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Da Vinci Code

This was definitly one of the hottest books in the recent past. i was suprised not to see a thread in the forum for it. Did you guys like it? Do you think its true or just figments of Dan Browns imagination?
for me it was a great read, but its purely fiction.
what do you guys think?
I've only read the first chapter of Da Vinci Code, I read it while I was in Chapters. I'm on the waiting list of borrowing it from the library, I'm #300 something so far. Crying or Very sad

I thought the first chapter was a really good read. I wanted to steal the book out of the store! Cool
I really liked this book, Dan Brown's an amazing writer and does a great job of bringing many aspects into the story - humor, suspense, mystery, and more. He made things unexpected and although it dragged in some parts, I think it was good overall, and had a good amount of history in it too.
I like it. Its very creative and informative with all those history of art hints.
I don´t like Dan´s formula of writing, though. Always one murder and then the pursuit and a traitor.

People say that 1st book (I forgot the name) is better than Da Vinci´s Code.

But what I really apreciate when there are a series of book with the same characters is suprise and plot twists
I like really. And i offer angels and demons because it is like a description of Vatikan and politic.
If you liked Da Vinci Code, then you'll really like The Rule of Four. Personally, I think it's better than Da Vinci Code.
offcially this book is banned accross many countries.....

that is why it has become so famous.....

just try [url] [/url] and search for Da Vinci Code and you will find about 3000000 webpages with this context that much famous it it !
the da vinci code is banned in many places cuz of its religious background or so i believe. but nonetheless it is one of the best books i have evr read along with angels and demons. does anyone know any books that are like it besides rule of four?
I'm not one of those people who likes to read but after reading Da Vinci Code I went all Dan-Brown-Crazy. I've read all of his books and Da Vinci Code is my favorite. I didnt know about the hidden messages in Madonna of the Rocks, Mona Lisa, and all those other artworks mentions. It's really interesting...and a must read if you havent gotten your hands on it yet.
i find Da Vinci Code really intriguing and i love reading it. i find the plots and the different "hidden messages" of renowned artworks very interesting. Dan Brown has a superb imagination and I hope he continues writing this genre of book. Plus, I find his recurrent references to ancient history and symbolism very interesting and rather fascinating. Angels and Demons is also great. And then there's the fact that the Vatican accord such attention to the Da Vinci Code book. I know people who don't want to read this book because as they are Christians, this book is going to arouse doubts and then it's against several concepts in Christianism.
This was definitly one of the hottest books in the recent past.
I like it. Its very creative and informative with all those history of art hints.
I'm an avid reader and found this book: Da Vinci Code really amusing!
Wheather the book contains real facts or fiction is still a debatable topic, but all i can say is that I'm totally smitten by Dan Brown's Writing skills!
The book talks about so many real clues (if one can call them!), hidden in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci. These clues are definately not rubbish or a flaw in the paintings of the Great Painter & therefore i believe that there can be an element of truth in the book.
The book talks about the fresco of Milan :The Last Supper, where Mary, Supposedly Christ's wife is seated besides him, wearing a dress with complementary colors to that of Jesus's dress (A sign of marriage in that period), then the hand with a knife that belongs to no one is clearly visible!!!!
For details follow the link:

I'm completely awestricken after reading the book! It surely stands of the rest!
Da vinci is definately different from the rest of the gang of authors!!
I personally haven't read a good book for a while, and I have not regrets picking a the Da Vinci Code. It was constant page turner and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I must say that I like Dan Brown's writing style and will definitely read some of his other books, especially Angel's and Demons which has some of the same characters. Would be nice to know what ppl think of his other books. I believe Dan's style is similar in Angel and Demons, and that book has not really cause as much contraversy as the Da vinci Code.
I loved that book, and I also just finished reading Angels & Demons, which is quite good! Have you read that yet? I'm going to read Deception Point next. I also did the on-line puzzle game on Dan Brown's website just this past week too, I cheated, as I'm not brilliant, nor have the patience, LOL. And that was a fun thing to do.
I am dying to read this book... hope to read it before the movie comes out.

this is a gr8 book..the whole concept was amazing...dan brown has really written a thriller! the entire reading experience was exhillarating...loved it totally! the mind pictures it creates are sorta freaky, but i still loved the book...will be one of my favorites always...
another thing is, i've hrd that there's this other book, called, "angels and demons"...the author of which i dunno...can some1 help me here? and tell me what the book is abt!
I think this book is good so far, I've only read 5 chapters, but otherwise I kinda think the idea is wayy too mature for me. After all, I'm only a kid.
Has anyone of you that read "The Da Vinci's Code" ever read another book of a much better class, at leat I do believe so. The book is: Umberto ECO - The Pendulum of Focoult ?????

