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Not happy!

I have my request for hosting rejected.
On its own I wouldn't mind but the reason given was poor posting quality which is pretty unfair I think.

If they had said I didn't post enough or I didn't visit here often enough that would be fine but as a new member it hardly makes me feel welcome here and want to continue to post if I am bieng told what I say is well... worthless.

I am a very busy person and what little time spare I do have I have come on here and try to join in with the conversations, I am sorry if what I type isn't exactly the most exciting things in the world but I'm hardly the most exciting person around.

Well anyway I am on vacation the next 2 weeks so while I am away I will be having a think about weather or not I return here, considering that the site owners regard my thoughts as poor quality. Mad

Thats not to say I have given up fully though... I will see what replies I recieve to this upon my return. Wink
said to here those things,but i know i got my hosting accepted with no problems.
i got rejected 3 times
I'm rejected two times, and now, i'm wainting for ansfer for third time for three days. I hope that they will answer.
i dont know how you guys get rejected at all.All you have to do is make quality posts and give them a good description of your site.that should not be a big problem
i got rejected twice. the best you can do is just post here and visit quite often when you can. that's what i am trying to do when i can.

have fun on your vacation, and remember its only a message board not the end of your life.
Supose your right, ok I guess I was just a bit annoyed earlier... pretty stressed out from all the stuff I had to sort out today.

Yeh ok then I'll cya all after my 2 weeks in the sun Very Happy
Bondings is the site owner, the rest of us just do his dirty work Razz . He didn't handle your request so what he thinks of your posts is currently unknown.

To recieve your account you need 5 quality posts. These aren't just quick replies, they need to have a thought behind them and have some sort of value. Remaining here you don'tt need to post to this quality all the time but at the start its all thats accepted. I suggest rather than posting maybe 5 posts in a certain time frame you visit a thread in perhaps the religion and philosophy forum, read througha bit and you should be able to easily get an excellent post or two. Smile (quality above quantity)
The posts don't need to be exciting, they could be about watching paint dry so long as content of what your talking about is good and ot just general chit-chat.

As for leaving, I strongly encourage you to stay. Once settled I'm confident you'll enjoy yourself here and you would be leaving behind a fantastic offer (which I myself haven't yet seen beaten!).
Hope to see you back after your holiday Very Happy

@ NeShYU/anyone else annoyed at being rejected for low quality posts; Please feel free to PM myself (this hasn't been discussed with other mods so they may not like them) and link to 5 of your posts which you think are quality posts. You can view your posts by clicking 'View your posts' on the index page (top right). You need to be self-critical when doing this.
If you can't find 5 good posts yourself, create them then apply for hosting again.

If you feel any member of staff is being unfair/biased against you, please PM them to sort problems out, if that doesn't solve it PM an admin, then Bondings if needbe. Don't make it public.
On that note ... -close-
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