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Are we born with weaknesses?

Someone tells me "you can be anything you set your heart on".
Someone else tells me "you can't be everything, you just have to pick something and stick with it, make the best of it"

Are we born as priests/kings/prophets/heroes with full potential or is there limitations to our human nature.

Can we be perfect if we set our hearts on it and try, or are we stuck with our human nature and make the best of it.

Society seems to convince me to believe I am the greatest in the world, I can do anything, there's no stopping me etc. We learn to ignore any negative vibes because there's no such thing as failure in our lives if we don't believe that. Why do we tell ourselves there's nothing wrong with us? Why do we have to believe we're right and not wrong? Why be optimist? Then for those that can't handle that pressure from society, they think the opposite. because they're not the greatest, because they are a failure and they can often be wrong, they're negative and pesimistic.

What are we to believe, the truth that we have both negative and positive from day 1, or that we have to ignore as much negative as possible?
Hi there,

So many questions. I know one thing. I don't wanna stress too much with things like this. I do my best and hope for the best. Perfect? Only one creator of it all.
Can we be perfect if we set our hearts on it and try, or are we stuck with our human nature and make the best of it.

I'll speak for myself, no way Jose! I'm gonna give up sooner or later, because it's too much stress for me. I like being relaxed. Less money, less headaches. I know many disagree but I'm not telling you how to lead your life.

Are you born a king? Not really. I know so many ppl that are book smarts, they study day and night to become a "king", and do it. Some do it without even trying. I'd have to be a guy who would have to try hardddd! Genes play a role here too? Like father like son? If gay ppl can say that they are what they are because of their genes, then I'm what I'm because of my father, not a "king" Mr. Green

At the end, I think there are so many things to limit your growth. Optimism? Great to have it in you. If you don't have it all, you are going to be optimistic to get what you wish. It keeps you striving with positive attitude to get where you want to be. I'm optimistic in every aspect;I think it's just nicer to sound too. Some ppl are so grouchy and they have bad outlook on life, obviously pessmistic attitude.

We tell people that they can do anything they put their mind to so that they will maintain a sense of personal resilience, especially children.

It's not true. You can't do *anything.* So are we just lying? Maybe so. But why?

People become inappropriately encouraged OR discouraged all the time and their friends and loved ones are tasked with helping them reset their bearings. "You can do anything you put your mind to" is a great one for children especially to learn that perseverance is a valuable tool in reaching our expectations and dreams. At the end of the day, it's really tough to explain that sometimes when it feels like everything is set against you, that you should surrender, and that other times you should keep pushing through. It's not always clear to us when we're 10 years old or when we're 90 years old.

You should love yourself, but be willing to assess yourself too. This means putting effort into changing things you want to change, but also realizing that you might have to change your desire to change, too! If you love yourself, you won't want to be someone else, and therefore you'll want the things that you can have while still being you. In this regard, you CAN do anything you want. (The trick is just creating the appropriate self-identity to create the appropriate set of desires.)

My two cents. Shocked
Citizen Kane
I think we as homo sapiens are not made to do anything and be succesfull. Why some people think this way is probably the result of the current western civilisation, where commercialism and consumism are two key economic factors. People are told they can do anything so they will buy anything. People believing this also accept the surrealistic high pressures being put on them. Subsequently arises a whole community of people who are irrealistic about their capabilities.

we all have our shortcomings...
Those seem like really deep questions, but umm... are we born with weaknesses? No, I don't think so at all. We let other people make us weak.
Born with weaknesses? Sometimes yes, when nature brings some one to life with something wrong in his/her body or mind but nothing more than that. If you are healthy and in good shape of body and mind, you make your own weaknesses.

Human development science now is more advanced than ever after and it says: "Mostly you can only make 50% of your dreams come true" and the solution is as some says: "Dream more and make more dreams come true". Tell me: Can you be a:
- Doctor,
- Engineer,
- Scientist
- Painter and
- an Artist

Most will say OF COURSE NO while some already did like Leonardo Da Vinci.

All you need to do is good planning and time managment skills. Okay, visit and they will say better than i will.

Remember weaknesses usually we make much larger and don't see the big picture

Good Luck
I think there is no limit for human to be able to do something.
Like for example
even if you are really bad at sports or singing,
if you do your best and try
you can be at least as good as slightly higher than the average.

But being the best in one field,
needs natal talent.
are we born talented or losers or is that your parents and the world influence?

We have to accept who we are alright, but is there anyone out there who has no talents or special gifts? I think there are.
I say we should accept the fact that we are loosers, but... indeed if we set our hearts to be something we really want, it will work.
If you really want something, you will find a way.
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