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Nelly Furtado

What do you think of the new Nelly Furtado songs? They have been playing Man-eater and Promiscuous Girl on the radio alot, and she has changed her style quite a bit from the days of her first album.
I like her new album.
Very Very catchy.
Love it! Absolutly love it!!!
I always liked the old album, it was fresh, happy, colorful... I enjoyed listening it. The new album is very diferent but still suprisingly good, it isn't the Nelly Furtado we used to know but more in the lines of a watered-down Christina Aquilera image with a Nelly Furtadoish style of singing. She proved that she look good and that she can be sexy in various ways. She's cool Smile I am in love Smile
I like her new album. It's eclectic, creative, and very experimental...and very catchy.

I was saying all summer that Promiscuous was the club hit to beat...extremely well done, though I thought the drums needed to feel a bit more solid.

Man-Eater's good too. My favorite song off of the album at this point though, is "Say It Right." The synths and vocal cuts on that track are awesome.
Her new music is catchy. Her old stuff isn't too bad either. It's very different though. I suppose it's nice for her to explore her range.
Only know the two songs man-eater and promiscuous. Man-eater is a total favorite of mine, she still is very unique with that song and kept her style. The other one she just fell into the same drawer as all other girls singing with random rappers. The songs generally end up average and the girls just get more and more naked.

I liked her being a little bit different.
Her old stuff seemed more open-minded and her new stuff is lust driven pop-culture. Im not surprised to see this transition because she always went up in ratings whenever her songs were less opinionated and more dirty.
I think I like her old music more. Ofcourse, her new songs are very nice to listen to Razz But it's not what it used to be. Her old music really ment something, now it's more like everyone else....
Yea, I lost interest in Furtado after her first album, but Promiscuous Girl specifically got her back on top of my list of favs.
I never really liked nelly after listening to her first album but she must have guessed that to and now with loose she really has hit the mark....really cool songs with catchey tunes as in you really can get up and dance to them Smile also the strange way the tunes just stick in your head and just play over and over Razz
I loved the fist album, becuase she had a one of a kind sound, now she sounds kind of like ciara, and these new artist. But the new album loose it's still pretty good. And i can not believe of gorgeous she is.
Ive only heard man-eater once (and I hope it will not happen again).
Honestly the song reminds of the late 90's dance/pop music. The song just seems like theres nothing new and interesting in it at all.
I have the CD and it is a great one. I wasn't a real Nelly Furtado fan, although there were some songs of her that I liked. But the new style is cool...and I think it matches her image. She always looked older to me then she is. Now she is a hottie!
I like it because it rhymes and sounds good and makes snese. Also the music vidio rocks.
Personally I loathe Nelly Furtado. I don't find her music entertaining, catchy or amazingly technical. Her video clip sucks and her songs are repeditive.

I've yet to hear one some come out of her mouth that I've enjoyed listening to. Even when she does covers, it's like she's raping the song. With a knife.

But you know, to each their own. I know there are loads of people that hate what I listen to, so don't go feeling bad or bashing me for saying what I think about her.

I will give her credit for making a comeback after like... 4 years.
Her latest album "loose" is a lot different from her previous works. ofcourse timberlake had a lot to do with the hip-hop look of this new album. anyway I liked her previously released albums Folklore and Whoa! nelly ... I hope she switches back to that older shell again
Yeah, her new album isnt as out there as her first. This one is catchy though.
You really find that catchy? It's the type of music that warrants collapsing to the floor screaming "Make it stop" whilst your brain slowly shuts down and turns into nothing more than a bloody liquid.

I'm sorry, I'm definately not sane right now.
I love her new album, when I got it I was listening to it for about a month straight. The Nelly Furtado and Timbaland Collabs are awesome. I wonder if she is gonna try to reinvent herself on her third album or stick with this chemistry she has going on for her.
She also sing beautifully in spanish Shocked Shocked Very Happy Very Happy What can't she do.
a little too loose for me, but Timberland did a good job
"Say it Right" Rulez .. I love that song. But the video doesn't go with the song. I was diappointed about that.
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