Historical references are flawless and , it is more credible tha Brown's book. Although there is less "action".
I recommend to read "Angels and Demons" (same author)

much more intensed than Da Vinci Code.. Idea

but.. I also recommend to read this book.. Wink
Sorry ,
but I think reading Angels & Demons is simply a waste of time...

It is close to science fiction....
It was a fun read. Not very good dialogue. Most of the characters talked like they were the same person. I enjoyed the first half immensely, reading it a few chapters a night. The second half I read in one sitting and it wasn't nearly so much fun. There's a warning in there for me, I think. Read books slowly and savour them. Once you've got to the end it's all over.

Anyway the basis of the controversy is the idea that people will pick up the book and assume it to be (excuse me for this) the Gospel truth. People are just not that naive. On the other hand, it does make you think about historical truth and how much we really know about history.

I always take history with a grain of salt. I mean, who, today, can say exactly what happened? Why it happened. What's the real reason for the U.S. to invade Iraq, for instance? Nobody's 100% sure. Nobody knows quite how connected Osama bin Laden was to the 2001 attacks on America. We attribute the attacks to him, but experts generally admit they don't know how involved he was.

If, in this modern age of instant communication, we can't tell fact from spin or media fiction, how can we expect to have an authentic history of a man like Jesus who lived 2000 years ago?

i thought it was very good book and i can see why the religious right are so afraid of keeping it under wraps... it undermines their whole faith if it were taken literally
Please , do not get me misunderstood about ANGELS & DEMONS.

The section relevant to the Church is fine and somehow interesting.
It is the final part that sucks completely.
That's why it is closer to science fiction.
I've been skydiving for more than 30 years and ...really wished you can save the life of a skydiver just with a piece of cloth over your head....

Com'on, one thing is to tell stories that seem to a certain extent real, another is to fool the reader with "better than RAMBO" style of action.

Sorry my comment remains the same. Unlike Da Vinci's Code, ANGELS & DEMONS is not consistent and Brown didn't know how to finish this story in a reasonable manner.
This is by far the best book I have ever read. Thruths which you never realy thought of brought to light and the probabilitys of the secrets within those simple litle things we miss. We usually dont think about things inside an object . e.g, The background story, the creators inspiration and the like. Dan Brown has brought these things to light and because of that fact I am eagery awating the movies airing.
I love the book! Seriously - I think it rocks!! I love everything about it Very Happy Although one fact is botthering me - and that is that I cant serisouly understand what people are thinking when they say that they think that the book is for real and all that Razz That bothers me a bit. I have also read Angels and Demons and that one is also great - not as great but it is a good second Wink
Great Book with new idea ,imagination,story and unpredicted
I read this book over a couple of days. I did enjoy reading it - it almost felt like you were in an action/adventure movie (actually it reminded me quite a bit of Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness - without the crappy controls of course). There were a few things however, that didn't strike my fancy - first of all, the entire story takes place over one night, a highly unrealistic and unbelievable idea. Personally I think that it would have been much better story telling to have breaks in the story where a few days pass while the characters try to figure out symbolic meanings or crack codes. Also, the belief of some that the story is ALL TRUE seems quite far-fetched for me - I personally believe that a bunch of ideas from ancient myths (along with Brown's own creativity) were weaved together just to make an interesting story.
It’s moderately entertaining drivel and Dan Brown’s style of writing is terrible. It’s in no way historical – merely a mish mash of various things relating to the Holy Grail which have captivated people’s imaginations for hundreds of years which of course explains it’s popularity despite the style in which it is written.

The logic is seriously flawed. Why is Mary so revered? Why is the line of Jesus and Mary so important? It’s already explained that Jesus is an ordinary mortal who was deified by the Roman Emperor Constantine. So that makes his decedents no more important than the descendents of Constantine himself. Bah humbug!
My friend just told me about this book: Digital Fortress

I do not know if it was written before or after The Da Vinci Code.

Is there anyone who read this book and can give me his/her opinion on wether it is worth reading it or not.

If it is the usual Brown's mixture of credible and fantasy/impossible/unreal situations, I'rather drop my idea of reading it.

i thot that the da vinci code was a great read and if anyone else knows a good book like it can you tell me?
Yep verry good book, "de slinger van faucault" in my language...

