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Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen series (GCN)

Has anyone ever played any of the Naruto: GNT games? I was first introduced to it at Los Medanos College's RECCAcon 2005 (I think '05). At this time I did not know what I was playing was the second installment (at this time only three installments were released), but it was lots of fun. Sure, I couldn't read what they were saying or understand what they were saying, but it was fast-paced. The way it is set up makes the game pretty simple, unlike Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, Naruto: GNT is a fighting series in which simple punches/kicks can be chained to and made into a combo and specials are accessed with the press of the X button.

Sure, sounds simple and newbish, right? But that's only on the outside as veteran fighting-genre gamers quickly gets overwhelmed by being beaten by a novice gamer because his timing is off in chaining combos.

Well so far there has been four installments with the next being better than the previous. After RECCAcon, I imported Naruto: GNT3 and played it with my friends and after Naruto: GNT4 was released, I imported that too (Although YesAsia stole my bonus gift and sold it separately for $10.00 plus s/h -_-). To be honest it was a little of a let down how little new characters/specials they added into the fourth installment, but it was fun nonetheless. My team is Team Gai (plus Hinata) while my other two friends have put reserves on Team Kakashi (plus Kiba) and Team Asuma (plus Shino).

Has anyone played any of the Naruto: GNT series and if so who do you like to use the most? Best combo? Best strategy? Any comments? Anything you want to know about the game before you buy it?
Naruto is a gay cartoon lol. In Italy I seeing
well...i like naruto very much and i got all its movies....Smile
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