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Call me a band geek or whatever. I play the tuba, and I really like it as my hobby. Practicing in the heat and bad weather is really a bad thing, but hey, we didn't have to have a competition today or play at half-time yesterday because of tornado warnings and watches.

Mostly because of the lightening and crap.

I really like being in the band and I can't wait until the Concert season comes up for me to learn MORE and EXCITING music! Woohoo!
amen dude, ima Trumpaholic
In the Pass:

Concert Band - Trombone
Marching Band - Trombone
Jazz Band - Trombone

Chamber Orchestra - violin
String Orchestra - violin


Symphony Orchestra - violin (Traveling to Italy this April to perform)

Ford Street band - electric guitar, violin, trombone... I write the songs and stuffs...

Conclusion: I like Orchestra way more than band, probably beucase my school's Symphony Orcestra take the best people from band and string section, therefore no one suck too much.

I like Orchestra cause it have a powerful sound. It is able to play soft and make very beautiful sound when needed, or shockingly power in some other case ( especially in the ending for the Pictures of an Expedition, wonderful music, I really enjoyed playing it last year).

It seemed to me Orchestra music make me more relaxing. And the music actually tell you a story, or describe a feeling, very good sense imagary. If you listen closely, you will hear it. In a piece "Spring" the lightning part and amazing, sound so much like it. In "Priates of the Carribean", (I also played last year), some part, you actually feel that you are on a pirate ship and going full speed toward some location...
Wow... it's awesome to see kids interested in band... Smile

When I was in high school like 5 out of 8 periods a day were spent in the band room. I was in everything from marching band to jazz band and orchastra... now that I have a daughter in high school she is in all that and plans to go to college to become a band director so I spend quite a few hours with the band as a band mom... I love it.

Yay band!!!
maybe some of you play ska? Very Happy
I'd like to be in a jazz band! Smile
I play flute in my school band.
The song are very nice I think and I love performing.
I play Baritone Saxophone, in marching band and concert band. Though sometimes I hate marching band I allways end up loving it, especially when we go door to door and someone hands you a check for $600 US and says, We've been wating for you, or when all the crowd stands up and claps for you. I just love that.

Tyler Lewis
heh tuba!!!



There's this great piece composed by some random guy called danny kaye called 'tubby the tuba'. It's about a poor tuba in an orchestra who is really bored because he doesn't do anything apart from going 'pom pom pom etc'.

Awwww. I love tubas. They're so big and helpless.
I really like band. I've been playing in my school band since 5th grade (I'm now a Sophomore). In my band "career" I've played Baritone, Euphonium (pertty much a mini tuba), Valve Trombone, and now Slide Trombone. I've also tried the French Horn and Trumpet, but their mouth pieces are just too small for me to play very well Laughing I don't really like performing for concerts, but I enjoy playing for Pep Band and Marching.
Yeah, I think band is a lot of fun and I have a GREAT band teacher, which makes it even better. Very Happy
Never been into wind instruments or drums. The whole marching band thing doesn't appeal to me.
I re-arranged some music and played the piano for the musical westsidestory when I was in college. The practising in an old factory was very awesome. After the performances we sticked together playing jazzy things and mainly just jamming a lot.

Now since i am at university and have bought my own stage-piano I play and compose a lot with a roommate. We want to call it a band, but we still are missing a drummer and a sax would be nice. We like jazz and composing backgroundmusic for fellow art-students that need music behind their digital art or presentation.
Stage performance is not yet at stake, but I very much would do this again Smile
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