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sick of the old boring Tree system for everything(like CMS)

when I go out in websites, websites intend to make things into a Tree system,(like the Taxonomy)
which is one thing is under something else...
like you want find program
you first chose the lanuage you want it is in
then you can see all the small catagorys come up
and then you chose what is inside of them(like... Chat scripts)
for example of website like this... and almost 99% of the websites in the WORLD.

I'm not attacking Hotscripts here because for that website, using tree system is perfectly fine because in most cases, a person search script, the lanuage it is in is most important.

But, what if you go to a website and want to find a picture of a Japan Car?
say that website offers the catagory of many kind of transports(like... trucks). and it puts cars in the top directory, so you could 1st go to Car and then find the country, Japan.
so in this exmaple, CAR is more inportant than JAPAN
but what if a Person needs to find a Japan made transport machine? go into cars, trucks and all of them and do massive amount of clicks to get what they want? or use those lame search functions provided by the website? won't it be better when you go into a website there is already a Japan catagory and you go inside then specificlly chose what you want?

so, here we know that a thing could exsist in 2 different catagories and the it's only the user who chose which one best suit for them.
that's how the concept of a Folksonomy emerges.

which is, an object(content, goods. could be anything) can be put on tags, and people wants an object, they just chose a tag they want to see. which means, anything that have the tag "japan" on it, will be turned up on result.
an object have "car" and "japan" tags, it could be showed on either page that listed by "car" tags or "japan" tags.
this is like a Tagging system.

of cause this system got problems. like, if there are a lot content and a lot people putting tags on them(like delicious), things like a Tag which have 2 or more meanings(suppose Lion also means something else). or 2 tags means the same thing(JS and Javascript could mean the same thing). these are problems we can't yet solve. But the concept of Folksonomy is so useful and sadly, the only open source CMS or Portal system that used it is Drupal. no other CMS is buying it, because just tag alone could not become a real catagory system. It is just lines that link different points(objects).
there are ways that could make tag system more like a catagory system is when a person chose to go to a page show all content with a tag "car", the page will also show other tags, the other tags are shown are the tags from the object with tag "car" on it. when you click it, like"japan". it will show items that contain both "japan" and "car" as tags. so in some way, it made milions of Tree system which can use any of the tags as a root. and all tags can be other tag's subtag, also supertag.

There is another system looks like the Tag system now. Which I call Cat-Tag-Obj model(I don't know if there is even a name for it so I made it up... I think the concept is original)
so, what is that like?
an Object could have properties. like a box's propertie could be height, width and length.
so, what I designed is, there will be catagorys that repsent the properties! and tags are acually a value range(or description) of the propertie.
if you don't get what I mean, go to, and you will find each item have a propertie, and the tags are acually some values of each catagory.

So, would you still like to use the OLD taxonomy based tree system to manage documents(goods.etc), or would you like to go and hire someone make a new CMS for you.
That's basicly the same thing I'm doing with my diskpost store.
The products database contains a row for every item and one of the fields on that row is 'type'.
Users will be able to select which type of item they want, or boolean combinations of types.
The type field will be able to contain more than one type per item seperated by commas inside the field. So my code might look for type=*type1* (when one type is selected), or it might look for type= type1,type2 (where only a combination of two types will be accepted), or type = *type1* OR type = *type2* (where any object of either type will be accepted.).
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