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Robert Kubica, the future of my sundays...

I have finally found driver to support in F1, Robert Kubica. That guy impressed me so much in his first races. In any sport, I always support players or the teams from the countries with no respectable tradition, but for me this could become even more than that (did I forget to tell you I'm Slavic also? Laughing ).

In F1, actually I did never support some driver untill now, I just wished someone to win because of some day presentation or to collect points. The last few years I just wish Schumacher to reach every record he wanted, and I supported Alonso just to beat Schumacher. Shocked Laughing

So, Mr. Kubica, let there be long and prosper connection between us! Cool
He did a great job. That is for sure, it all depends on the car next season, If he can get good material, he sure will be a great driver.

Well.. he Is.. a good talent...
but I think it depans which team he will be... and how will act with him and give him the credit.
certainly he has a talent and i also support him.but it all depends in which team he will be.he has potential now it only needs good car and he colud be good
All i can say is eat your words Jacques Villenueve. I think he said something to the effect that Dr. Mario Theissen, you will regret firing me because Robert Kubica is going to suck more than junkie's nose in a mountain of white candy! Clearly the great Canadian Dream was mistaken. Kubica has done superb job thus far. BMW is becoming a true force reconned with. He was really strong this weekend until someone decided the track was dry enough for slicks. That must have been the longest lap of his life. poor guy was all over the place.

But like with Renault, they can console themselves with their pace. This weekend will be the best race of the season. I predict a Kimi win of course!
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