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Should Beckham return to England team?

It sounds like England wants Beckham back into the team after kicking him out. What you think about it? Play as an England sub!?! huh ?

If I was Beckham I just forget about England team and live my life.
Well, I think that Beckham is useless and a very lucky guy to even play for England at a point of time. England are much better off without him.
I think Beckham's time is past. England can do well without him.
Beckham has had his time, the England side has moved on and he would only hold them back.

Recently what the team has needed is major changes and Beckham was one of them. The new England side will be much better without him.
i have never rated beckham and think he is total rubbish the only reason any club want him is because of shirt sales. and to answer the question no i dont think beckham should get back in the side because he never should've been in it to start with!
Beckham is useless in my opinion. He can pass and cross the ball very good when he is on form but when hes not on form(most times) he has nothing that a world class wing has like pace, dribbling etc.
Looks like the sun has set at Buckingham palace. With many young talents cropping in England, I think Beckham's return is not an easy one. Its the time they give chance to one like Aaron Lenon and others a chance and start building the team for the next world cup than sticking to old horses who had proved us that they couldn't achieve anything when given chances in the past.
WEll it's taugh to say this... because from the one hand, he is a great player but past his time, from the other hand he still great player... I'm not saying that he should to be the captain.. but I think he can sit on the bench and come out as a sub.
Well, a player with the looks and fashion sense doesn't necessarily make him a horrible player. To be fair to Beckham, I feel that he does have his strengths too. At least he is good in crosses and deadball situations. Well, if he is able to get back into form and back into the Beckham he used to be. I don't see why England shouldn't welcome him back with open arms. After all, after all these years Beckham is much more mature as a player and not so reckless after all. Look at Rooney, though talented, but his disciplinary record is gonna be a huge stumbling block in his career. Cheers!
The problem with having beckham in the squad under errikson was he was always guarenteed first team football regardless of form or fitness,likewise whenever there was a cross ,free kick or corner... he would always take them .. fair enough if it was on his side of the pitch,but why trot forty yards to take a corner on the left.. anyone can take corners.. and we had enough good free kick takers.. (lampard.. gerrard hargreaves ect).. to give some variation and make the oppostion think a little .. but with beckham on the picth that was never the case.

After saying all that,he was a good player and still is,under mclaren i dont think he would be given guarnteed first team status,or full responsibilty for every free kick and corner,so maybe if we are weak on the right it wouldnt be a bad thing to bring him back in for a cpl of games.
Well If Young Guns Are Working Well

Then There No Need OF Old Bows
That anglolalalala whatever his name is who plays for villa looks good,speedy like lennon,big lad aswell,who also gets into scoring positions as hes scored 2 in his last 2 games,altho i dont think it matters whp plays. wether it be someone like wright philips or (villa player) or beckham as we are only playing macedonia afterall
I don't think he has much chance of getting back into the england team. But he is a great player after all, I can't imagine where would england be in the 2006 world cup without Beckham. Nonetheless, it is correct to replace him with some new young stars, but i still feel sorry for him for not being able to get his 100th cap though.
I think he will play for England again because he is a player who is not seen at the pitch but is doing a his job very well (usually)!! England team need him for the crossings and freekicks. I think it was the stupiest think than Mclaren done when he didnt call Becham to the team!!!
I belive he's an example of media-preassure. The poor dude got to much attention
and turned out not beeing able to handle it to good. He was/is a great player, but he
can not enter the field as any other dude. To much expectations and to many times
he hasn't been able to live up to them.
To bad, but such are the times we live in.
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