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What is your Desktop ?

What Desktop ?
 60%  [ 25 ]
 29%  [ 12 ]
 2%  [ 1 ]
 2%  [ 1 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 4%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 41

I've doing a search, but there isn't a topic for it, i create it

I want to know what desktop your use for your linux, and if you can justify your choice, it was great Surprised

Thanks Wink
If you use a other desktop, tell me and i add it Wink
I use KDE. Simply because I only know Gnome as alternative Desktop and XWindow. But I've got Linux on a cd from a magazine and there's no gnome on it so that I could test it. I like KDE so there's noe reason for me to download gnome...
Come on, so many guys are using KDE.
I love KDE, cause it's really nice and efficient~ Very Happy
I've installed SuSE 10.1, with KDE 3.5 i think, but, it's wonderfull, very beautiful Shocked
{name here}
Fluxbox - fast, and efficient, while still remaining visually appealing.
I am sorry... but why dont I see windows in the List ??
I'm an Ubuntu user, and I've used XFCE, Gnome, and KDE. Really, they all have their advantages, and I'll share my feelings here:


I use KDE becuase IMHO, it is the most cutomizable, it takes a significant amount of time to set up KDE to your standards, but once it is, the productivity is wonderful. It is heavier (in terms of system usage) than gnome, and it does 'work right out of the box', but not in the same way that gnome does. I'm not sure it's something that can be explained as well as it can be experianced.


My main useage for Gnome is live CDs. It works right out of the box, and it lighter than KDE, that's just how it is.


I use XFCE on all of my older computers. It is really lightweight, and allows you to put a graphical environment onto an older computer that really shouldn't be able to handle one newer than Win95 if you're lucky. Admittedly, it is not as feature rich as gnome or KDE, but that is to be expected, and it's getting better all the time.

Just my 2 cents...
{name here}
cheeta wrote:
I am sorry... but why dont I see windows in the List ??

Because this is a Linux desktop environment poll, not an OS poll.
I've been trying XFCE, Gnome, and KDE.

KDE it takes some times to set it up and it not working ooutside the box Very Happy
Gnome is not bad :d.
XFCE is easy and lightweight

try it out
{name here} wrote:
Fluxbox - fast, and efficient, while still remaining visually appealing.

Ok, i will try it. I don't know it
I use KDE on my FC5 Very Happy
I like it both in appearence and in features
KDE rulez on my system
IceWM is the lite stuff and that's what I use on my old test server which is 1000km away Sad

well I use KDE on knoppix Razz but i guess that doesn't count however when i used to use Redhat and Mandrake KDE was my choice Very Happy
i use gnome desktop environment on ubuntu.
i find it a much more stable desktop environment than kde and i have no reason for thinking that way. i have installed kde but i only use it when i have to use some kde apps like k3b so as to make them function to their optimum.

no wonder many of the linux distro are defaulting to gnome.

After using Windowmaker, IceWM, XFCE(from the beginning), Gnome, Fluxbox, Openbox, KDE, Waimea, Afterstep, UDE, Ion, FVWM, TWM, VTWM, XPDE, CDE, PWM, and some others, I have decided that KDE is the easiest for me to use. Others may work differently than I do, but I find that most of the GUI apps for KDE seem to be more integrated and have useful features that I want. More parts of the KDE desktop "just work" than with the others for me.

BTW, if you have a chance to compile it from source, its faster and less memory intensive than XFCE and Gnome by quite a bit (I was surprised).
I am using Gnome now on my REDHAT WS. KDE works great too.
It is normal KDE is more popular than GNOME. K-Desktop is design to look like Windows and most people are familiar with Windows desktop.

I prefer KDE and mod it too look like MAc OS X hehehe
i have KDE currently, but i think i may want to try and switch to gnome. well see how that goes
LethcanAernis wrote:
It is normal KDE is more popular than GNOME. K-Desktop is design to look like Windows and most people are familiar with Windows desktop

Yes, but Gnome is easy too Wink
I use Gnome but what is the diference of other desktop?
I prefer KDE, it's beautiful and easy to use.. As for Gnome, I cannot make myself to get used of it, don't know why Very Happy
I've only used Gnome, but I am open to trying new desktops. what are the advantages (if any) to KDE over Gnome?
From what I've gathered over the years, its kind like picking your favorite linux distro. They are hard to compare to eachother and it really just depends on your own preferences and how you will use it. Is this pretty accuate? or are there specific advantages to KDE? I've never wanted to try other desktops, but I have been curious about KDE.
I'm using KDE Very Happy
I was using GNome before...since I've known KDE...I'm using it already...
KDE is the best
When I'm using Mandriva Linux 2007 I always use KDE
KDE of couse. whatever distro im using, i always use KDE. not even close compared to other desktops!
Yep, KDE seems conventional in its usability and features nevertheless i like it. Have been using it since SUSe9 version and it still is an inherent part of my gui. Smile
I use GNOME because my first encounter with Linux was GNOME, and I just stuck with it. I have tried KDE, but I am so use to GNOME that I have no desire to switch.
When I got onto a Linux, my first encounter was KDE.
I used Slackware 10.1.
I voted for KDE since it is probably my favorite but I use others depending on what machine I am using.

I use KDE on my desktop simply because I have the resources to do so. I grew up in a Windows environment so I felt more comfortable in KDE when I first started and thus I just assume continue using it for simplicity sake as well as eye candy (I am a sucker for eye-candy). Speaking of eye-candy, another reason I like KDE so much is that XGL and Compiz work very well on it and thats eye-candy on a whole different level Cool

I used to use fluxbox on my old laptop because it did not have the resources to run KDE or Gnome and I did not know that XFCE existed back in those days.

I use XFCE on my PIII game server because I find it easy to navigate and it is very light so it runs efficiently on my machine as well as giving me an interface similar to KDE that I am used to.

I have also used Gnome before, when I first started playing with Ubuntu since it is the default WM for Ubuntu.

I have always been curious about trying the new enlightenment DR17, but from what I can tell it seems very involved and I simply do not have the time to play with something that I have to do that much work to get running when I could just use KDE.
I use GNOME because in my eyes it's the desktop enviroment that works out best for me. But I'm trying out Solaris at the moment so...
I used Gnome for a few months before trying KDE and I'm glad I switched. I'm running Ubuntu Dapper and I actually still use a few of my favorite Gnome apps, in KDE. I prefer Gedit over Kate, and sometimes Nautilus over Konquerer, But KDE seems more efficient to me, and even more pleasant to use.
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