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Just Back From China...

...and wow! People talk about economic growth in China but it doesn't really hit you until you go there. Everywhere new buildings are being built, shopping centres are springing up everywhere and *everyone* shops like craaaaaaaazy.

In the space of two years (since the last time i went) local streets have become unrecognisable due to new developments.

And the environment is been taken care of too (kind of!). They've planted trees everywhere and whereever there's space between new buildings, they've tried to add abundant greenery.
i wanna know which city have you been to ...


where are you from ?
Sounds exciting!! I'm planning to study abroud there next summer.
yeah...they are growing like crazy but consider the impact it's going to have on us :/
they're going ot completely srcew up the balance we had until now
if you consider how there are over there Razz
yes,it's true

if you have visited Nanning ( the capatal city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) several years ago, you will no longer recorgnise it! i visited it days before!
She will grow up to a super....
Would well love to go to China or even Japan they look like amazing countries to go visit.
where in china did you go to?
i live in HK
which city did you go? Shanghai?
- -sounds impressive the economic growth described...i think it's great to hear success stories of the world developing. what happens these days concerning human rights in china? what's it like living day to day, having liberties such as freedom of speech, and press? - -just curious...

wow, sounds like you had some fun. i see they are still growing. when will they ever run out of room to built stuff over there,lol.

anyway, i plan on going over there someday but at this rate, i might get lost right after i get off the plane.
I'm happy about the overall progress they are making, but as for individual cases with certain cities, I'm more annoyed than anything.

As the case with my hometown, Shenyang. Sure they are building things, but the problem is, they seldom finish building anything >.>.

The roads are always under construction, and there's dirt and stuff flying around all day. And stuff they just built, they decide they no longer need them after spending so much on them, and then raze em. -_- Mostly because those construction projects were giving based on bribes, and continuation of building and bulldozing is what those construction companies want.

As I was saying, overall, it's good China is making progress, but it would have been better if the corruption was dealt with a bit first.
- - yeah, too bad if the progress doesn't really produce anything except the activity. if you've got pics of the area, Aiz, it'd be interesting if you'd post a few. i've never inquired a lot about china, it would be curious to hear some things about it. were you just born in shenyang, or do you still live there?

I've always wanted to go to China. Where's the best to spend a short vacation?
China's gonna be the worlds next big superpower, I think. And I won't be surprised when they're announced as having the largest economy in the world.

Yes, China is 'growing' fast, perhaps faster than any other country in the world. But is that a bad thing, though? No, many items that you buy are "Made in China", and this is where the countries wealth is coming from. Thousands of companies have factories in China where their products are produced.

I think we should all learn some lessons from China. But also watch the country carefully, because there could be HUGE problems if China becomes too big for itself. If this happens, then doubtless the economy would collapse, which would in turn affect most of the rest of the world.

I think it will be very interesting to see what happens to China in the future.
I went on a study tour this summer in Bejing and Shanhui. It is cool, vrey good shopping place. You can get very good quility stuffs for cheap price. (Only if you know how to deal with the seller).

However, out of everything, I like the Chinese literature, pictures, and the China scenary the best.
...i think the culture is intriguing- - literature, art, so many amazing things, really. the economic considerations ninjakannon suggests...i wonder, what kind of conditions would have to exist for china to grow economically unstable, or too big...

becoming an economic superpower doesn't bother me...what they do with that power, or would do, might. we've lived in a superpower equilibrium for some time, i wonder how much longer that will last.- - i imagine the other powers of the world ask the same thing about the US, too...what will happen if we become too powerful...what will happen if we begin to use our economic growth for ...whatever....

