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Kid giving halo lessons

i found this article while browsing today and thought i should share it with you folks


A shy 8-year-old Long Island boy wonder is making money hand over fist by teaching grownups how to master a popular video game.

The brown-eyed second grader, Victor De Leon III, has been tutoring gaming greenhorns in Halo 2, an Xbox game in which the player fights to save Earth from destruction, for $25 an hour. That's a ton of money, considering most of his peers have no income beyond their tooth-fairy stash.

"It's fun," said the digital-pastime prodigy, who's been tutoring people online from the gaming room of his Mastic home for more than a year.

His students hail from as far away as Australia. He's even given some free pointers to New Jersey Net star Richard Jefferson.

"He's better at basketball," Victor giggled.

His proud father, Victor De Leon II, said Jefferson was pretty star-struck meeting the youngster, who goes by the name Lil Poison II in gaming circles.

"He actually asked my son for his autograph," said De Leon.

Victor happily obliged but had to print it because he doesn't know cursive yet.

Coaching from the littlest Xbox phenom - who has already won thousands in tournaments by beating people twice and three times his age - is booked through, where he's the youngest of the 12 instructors, who get paid up to $65 an hour.

Victor teaches players about "map control," hidden secrets in the game, when players should leave the corners they're ducking in and other tricks, his father said.

Still, the kid does have homework of his own - like learning what two times three equals and how to spell 'picnic' - so Dad said he only takes about four clients a month.

Victor began playing video games when he was 2 years old.

"He was crying a little bit, so I gave him the console to play with," De Leon recalled.

It was like Pac Man gobbling a power pellet. Within months, the toddler was deftly maneuvering around the game.

Fire Boar
Interesting article. A kid to have mastered a game at eight years old? Blimey. I do wonder, however, who would pay $25 per hour to be taught how to play a game well. Someone who wants out of the n00b kingdom and has a lot of money, perhaps.
i dont think badly of the kid, but it must be quite embarresing for som1 getting lessons from him.

imagine a twenty five year old getting lessons from som1 in 'Infantcy' id like to meet this kid, sounds amazin !!!
that weblink to gaminglessons .com doesn't work....

shame, id like to see it Smile
My favorite game is halo 2 so I thought I should post something here rather than making a new topic. Anyway Halo 2 is awesome. It has unlimited possibilities. You can play for fun, winning, talking with friends, and making your own community. The kid at the top is LiLPoison a pro Halo 2 xbox live trainer. Hes good and could defeat me no problem since I havent been playing lately but compared to the older pros hes not too much. I think its just the shear amazingness that an 8 year old kid is so good compared to most of the xbox live gamers that he is so popular and makes so much off of Halo 2 lessons. Whats your opion on LiLPoison?
Agent ME
Cool - I've heard he's really good and won quite a few tournaments.

And about the price - I doubt he's made it high to get as much $$, but more of deterring every other noob that finds him. What serious Halo2 player wouldn't want training from a tournament winning pro?
Why would you want to pay someone to teach you how to play a game? Isn't figuring it out yourself and practicing the reason why you bought it? I find that ironic.
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