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The Lord of the Rings (50th Anniversary Edition)

While the price of this book is steep, this is easily the best version of this book in existance. The gilded pages and high-quality leather look, smell and feel wonderful. This is not the questionable quality leather used on previous versions, this is the real deal. More importantly, this version has, as J.R.R. recorded in letters, reproductions of the Book of Marzubul. These are the pages from the Dwarven book found in the Mines of Moria by Gandalf and the Fellowship. In the begining and ending of the book are also included maps that fold out to render Middle-earth for the reader, again as the author originally wanted.

This is the book that Tolkien dreamed of having published but couldn't due to the realities of post-WWII publishing costs and questions about a 400,000 word publication.

For me, there is an emotional response to this book for two reasons. One, it is as fine or better than the book the author originally wished to have published and two, it is a beautiful piece of art all on its own, suitable for display. If you love books or love Tolkien or both, this is a must have and the centerpiece of any worthy collection.

is that book avilable in the market...if it does then i would really love to buy it no matter where they sell it...where did u come accross this master piece? do tell me more about it if you know
Well it does looks nice from there.
This is awesome. It's always hard to find good gifts for my dad, and this will be perfect. Thanks for posting this!
The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book ever. I have a fan site dedicated to it and I have read it over ten times. I'll have to look in to getting that new edition for my personal collection. Thanks!
hey whats ur personal website about LOTR?
Currently its located at but they just added tons of ads which screw up the layout so I am hoping to get hosted here ASAP.
I have read all three Lord of the rings books and I am currently working on reading the Hobbit. I probably should have read that one first but oh well....I want all of the other books about Middle Earth. I haave the book of lost lore but there are so many more. Anyone no a good book store that you could find them in??
Nice piece. I love all Tolkien's work, even if The Lord of the Rings is not the best one to me ( I prefer The Silmarillion ), I think I will buy one.

Do you know if it will be translated ?
Are there any details about the price of this book ?
I have read them all dozens of times. I just love it. Except that i just dont feel Silmarillion is of the same class as Hobbit and LOTR. But then again considering that many parts of silmarillion are not his original work, its okay
Guys... i just love it... all questions about LOTR and Silm to me (desirable on rus)!
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