Yeah, she is on fire and also the citizens. Although poverty are everywhere in inter provinces, those southern shore provinces are really on the great upswing econonic growth. No surprise that Hong Kong investors are fancy on the China business. The giant market beneaths millions of business opportunities. I agree somebody said she would be a super giant in the world some day......
I don't think anybody knows China deeper than a local Chinese guy who lives in China since he was born. Most non-Chinese guys' opinion on China's development I saw and heard are exparte, or very exparte. They perorate just after they saw or heard something about China, no matter what that thing is about China is good or bad, rich or poor, civilized or fatuous. So I think I should show a comparatively real China to you.
Most people who have made a several days' visit to China would naturally have a conclusion that China is developing so quickly and crazily, China has been a rich country, etc. This is intelligible and not strange at all, because this kind of visit is usually to China's several more developed cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, undoubtedly these cities are indeed rich and developed, even compared with American cities they are not worse than quite a number of them. But have thought about that how many cities like that three in China? Let's count by fingers there are just, only those ones. As Xian(I live in now, the capital of Shanxi province in western China) which is in the same class with those for example, here is much poorer than those 3, and people lived in Shanghai consider us as just like what we consider people live in the mountain as. Besides we should know that since China opened its door to the world in 1979, for almost 30 years its main work is developing economy, so the result of this that several cities like Guangdong, Shanghai appear now is not strange at all, so don't think how marvelous China is any more!
If you stay in China longer and come to see its numerous countysides in the center and western part you will know how poor China is, how poor Chinese people is. For most Chinese peasants who live in this area that occupies almost 4/5 of China's dominion, their life now is not better than that of Americans in 60s or 70's, each man's cost of living everyday is about 1 dollar, they don't have annual vocation, they don't have insurance in any item, they can not afford their medical treatment fee if they suffer a ˇ®not small' illness, and they have to work continually to keep their pot boiling, this includes supporting their old parents, feeding their children and support them to school. Can you believe that more than a half of Chinese people are still living this life? And do you still think China is rich,and...and some other adjective you use to describe China?
In the process of China's development, it seems that the scale-up of the gap between affluence and poverty can not be avoided .The minority who have advanced ability and live in the big cities(like Shanghai) are being richer and richer; at the same time the common majority are being poorer, more and more good merchandise appear, and more and more of them they can not afford. In the past several years, the income of city people increased about 50%, countryside about 20%, and the total price increased about 30%. For people in the city, the car is cheaper to buy, but no matter how cheap the car becomes, a common peasant is not able the buy one. By contraries, the agricultural products such as fertilizer, pesticide for peasants are being expensive, this result in that they can't earn enough money by farming, so lots of peasants come to cities, where lots of buildings need built by them, and this is what this title initiator saw in China, everywhere new building are built. The builders you see don't be called builder, they have a special appellation which perhaps is only used in China: ˇ°peasant workerˇ±. They go home at their plants harvest time, and return to city at the rest time. What's more, their wages are always fell behind by the master builder, and this result in they don't have money for travelling expenses to go home when the Spring Festival-----the most most important festival for Chinese people----comes.
Almost surely saying, most Chinese peasant are living uneasily, the purpose they live is living, but not enjoying life. Why do I spend many words to say Chinese peasants? Because 7/10 of Chinese people are peasants, only they can represent China, and only when they become rich, China can be rich.
Some guys worry about China's impact on them, are they worrying about the trade deficit of their country to China? wow, that's fancy! As a Chinese, I'm worrying about that too!!! You see, what do you import from China, just some little things: Christmas tree, clothes and so on, how much are they worth? You always say that goods made in China are so cheap. And you see again, what does China impact? The Boeing plane,airbus plane, advanced machine tools. OK,OK, stop giving examples now, do you know how many trousers worth a plane? That is to say, how many trousers does China need to sell to exchange a plane? And these trousers were made by thousands of Chinese poor workers who were paid so little. I can always see some Chinese young guys scold on forums that where to find such a stupid country in the world who exerts all its strength to squeeze its people and then sell cheap things to foreigners to make their life easier and comfortable?

OK,stop here.
(P.S. I'm still in my process of learning English, some expressions may be not correct or appropriate, please don't mind, so grateful if you can point them to me )
Good effort, bartdou, thanks for introducing our real China to those foreign friends!

I'll add one more point, if you see the cloudy, dusty and yellowish sky in most of the big cities, you'll find out what the consequences of China's development are.
But Shanghai's spinny flyovers are still entertaining. You can still see cars even you're on the seventh floor of your apartment. Very Happy Heh.

On a side note, I just want to ask why some Chinese people are just rude. They just bump people when they need to go through rather than saying "Excuse Me" or whatever it is in Chinese. I was greatly annoyed with that practice because I come from Philippines where bumping people to go through is greatly frowned upon. Any comments or opinions on that? Or am I just seeing a small percentage and not seeing the courteous side of the Chinese?
guissmo wrote:
On a side note, I just want to ask why some Chinese people are just rude. They just bump people when they need to go through rather than saying "Excuse Me" or whatever it is in Chinese. I was greatly annoyed with that practice because I come from Philippines where bumping people to go through is greatly frowned upon. Any comments or opinions on that? Or am I just seeing a small percentage and not seeing the courteous side of the Chinese?

Absolutely that's individual case, few people behave like that, or they will be cursed or attacked by others annoyed by them, that dare not, except that they are just guys who never care others, never follow the rules, know little about manners. You know such kind people are minority, and everywhere such minority exist, not only in China.
I hardly meet that people in my daily life, even people are not polite as gentlemen, at least they are rude as you say!
I study in actuarial science (an actuary is the person who decides how much you have to pay for insurance), and one of my teachers told us that with all the growth happening in China, there's a burst of insurances sold (everyone now has got cellphones, and expensive things to insure, which they didn't have 10 years ago)...

And well, like I was saying, my teacher took the bet that at least one of us is going to work in China, because they have got some problems on that level, not knowing how to have good insurances.
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