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What is your favourite horror film?

For me it has to be salems lot.That gave me nightmares as a kid.It was released back in 1979,and i recently bought a dvd version.Sure its a little out dated,but it still gets the heart beating into overdrive.

No vampire flick comes close.There where so many memorable scenes that braught out so many nerve wrenching emotions.I would say it is the best Stephen King adaption.
I love horror movies. I have too many favorites to name.
The ones that scare me the most are ones that can really happen, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, or Devil's Rejects. I mean no supernatural stuff, just crazy killer cannibal people.

28 Days Later is good, more believable than Dawn of the Dead.

Anyways here are a few favorites in no particular order:

Nightmare on Elm Street (part1), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both original and 2005 remake), Hostel, Dawn of the Dead (new one), Interview with a Vampire, Lost Boys, Evil Dead, Near Dark, Night of the Demons, too many to name.
The horror movie I remember strongest is the original Puppet Master. I remember sneaking downstairs when I was about 8 and turning sky movies on, I watched it and was terrified.

What's worse was that my mum had a weird doll thing in her room that in the wrong light could look like one of them.

God I was shaking due to that movie.

Got my revenge though, as they always say "The baseball bat is mightier than the doll, especially when applied multiple times" think that was confusicus...

But for fav horror movie I think it would be Lost Boys (does that even count as a horror?) it's a great movie Smile
I'd have to say the Zodiac Killer (2006).
That was scary, and awesome at the same time. Very Happy
Horror movies are amazing, it would be pretty hard to choose a favorite, but I love Saw and Saw II, House Of Wax had really good casting so I loved that, Amytiville Horror, Urban Legends, Halloween H2O, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and lots more, I just can't think of them right now.
Favorite horror movie?
Let's see:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre is always a classic. It's just so bizarre and innovative. Really worthwhile as this is a true groundbreaker.

The original George Romero's Dawn of the Dead is another classic
with great social commentary on consumerism and mall people.Also gore galore!
George Romero's first movie in the dead series, Night of the Living Dead
is also a must of course.

Evil Dead for the crazy, cartoon like horror. Director Sam Raimi i a genius
(incidentally he directed Spiderman more recently)

The Shining for Stanley Kubrick's vision and unique style.

Shawn of the Dead was hilarious! I love Zombies and this was a great take on the zombie genre.

I can't really think of any more at the moment.
Maybe I'll mention some Italian horror next time.
Twisted Evil
Salems Lot was definitely freaky at the time, but I wasn't even a teenager when it came out, so I wonder if it would have the same impact now

Evil Dead was probably the scariest movie I had ever seen as of my college years.. but I never understood the reason for Evil Dead 2.. it was the same plot, but just an added ending leading into Army of Darkness, which is very entertaining, but not exactly scary

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is near the top of the list.. much better than any of the Jason/Freddy/Mike Meyers flicks.. and the remake is excellent

the new Dawn of the Dead is extremely well done.. I had to stop watching it after the first 10 minutes because it was getting to me.. but then, it supposedly takes place about a half hour from where I live

but Night of the Living Dead is so much better than those others, at least as far as building up suspense.. it's slow to get going, but then it gets pretty crazy

I'm very partial to vampires, but I haven't seen a decent vamp flick in a long long time.. Underworld was only good because it had Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight leather the whole time
Hmmm I would have to say House of Wax really freaked me out, I really don't know why, probably the idea of people being waxed and slowly dieing in great pain and remaining like waxed like that for a very long time... it creeps me out only when I think of it lol. I only seen it once, I couldn't get myself to see it again all tho I have it on dvd, I ain't putting that dvd into my dvd-player any time soon ^^
Hey all

My all time favourite is definitely Scream 1. The opening scene with the telephone scene is the most scary scene. I just like it... I could this scene watch over and over again. Anyway... I once watched a movie called something like "detour"? Where there are man-eating mutants somewhere in the jungle.. and some partying youg people have to take a detour through the jungle because the highway is closed or blocked. Also a nice one.... especially if you watch in out in the forest a a movie night as I did.... veeeeeeery scary. Smile

