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How to get a sixpack?

Hey, At the moment I have a flat stomach with no fat. I want to tighten up my abs and get a tight six pack. How long would this take? How many situps/crunches do I need to do a day?
I think the correct answer for this is, pretty much a lot of work. Here is an advise, If you just want a sixpack and a fit body swimming can help a lot(I think its better than the old excersice where you are laying on the floor n then raise the upper half of your body, sorry dunno the name in english). If you want a hard rock body and six pieces of rock in your abs you may try going to a gym and start eating some protein, maybe brewer's yeast if you like a natural source of protein.
you dont need a gym,i have been doing exercises at home.i have been doing a lot of situps/crunches -if that is what i mean it is, and also running and weightlifting.So i ve been doing that things every day for 2 ,2 and a half hours and i really got nice looking body.but i stoped exercising and now i am a bit chubbier and my stamina is very bad.but i think it was god decision to start exercising.So you dont need gym,better do it at home
well, if you want great solid abs, not only do you need to do abdominal exercises, you also need to do cardio too. I would suggest you do adminal exercises on one day and alternate cardio on the next day. Cheers! Wink
Aerobics and a lot of crunches and weight liftings don't really make six bulking abs, but they keep your Rectus abdominis fit and firm.
My thoughts are these:
If you want to lose fats and be firm, you do BIG repititions with SMALL (or none) weights.
If you want to gain mass, you do SMALL repitions but with BIG weights.

So my opinion is this--include weights (i.e. a barbell's plate) carried by your hands over you chest (or at the back of your head) when you perfom curl-ups or set-ups. Minimum of 4 reps and maximum of 8 reps--so if you find it easy, use weight which you feel you will only reach a max of 8-reps.

If you carry a 10lbs. plate over you chest and you seem to feel you can reach more than 8-reps of set-ups, increase the weight, make it 20lbs, so that you can't exceed to an 8-reps of sit-ups. Calculate the weights you will be using which do you think you can only make repititions between 4 to 8.

By the way, do warm-up (i.e. 20-30 sit-ups with no weights) before including weights. You will feel pain in the morning--which is a sign that you did well.

No Pain, No Gain.
You feel pain in your rectus abdominis (abs) because your muscle fibers are broken or having cutted off due to carrying weights that are heavy for them, then, your muscle fibers will regenerate twice their recent quantities in order to match the weight which have failed them. Thus, you will gain mass (additional muscle fibers) in your abs.

If you broke 2000 of muscle fibers, after 48hrs they will regenrate to 4000 muscle fibers.

P.S. If you no longer feel the pain, that means that your muscle's got used to that weight you are using and that they will not gain. Add up weights. Wink
Wow, those are nice! Wink
Erridan the enchanter
It's kinda funny going down to the beach and seeing men who have spent tons of time on their abs but nothing else. Skinny people with a rock for a stomach!

If you don't want to go to a gym and don't want to do chrunches all the time you could try a big trampoline, by doing flips and junk you'll have fun while your whole body gets stronger. By doing certian things your abs will get a great workout
Crunshes and situps helps and probably is the right way. If you really want it, you would not go for all these shortcuts Wink
Make sure to strengthen your back muscles too! Uneven strengthening like that can cause back pain.
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