lesson during iTunes Music. - Music industy recognized the enormous profit from iPod sales and they wanted get a cut of it. Apple has to make movie industy to make a move so that they can have upper hand dealing with them.
3. There isn't a rumor about a deal between movie studios and Apple. - You would have heard by now if they were talking. Apple certainly will not offer iPod video with Pixar movies only.

But here's what I think it will happen:

1. Apple will release a new iPod with bigger screen. - This has been a long waited feature/requirement from consumers.
2. Apple will replace higher end iPod with iPod mention in #1. - They are losing higher end customers ever since they released Nano. But we all know Apple is about expensive models and options.
3. Apple will release short films and music videos to the new iPod to demonstrate its capabilities and consumer demand. - Movie studios will sign deals with Apple as soon as it show how successful and secure Video On Demand via iTune really is.

Therefore, I am guessing Apple will release iPod widescreen on 10/12 and will offer Video On Demand by early next year. This will give Apple more switchers and portable media player users. But you may disagree with me.
What is A video ipod
where i can buy a video Ipod
it is still a rumor.. hopefully, they will announce it within this month... keep your fingers crossed... Smile
an video ipod, isnt that a mp4 player

ive got a more interesting thing

the ipod nano, 4GB, colourscreen, JPG MP3 blabla, look at its size, thinner than a pencil!!
O god no, I hate the whole Apple range, its way way way overrated
of course i'll buy one.. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Well all those who said that this wont be for some while, then...your wrong. Apple has announced that they will be releasing a Video Ipod. I can see the appeal of it, i guess it would be used more for...taking videos to places, and not for actual commuting(as it would be hard to walk and watch it at athe same time). Although one thing i think would be very cool, is if it had a tv out, a custom cable for it (so the port isnt too large on the actual pod) but means you could output the video to a projecter or larger screen. THEN i think they would have a market. Would be ideal for buisness presentations etc, travelling around the country or what not. Save you lugging about a laptop.
I would if I had any money Rolling Eyes
i think Apple iPod 60GB Photo & Mp3 Player would be great... can you post here some cool iPOD photos? thanks
i heard of it... Should be around 30gb to 60gb... If light, they possible of buying it
I heard will be another Apple Revo
^^ nothing about apple was ever revolutionary except their marketing

the iRiver H320/340 has been able to play video since its latest firmware release, and I've been able to play videos on my ipod photo since I installed linux on it. Smile
Where di you hear that? From G4? Well anyway, I wouldn't buy it. It wouldn't be enjoyable to me.
well sqlreport, there goes your theory :p

now that apple HAVE introduced the "revolutionary" video player, they are going ahead and doing just what they're good at....advertising it.... like previously mentioned, irivers could play videos for a long time now, as could other brands out there (Archos etc). If only they knew how to advertise, or the $$ to spend on advertising like apple does Rolling Eyes
that would be sweet... but if it was a video ipod then it'd have to hold alooooot of space... like 5 gig..
I don't think I'll buy one of these... I'll preffer to buy a good pocket pc instead.
Its beautiful the new iPod. I love it. I am thinking about buying one. Worse is the price... Sad
Now that I've seen Apple's Video Ipod, I'm considering buying it.
The Profile
They will have to change the iPod dramatically if they want it to work... The screen will need to be made a lot bigger, therefore the MP4 player would become a lot mor unlike the iPod

There are other MP4 players out there!
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