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Clothing Company Review Site

Hobbit - tell me what you think.

It's basically a clothing company review website.
Your site really receives thousands of visitors each day? Or rather, in the one day that it has been live? I'm not buying it. I don't think your potential advertisers will either...but.....

Move the text that is to the right of the shirt a little more to the right. It is right next to the edge of the shirt. But really, you should ditch this design.

Why? For starters it's a template that you didn't make. Also, you need tons more content. Just, you know, anything that has to do with clothing. You should then have a section, near the top or on the side... somewhere, where you place the 'featured' compaines, or the ones that pay. Not as big as it is now.

What if you actually get like 5 people that pay and want to be at the top?

Sorry to sound like such a jerk, but I do like your idea. It is just that I have seen similar themed sites (clothing reviews) before and If you want to stand out you are going to have to make your own unique design and add tons more content. Best of luck.
hmm... its alright, but im not liking that wordpress theme.

try unsleepable. it has the same color scheme as that one but sexier. Smile
Well i'd rather say I have thousands of visits right now than say, "zomfg this site is new n im gonna start getting 10001 hits per day in 2 months". I do not plan for anyone to pay me right now, that's why I put affiliate links, and I'm also gonna do them for free. I will lower the prices though, it's a bit too expensive I think. Fast traffic will come though, I've worked hard to establish many other sites, and a simple link in one of those sites can drive a lot of traffic, plus my other marketing strategies.

What can I say, I'm earning money to move to San Diego, or else I will live in a S*** hole.
nice site. if u place tht shirt in small image (thumbnail) such that when the user clicks on it a clean window opens with details.
in a quick loook i dont really get what the site presens
Thanks for the feedback. I can't wait till the weekend, so I can actually put some content on it.
*bump* This site died, but I recently brought it back from the dead thanks to my new love for blogging.
Digital Thoth
Very basic and simplistic, but with the potential for alot of flair. I personally like it, and if I had any use for the clothing industry, I would more than likely be wanting you to add more posts than a couple amonth. Believe me, I know how hard it can be to get content for a blog, but I'm sure you're familiar with the pay out when you do.

Good luck, it's looking good to moi.
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's still a new blog, I'll update it every 3 days, max 4 because content-less blogs suck.
hobbit you have too many sites first off.

Anyhow the site looks ok. Its kind of wierd at the same time though. Anyhow i hope it works out for you. The design and all looked really good and i liked the look of it.
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