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Shows I like watching. What about you?

I like watching factual shows and reality shows I usualy watch the Discovery Channel they have some very interesting shows there and sometimes I treat my self to some fictional shows on the space channel I am usualy on the computer but I have a T.V. in the room with my computer so I am usualy watching T.V. while being on the computer my favourite show is Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel.

Anyway that was me what about you what do you like to watch? What do you think about what I like to watch, anyone out there who is like me?
Reality shows are the most crappy things rite now on tv. Apart from a few of them , they don't even look real. So i avoid them at all.
I mostly go for dramas and comedy series when it comes to tv. I can't appreciate much of fictional stuff unless they are really well made.Like I didn't find "Eureka" (currently airing on sci-fi channel) at all interesting. the plot was pretty lame.
i watch less and less of tv, the only stuff i watch are cartoons, news and some music videos, a movie once in a wile, i can't let anything distract me from my internet Very Happy
Laughing, I like comedy series and thats about it apart from the simpsons, got to love 'em Razz, even though i don't watch them often lol just from time to time.
Series I currently follow:

-Stargate Atlantis
-Veronica Mars

All exceptional shows, and the only thing I watch on TV.
Whooo!!! I am suprised with the amount of people that replied to my post in only one day well for the last person I watch stargate SG-1 when there is nothing else on and I am not busy on the computer.

Thanks to everyone that replied if more would like to reply go ahead.
I like the Discovery Channel too when there is anything interesting. I specially go for wildlife shows and a bit of archaeology and paleontology. I also watch Comedy Central's MadTV and the other funny shows they have there. I watch Cartoons too at CartoonNetwork and the Disney channel. Apart from these, I watch HBO and AXN for my favorite reruns .
i watch old series like seinfeld, friends simpsons. I love comedy, but not romantic comedies. Comedies of day to day life, human character, family dramas. And good comedies i am missing, do let me know!
I enjoy watching comedy the most - I think I could have Paramount Comedy on in the background all day (and do sometimes). As for new series, I really don't watch that much. I like to keep up with Extras, and Film 2006, and I've just got into Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip which I think is fantastic.

I see more TV series on DVD than anything - currently watching the first season of Arrested Development, and I'm very impressed with it.
I like to watch comedy sitcoms (i.e. everybody loves raymond, seinfeld, king of queens, the office [if that counts as a sitcom since its not planned]), sports (mostly football, soccer [especially during world cup time], baseball, and of course sportscenter and espnnews which is sports news), comedy shows (not sitcoms i.e. Colbert Report and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart), some cartoons (family guy and the simpsons; futurama once in a blue moon), detective/investigation shows (House M.D., CSI, NCIS, etc.), and movies (sci-fi, horror, comedy, anyhting im interested in).
Watch less and less TV of late:

But here are osme of my favourites;

Fear Factor
Lost Series
picking from the currently airing shows .. i regularly watch prison break , heroes,lost, dexter and How i met your mother. I tried watching the class and My name is earl ...but it didn't click.
I'm eagerly waiting for some of the returning series like 24, Hustle ect.
I'm into Prison Break, Lost and 24. Every episode of Prison Break and 24 are quite intensive. I can't wait for season 6 of 24 to come out.
Comedy Baby:

Curb Your Enthusiasm
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
South Park
Family Guy
Arrested Development
The Office (US Version)
Im a big tv show fan.
Shows i'm watching now are:
-Stargate sg1/atlantis
-battlestar galactica
-doctor who

Other tv shows that i have watched: Dark angel, Alias, 24, Star trek (all series), Andromeda, Farscape, Veronica mars, Blade the series, Roswell, Macgyver, Angel, ..........)
House is quite a good show too.
There's a lot of shows I watch but normally not on TV, like Firefly which I had to get on DVD and South Park which is a rarity in the UK unless you have Sky.

-The Office Very Happy (American version)
-The Nine
-Six Degrees

and now
to replace Lost. Pretty interesting so far, just hope they don't screw it up.
I've started watching Heroes. It's not bad. It's better than I expected but does not beat my favorites - Prison Break & 24.

What is Day Break about? Is it like Lost?
Smallville and CSI are my favorite.
my all time favorites
arrested development
rocco's modern life
the office
without a trace
its all about that 70s show. u can never have enough of it. luckily theres like 3 channels around me that always play reruns during the evening so you can always find an episode on.
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