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Pro Evolution Soccer 6

Whats the story with this guys? someone told me theres some sort of rights issue and its only gonna be available for the Xbox please say this isnt true Crying or Very sad

PS2 til'i die!
No PES fans here folks?
Well, after looking at Pro Evo and Fifa 07. I know which one im going for and it aint Pro Evo.

dont know if people agree with me. But pro evo is the same game year in year out.

Pro Evolution Soccer will be on PS2 or 3. Why would Konami distrubute it only for Xbox? Konami is a Japan Company, don't forget that.

It'll be on PC too, so don't worry.

PES is surely better than Fifa, i think. Because it's much more realistic, ball is not moving like a ballon etc.

PES owns Razz
pes will surely be for pc.and i dont agree that is the same game every year.there are lot of improvements of gameplay so its not the same.I like this game a lot and this is one of few games that i play on my pc.
i really don't like pes...FIFA Rulz
There are almost the same PES and Fifa. But all of my friends are playing fifa only, so I also play fifa so that I can play with them online. Very Happy
I beleive that's not true atall.. There's no way Konami a Japanese company would release the title for XBOX only, even if was tempararely. They will release multi-platform as usual, that's XBOX and PS3 + PC. Though the versions may vary, each console will get the game as usual. Though I doubt it'll be released on Nintendo's Wii.

As for PES v Fifa, I'll take PES. Fifa sucks, it's unrealistic, and it feels crap to play imo. PES is far more realistic, more depth and just miles more fun. I'm by no means a football fan and PES is a really fun game for me, which must mean it's playable by a wide audience, where as I get sick of FIFA very quick.. And the fact the FIFA is the official football game (as it were) and isn't the best or most realistic, is rather shocking..

Conclusion? PES > FIFA for ever! Very Happy

Last week I saw in a shop the PES6 for PS2 available to preorder. I hope to find the PC version soon.

I am a fanatic of PES series since the moment I played International Superstar Soccer (for SuperNintendo 16 bits, I think) many years ago. It has always been more realistic than FIFA.
really pro owns. i say you better can buy a good game than a bad one.
and pro is surly the good one. fifa is noob by pro. look at the graphics
look at the gameplay
fifa better can go stop with making pro

fifa sucks...when's PES6 will be released?
WEll Untill PES6 will out, I'm playing FIfa 07, and I wait until PES6 will be out, Because I think the PES is so better than fifa.

Hope that PES will come out soon.
I have PES 5, it's great, is realistic.
I also have Fifa 2006.

Both of them are in my top 3 games.
I like football games. Just fun, but I think know which is the best, i think PES.

PS i have PS2 so i don't know if it makes any diffrence with a xbox
Taking the pro evo series out of the pc platform could be the dumbest thing to do for konami at this point. They are making inroads to the fifa series now. more and more people are trying out pes these days and there are more and more 'converters' to PES.
Well, both pes and fifa are great games. I play both of them.
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