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Any Battlefield 2 players here?

Just wondering if any of you have played the new 2142 beta and if it was any good, I never got round to trying it so I wanted to know if its worth pre ordering or not.
Yeah i would also like to know. I'm sure it will rock just like the other games and the new playing style overlord (not sure if that was the name) sound grate.
I'm playing Battlefield 2 and I really love it. My favourite game at the moment. Not sure if I'm going to buy the next one, though. I already have UT2k4 - I don't really need another future-shooter.
w/e, you can check out my stats here:
I only have the Battlefield 2 for the xbox. I still think its one of the best games out there right now too. My favorite transportation in the game is probably the mini chopper. I think its the best because of three reasons one its awesome, two it has the fast shooting missiles in the game, and three the best out of the three its the only chopper that can escape lock-ons. The other choppers aren't so good in my opion. My favorite unit would probably be special ops because I love to let people drive over the flags thinking their going to grab and run but I just plant a C4 on the flag so when people try it they explode(^.^).
Battlefield is one of the greatest and underpalyed series of all time. I started playing back when all we had was BF:1942 and it was great. Vietnam has to be my favorite of all the rest, but BF:2 is also good. I paly BF:2 occasionaly, although I usualy stick to Counter-Strike. I'm really looking forward to the new one though, although I'm not sure if I can even run it. Confused
In my opinion, I don't think it will be a good game. Too damn boring, it is not like "primitive" war tactics as 1942...
Battle field 2 is an underdog in the gaming community. It is tred upon by games such as cs:s and WoW, both of which i think are no where near as good as bf2. I have play bf2 since the day it came out and ive played cs:s and bf2 is way better. I refuse to play wow becuase of the monthly fee

Battlefield 2 is a great game for teamplay, lone wolf game style can make the game very hard, But can be done. When you work with team play the game can be very rewarding. The global points system is a very good thing to have in an fps as it allows the player to show off his skills. I think it also makes people keep playing, so they dont fall behind like i did for a couple of weeks.

The battlefield series are a differnt style of fps game the action is not so fast. Its about catching the base and reducing your enemys tickets, Some thing that most frag happy games lack. There is alot of tournements for bf2 whith cash prizes. I've never taken part in one but would like too.

To earn points you must play on ranked servers as most players will know (i am writing this to let knew people to bf series ) and they must abide by the ranked servers TOS. So if your clan has a ranked server becarefull who you pick as admin becuase if there are admin abusers they can get your server shut down.

Anybody who is unsure or not on getting bf2142 i would strongly recommend it if... you like teamplay vehicle play and proggesive play.

Very Happy before you ask i dont work for i EA i just like this game, i did a post about the new guild wars aswell because i just like games Razz
Yes, Battlefield is heavily reliant on strategy and teamwork than any other FPS game I have ever played, while Counter-Strike is a mix between strategy adn action, and other games like Unreal Tournament are more based around the action. Personally I have always loved Battlefield games as some of the top notch games on the market. I strongly suggest to anybody that likes Counter-Strike to at least give Battlefield a try, because, take it from an advid Counter-Strike player, Battlefield games are quite fun at their times.
Man..i cant play battlefield...why like tis wan..
I play Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2 Special Forces
To answer the original question:

I played the BF2142 Beta and I think it was crap. The game might as well be a mod for Battlefield 2.
It is very futuristic, but totally chaotic. The amount of bugs in it is undescribable, and although EA knows that, they are going to go ahead and release it anyway. With all the bugs.

IMO, I would wait a little until the first patch and the first hotfix for the first patch are out, then buy it.
I'm glad some people have mentioned BF2.

I've been playing it for a while, and it is brilliant.

I can't make any mods for it, and I have donwloaded anything for it (barr the patches)

Bu I truely think this is one of my best Games
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