REad it Laughing
I have it at home. I heard that it's really great. I hope i will have time to read it, i'm really looking forward to it.
I have the book but have not had time to read it yet. I have heard both good and bad reviews about it, but I never listen to reviewers, I'll make up my own mind....when I have the time to actually read the darn thing....I have had it for a couple of months now Sad
I enjoyed "the Da Vinci code" a lot, but much of the "facts" Brown presents in the book is actually based on a french fraudster, and a lot of the "facts" about Da Vincis artwork are also misconceptions or overblown.

Not saying there isn't some thoughtful twists to the book, but Brown was sued for plagiarism by the authors of "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" by Leigh and Baigent which is basically the same story but in a non fiction setting.

Also much of the historical basis of the novel has been shown to be fraud.

That doesn't make the book less enjoyable, but one should keep it in mind.

The "priory of sion" was (among other) an organisation founded in 1956 by Pierre Plantard, a know frauster and criminal suffering from delusions of grandure. The organization was never popular, and the so called documents that Pierre Plantard discovered in the library was later found to be counterfeit.
I liked the suspens in it, I liked the character and I learn a lot of things about the Church and History. But I didn't like the author's style...not at all, I should read his others books to compare. Maybe I like it.
I went away and read a bunch of history of the early church after reading it. Sorry that I can't go through everything I read here, because it was really interesting, but here's what I found: There's a lot of interesting things, but as far as I could tell Dan Brown is completely wrong. It is a work of fiction so I guess that makes it okay, but I wouldn't go around quoting anything in the book as truth. Some of the interesting things I found were

Gnostic Gospels

A lot of the book talks about "gospels" which were not included in the Bible. These are the gnostic gospels. Mostly they were written centuries after Jesus' death, and don't agree with each other let alone with other sources. In some cases they are extremely chauvenistic, and also anti-semitic (which is ironic because of the theme of women in the book). It would be much the same if we wrote about the discovery of Australia, or the war of independence of America today. In contrast the gospels included in the Bible were all written by people close to Jesus or his disciples shortly after his death.

For a start see:

He seems to think that Jesus was married to Mary Madeline and uses the gnostic "Gospel" of Philip (written approximately 180-250 years after Jesus). He even gets the language it was written in wrong...

Dead Sea Scrolls

These aren't the secret which Brown makes out. None of it is: In fact, you can read almost everything that he talks about with a little creative Googling... They were discovered in 1947 (not in the 50s... he doesn't even get the basic facts right), and are from a Jewish community.

Jesus' Divinity

Brown claims that it was only after Nicacea that Jesus was considered divine. This is obviously nonsense. The books of the gospel were written before then, for a start. Pliny the Younger (a Roman) and Josephus (Jewish) also provide evidence for it. For example see here for examples of non-Christian sources here:

Most interesting is what is decided at each of the councils which I would encourage people who are interested to have a read of that. There were for example, only two people who dissented (out of several hundred) from the final decision at Nicaea.

So I'm no historian, or a biblical scholar, but I had fun looking up these things (and they put off doing my PhD for a while, late at night especially). I'd encourage people to look these things up for themselves. The guy is being very loose with the truth. Don't trust him...

PS. He also stuffs up his physics, but that's another book and another story.
i've only read the first two chapters so far, but it seems like a really good book, i'd like to read it before the movie comes out so i can compare the two, books are almost always better, dan browns a great author, i still have yet to read angels and demons, i have digital fortress and deception point, both great books. i'd recommend those as well
Read the book and Loved it. It was a real thriller and made me go out and buy all of Dan Brown's other books... Cool

But I have to say that this one was the only one that stands out.. Angels and Demons is OK and the other two were below par, IMHO Sad
I have recently finished reading The Da Vinci Code and believe me, this is the greatest book I've ever read in my life. It's a good mixture of fact and fiction and I must say that Dan Brown has just done the mixing ingeniously. I truely believe the history of the Holy Grail and I am of view that today, the Sangreal documents(the documents or scrolls containing the true history of Jesus Christ and reflecting about the Holy Grail i.e., Mary Magdelene) are still somewhere hidden in some part of the world.
The codes used by the author are just amazing and I was really obsessed with the perfection and simplicity of the codes, especially the Anagrams.
"The answer is in the plain sight".
My overall comment on The Da Vinci Code - Mind Blowing. Very Happy

