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Corel WordPerfect

Does anyone here uses Corel WordPerfect Office? Is this office suite good?
I have Corel WordPerfect (I am not sure is this same program what you have) insaled on my old computer but I never use it because is not very compatibile with other programs. I.E. Word is possible to "save as..." in HTML, rich text, etc. I am not sure Corel WordPerfect have this option. Also, if I create some file, and I want to give this file to somebody and he/she haven't this program, then Crying or Very sad Sorry if we are talking about different programs.

IMO Corel is not as good as M$ Office or Open Office. I don't know if you have tried these yet. Why would you use an office program that you have to pay for that is ont M$ office? I would recomend Open Office

I personaly use M$ office X for Mac
It depends on what you want to use it for too. If you're looking at Corel, I'd assume you're not too worried about sharing documents (as Corel and M$ use different file formats), so I'd be inclined to recommend OpenOffice for you. While OO can save to any format, it's mildly tedious, and some of your formatting is inevitably lost (tables and charts will be a little different, any drawing stuff really).

Unless you're in a busineess environment where you need to trade around files with lots of charts / diagrams in them, I see no reason to use anything other than OpenOffice. In the same vein, I see no reason to use Corel, I literally know no one who currently uses it, there just isn't a strong user base for it (AFAIK), making it undesireable.
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