Have fun scare your butt's of Smile
my favorite scary movie is I know wat u did last summer and Kaun (a hindi movie)

28 Days Later is stylish, lonely, bloody, desperate, wet, violent, frantic, thoughtful, scary and, ultimately, hopeful. Danny Boyle artfully directs Alex Garland's script while paying homage to movies like the Omega Man and George Romero's Dead trilogy. As hard as it is for me to say, 28 Days is a much better film than any of the films mentioned above.
The movie focuses on the people who have not been infected with a virus that turns humans into rage filled zombies. In fact, the zombies only make a few screen appearances, the fear factor of the movie coming mainly from the reactions of the uninfected people to their situation. The main characters are well acted and I cared about what happened to them. Visually the movie is a masterpiece and the scenes in an empty London are incredible.

I recommend 28 Days Later to fans of the other movies mentioned above or anybody looking for a thoughtful, scary zombie film. People looking to pull their brain out for a few hours or for non-stop gore and zombies will most likely be disappointed.
Scariest film ever is Ring (japanese version) - hands down. I couldn't sleep for months after seeing that film, and I watch a lot of horror films.

Also worthy of note are:
The Blair Witch Project - the most atmospheric horror ever.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - not "scary" but still a quality film.
my opinion of The Blair Witch Project is that it's the most disappointing 'horror film' of all time.. if you like watching weeds grow, this is the movie for you.. a whole lot of nothing happens

the ending showed promise and could have led into a great movie.. all you needed to do was cut an hour from the beginning and add something at the end to make the movie last longer than 10 minutes

how about House Of 1000 Corpses? I haven't seen it, and it's gotten mixed reviews

or The Descent.. I've read one review that said it was great, but that's all I've seen of it

oh, and here's one that everyone should see.. The Thing, starring Kurt Russell.. that's a pretty freaky movie
From a few comments in this thread:

House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects are awesome.
I really like Rob Zombie - music, drawings, and now films.

The Thing - scared me when I was very young, still creepy.

Agree about Underworld being OK, but Kate in leather made the movie.

I just watched The Hunger. Vampire fans must see. The opening scene with Bauhaus playing and the nightclub/apartment events is one of my new favorite openings to any movie.

I also love the opening of Blade I - New Order remix/warehouse rave/vampire bloodbath/big fight/chase scene.

Nobody mentioned The Crow. I don't know if this is horror, I guess.
Awesome movie/music/plot (although not oscar worthy)/action/atmosphere.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned "IT"

I firmly believe that this movie is responsible for a widespread fear of clowns.

Tim Curry is superb as Pennywise, and if you've read the book you can;t help but appreciate the performance he gives.

House of Wax is a good movie, I prefer the original though. The old horror movie actors had it down perfectly for me.
Hum, hard question

I'm going with a top 5

1.The descent
2.Haute tension ( an incredible french movie)
5.The texas chainsaw massacre (second version)
pegasus sword
my favourite horro film is resident evil 2 even if it isn't reallt frightening
My fave horror films are the nightmare on elm street , halloween and friday the 13th series.

I was they would show them on tv more often because not everyone has cable or can afford to buy the dvds.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Old and new)
Nightmare on Elm Street
Friday the 13th

Barbie the Movie
Barney the dinosaur
Snow White
(These are very scary Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad )
The Exorcist! Scary as hell! Twisted Evil
it has to stand between Freddy Kruger's nightmare on elmstreet and Jason Whorhees friday 13'th.

I dont know who wins (in my opinion) because Jason Vs Freddy whas just horrible, i whas so disapointed.
The exorcist
nightmare or elm street

they don't really scare me ..but i thought they are well made.
Nothing comes close to "The Others" .. its a genuine horror/thriller flick with no gore and spooky faces at all. The ending of the movies is seriously so unpredictable.
Next comes the japanese horror movies.. "ringu" and "the eye" ..they were scary as hell !
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