I read all Dan Brown's books. The first one I read was he da Vinci Code, I read it because I admire Leonardo da Vinci. I think that he was one of the greatest man of all times, and he could have been greater if he could speak freely about his knowledge.
I loved the book but found out quite soon about who was the real bad guy.
I'm also interested in religious history, I had already read the book about the Holly grail and severall articles about Jesus and the deliberate manipulation of the bible.
So for me Brown's book had nothing really new about the story and the conspiracy, but I enjoyed the book very much.
About Dan Brown I think he is an author who found a recipe for writing a good succesful book. He already had written "Deception point", "Digital fortress" and "Angels and demons", before writing the da Vinci code. None of these books is nears as good as the last one and readers also tought so, because none of them were succeses when published. And now they are because peole is looking for another da Vinci Code, but in my opinion didn't find it.
Here in Potugal those other books were only published after the da Vinci code was a success. And Digital Fortress is still not published. Deception Point was published here about 1 month ago with the claim of beeing the new success of Brown. Lies just to make people buying the book.
But I think it is a great book, that makes us think about things that we consider as historical truth.
I also read the "rule of four", but I didn't like it I kept waiting for the real story to begin but, for me at least, it never did.
I read also the "Meddicci's dagger" it is OK but maybe to similar to Browns book.
Now I want to read a book called "Assessini"; or something like that,
it is the book about the sect of assansins that Brown talks about in Angels and demons, but it is older than Brown's book.
I also think that none of those books is worth beeing read more than once or twice at most. But I read Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer 5 or 6 times and still get marvelled with those books.
Well, it's movie will be coming out this May (stars Tom Hanks). Looking forward to see it in a big screen. Hope it'll be better than what of I imagined while reading the book. Wink
Yeah! Even I am looking forward and eagerly awaiting the release of The Da Vinci Code. I am really excited to see Tom Hanks giving another probable Oscar winning performance and I think the character of Robert Langdon is perfectly apt for him. Smile
Well, I'm also curious about the movie and about Tom Hanks performance, but I don't belive that a film based on a book like the da Vinci code would ever receive an Oscar.
And I liked the book!
It is just that the book has a formula to it's success:
a controversial subject, a name like da Vinci in the cover, few caracters, short chapters, the Opus Dei stuff, etc..
It is a book that was doomed to success.
zluis wrote:
but I don't belive that a film based on a book like the da Vinci code would ever receive an Oscar.

In that matter, I disagree with you, Zluis. The book is written in a perfect sequential manner and the whole plot & story is no less than a movie script. So it ought to get an Oscar. May be because of the spell bounding nature of the book or may be because Tom Hanks is Robert Langdon. Wink
weel yeah it was nice to read ( i finished it in a day) but there were some things that i liked and some others that did not.

First is well based in facts not so known to many people, yet after a little research anyone can obtain the data of these riddles that Brown uncovers, yet the real deal of this is that no only da vinci use to do these things but most of the painters of his epoc.

Well nic eto say that there were some characters that had a very robust personality and nice sense of reality.

Nice Book but I have to close with the bottom line, is like harry potter boooks very digestible. Twisted Evil
The most troubling part about this book is that it takes away too much from the fact that it's a novel. Or at least the public does. The cover clearly states it IS a novel: wrote:
A fictional prose narrative of considerable length, typically having a plot that is unfolded by the actions, speech, and thoughts of the characters.
People who take it too literally are being a little bit naive. If this book, or any book, makes you question your faith or anyone else's, the book isn't your problem.
I glanced at the first couple of pages in a book store but found it boring. Does it get better?
Does any one have a Da-Vinci code e-book ?

If you do can you send it to my via email ?

My email id is

bsrkaditya wrote:
Does any one have a Da-Vinci code e-book ?

If you do can you send it to my via email ?

My email id is


I'm not exactly sure it is out as an e-book as is still in print, I could certainly be wrong....but if I should come across a copy I will certainly forward it to you Smile
I did not particularly enjoyed the book at all. Although it made me read and learn about many other things such as the mentioned grail.

As literature itself, I did not enjoy the Da Vinci Code at all. I found a profound lack of humor, characters seemed very unreal, and the main plot, one of the too many, was quite predictable. The quality of the book i found very low. Very few literary techniques were used, and as far as I could look, no symbolism was perceivable.

So, I overall do not recommend this book which has been over rated. And I'm not even mentioning the movie! While I quite enjoyed the multi-nationality cast, i found the actor's performance very low. Tom Hanks was not fit for the role, nor was Jean Reno. I, unlike many, did not mind Audrey Tautou (Sophie Neveu)'s performance. I thought she was of equally minor importance in the novel and movie. Anyhow, have a good day! Smile
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