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People Who Don't Read Books?

Yeah... I don't read books. I do most of my reading online - I'm 16. I was just wondering if anybody is the same way. Am I one of the few people who doesn't read books, or is it merely a concept of "a new generation of people growing up with the internet"?
- -i know exactly what you mean about not reading books...i mean, there's a value to the experience of reading a book, all the things that go along with it (pages, unique collectivity, atmosphere, etc.), but i think it depends on what one is focused on...

myself, i read for content, and the expandability of that content. that's maximized with the experience of reading hypertext material. one can read a footnote in a book, and go look up another book to expand a thought, but only reading etext will immediately connect you to limitless material that expands on a thought, an image, a word. that popularity i think is dependent upon whether one's focus is limited experience, or unlimited experience.

which makes me wonder why etextbooks are so's strictly an economical issue, i believe. etext eliminates the printed publishing they limit or restrict what is published in etext format, even when etext is far superior in terms of information and experience.

It is true that hypertext and all this links in e-textbooks or internet pages are great to learn but if you measure your time, you'll find out that it is much quicker to finish reading one books when you do not wander around.
To me sometimes just reading 2 pages on internet lasts 1 hour as I search for different content.

If you want to learn some subject quick, best is to read about it without interuption and just making notes where is some unclear things.
i can understand what you mean, reading without interruption. of course, that can be controlled, don't you think? i don't suppose we'll ever see the time when printed text is completely obsolete...who knows, huh? would be interesting to see a hundred years into the future and see how printed text survives...

Maybe internet content is best for content cravers, but reading a book it a completely different experience, and not very comparable. An ebook, obviously, is closer, but even that is a very different experience.

I love my computer, but I will pick up a book from the library long before I'll download an ebook.
I know what you mean by the experience of can be pleasant in many ways. I grew up being an avid reader. These days I like having my library of what I own on my pc to carry around, I've just developed into that. I have a pretty-much paperless existence...I just have to keep reliable backups Smile

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