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Forex vs stock market

hmm.. i think forex is more stable and can give u moer rewad though there are more risk in it /.. and it requires the damn knowledge ,,
i'll talk about pakistan's stock exchange... it sometimes rapidly increase the points and sometimes it collapse badly .. in previous month invester had lost 3 billion Dollars and which is quite bigger amount .. it happened aftrer regular interval .. thats why i think money exchange is much better then the shares exchange./// i'll post more difference in future.
other advantages includes

>. It is 24 hour market .depends upon your country time. and you can also trade any time when u feel comfortable.

>Volume of forex trading is very big.. 1.5 trilion which is fifty % greater then stock markets voulume.

> one of major advantage is of levergae . sometimes it also cause bigger losses but if u use your mind then u can turn it up in high profit because of leverage.]

>potential of profit taking is much biiger then those of stock exchanges.

> it is perfect for technical traders./

> one of the ebst advantage is there is no midleman in forex .. so it prevents the wastage of money Very Happy

more will come later
Forex is great, but it demands, lots of time, also it is very technical. On the other hand leverage is the best of it.
it doesnot take much time u can even trade for 10 minute in whole day ... ye leverage is advantage only if u know it well also n forex u can limit your loss thats also the best thing.. and ye ofcourse it very technical//
I think most of the people who invests in forex lose very often their money. Forex markets is very difficult to understand and ver riskfull. I prefair just the stockmarkets ( not the Pakistan market).
blubblabbie wrote:
I think most of the people who invests in forex lose very often their money. Forex markets is very difficult to understand and ver riskfull. I prefair just the stockmarkets ( not the Pakistan market).

I agree on all 100%. This disatvantage (very very riskfull) overkill almost all advantages of the Forex.
Again, I'm speaking about regular people with middle level of skill in the markets. I think that only if you had alot (tonns and megatonns) of experience in the sphere you can go to financial market.
ye as i told earlier if u got technical mind and have knowledge then go for forex it gives u triple time reward then Stock market..

and ye if u dont have backup money and want to earn slowly then go for Stock.

No doubt its alot more risky then Stock.
More risk and reward with Forex, definitely not for the beginner or amature.
Its main advantage is the liquidity. Volumes are so large that the chance you will be stuck with your positions is quite small. One of the disadvantages is that Forex remains quite "unpredictable" as really everything in an economy has its role in determining courses...
Mrs Lycos
I just got in the Forex trading... I'm trying to learn, I'll post here what insights I can get from this.
I never tried doing the forex trading....I would certainly want to learn it....Any help...?
Very few people make money from this. I've tried in the past but had very little success. I believe there are 2 ways to go about things: Trade the fundamentals or technical trading. Unfortunately I never found the winning formula
webapp ... i'll recomend .. a god guide for beginers who wana ente r in forex.

and determiner yes.

the main adavantage is liquidity and levrgage.. and disadvantage ofcouse the uncertainity ,...

:: no risk no gain:::

if u want to gain more u've to take bigger risk thats what forex is.
Mrs Lycos
Here are a list of tutorials and basic reading for beginners in Forex:

InvestOpedia (great resource) -
Forex Basics (short) -
Forex Basics (longer, better) -
MoneyMakerGroup forum - Forex for Dummies:
NY FED Foreign Exchange Site -
ForexTradingWorld -

I'll add some more as soon as I can get them.
Detremmerie certainly an essential in the forex sites.
as is actually, as it provides real time forex quotes!

I think Forex Market is wild...sometimes we can't predict it's movement and it's trend.
Mrs Lycos
That's why it needs technical knowledge to study the trends and get in and out on time. It doesn't mean you'll be on the winning side 100% of time, but if you could get to be there 80%, I tink you'll be more than happy with your profits.
Remember it's not only about watching the statistics, but also reading the world news and then inferring possible outcomes and impacts on the changes and fluctuations of world currencies.
Thnx guys I will check those links. I've always been interested in investing and trading, but I never understood Forex Trading. is a great site for practicing. It's a simulator Very Happy [/code]
I don't even feel like the two should really be compared. One is essentially a futures market that at best represents a composite of the country's economic profile while the other concerns the capital investment, profit margins and product organizational structure of a firm that produces a competiting good in a marketplace. I hate the advertisements on television that basically minimize the risk and don't at all explain that forex investing has little to nothing to do with "actual investing". It's almost a form of gambling; it's short-term gains without capital investment. BOO!
I think forex markets are somewhat clearer in longer term trends, which makes it easier to make it a profitable investment. However, trading on very short terms with leveraged products is a lot harder IMO.
Another advantage is that currency trade is the most liquid market in the world, and is nearly tradeable 24/24 , 7/7...
I don't think it's hard to make money in FOREX trading. You just have to have a working trading system and stick to it, following the adage, "plan the trade and trade the plan." There are many brokers that offer free demo accounts so you can work your plan.

For those interested, just search for FOREX trading systems online. If you want some nuts and bolts info, try Its a good website.

Since making money most times requires a lot of knowledge, wisdom, hard work, and patience (risk), the same is true for FOREX trading.

Happy trading!
looks like that babypips site didn't make it, I just checked and it is gone. Sad

I am thinking about trying to learn to trade forex because I need a new job.

but I am not sure if that is the best way to make money?

is anyone currently trading forex?
how much do you have to have for forex market and the stock market if you're just starting out and want to give both a try?
There is many difference between them. Forex is currency market which relates
to the whole world. Forex is the biggest financial market in the world.
Forex may be simple market,stock is not only watching index,but also analysising invidiul variety.But from techical,forex market is more difficut than stock market.
there is forex futures on cme
forex market is surely profitable, but not for living from your own capital if you only a middle or beginner investor.
you should learn to trade many years before you know how to deal with it
zepwa wrote:
forex market is surely profitable, but not for living from your own capital if you only a middle or beginner investor.
you should learn to trade many years before you know how to deal with it

I love to learn how to do it but i think Zepwa gives a better explanation. I have heard many people that investing a forex is like a gamble.

i love to learn how to do this but i don't have that much time.
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