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Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas for PC...

this game is AMAZING on all levels. ive been addicted to it for about a week, i cant detatch myself. its fun as hell. ive never played any of the other ones, so i cant compare, but this game is awesome.
It is but you need to make sure you have a good enough graphics card and ram also enough space Laughing.
Grand Theft auto san andreas is great Very Happy

I've finished it on my pc... i've also finished gta 3 and vice city Very Happy

Love all the gta games
I live the freedom of your steps, nice playing, HUGE world, long playtime, you can realize your gangsta' dreamz Very Happy
I love the game but I prefer GTA Vice City alot more. I don't realy know why I think its the area its placed in. I love it.
Pablo Diablo
I've been addicted but it runs terrible on my system. And I have no money to upgrade. In case you are wonderig how hurtin' my unit is, these are the specs:

Athlon XP 2.0 ghz
512 MB RAM
128 MB GeForce 4 AGP (I know, its like 5 years old)
150 gig HD 7200 RPM
On board sound
GPU has great influence on performance in GTA. I play on AMD2600+ 512 RAM and GF 6600GT full detailed
really cool game ; i've spent some weeks playing it
My GTA DVD ROM broke, I'm going to let it repair. Then I can play it full detailed on my pretty new computer.
What more can I say about this game? It is realistic, and there is quite a bit of weapons for you to chose from. The cops and army is sometimes hard too, but being able to lose them is like a huge achievement to me. Very Happy
I like the style of this series where the character can build up his body on the gym and gang war.
maybe the best game ever
Vanilla Crazy
I had GTA VC. The game owned the console version. Play GTA at 1280x1024 resolution with high detail and 4x anti aliasing and be the envy of your weak console-useing brothers.
I don't have San Andreas but for all you fans out there, my friend says I need to get it because there is some multiplayer mod that just came out. I know that that would be sweet in a game like GTA, so I though I would share my friends information.

BTW I hope thats credible. Very Happy
gta rules!!!

has any1 seen that gta sketch where they used real people, but pretended to be in gta. quite funny
This game is awesome.. been playing it forever and havent still havent gotten bored of it.. Only thing is im stuck with a lag problem when i just get into a car.. it just pretty much freezes for 5 seconds when i enter one =/ haven't seen anyone with the same problem so i dunno what to do..
i have played all GTA games. I have completed about 70% of San Andreas
it seem like theres a whole slew of similar games out there like this now? I mean, I haven't played a GTA Game in forever, I think I played some of vice city, but has anyone played the godfather game? To me it just seems like it should be called GTA - Godfather Edition. I love the style of play, but I'm more of a metal gear - snake eater freak. Anyone know any games that are this similar to MSG?
Do you know Mafia? Its very good czech game, similar to GTA, but without this plenty of freedom, but its good, like godfather
Reikko wrote:
maybe the best game ever

Maybe a bit over doing it? It's definately not the best game ever. Anyways back to the topic yeah I've played through the game on Xbox and it's pretty fun, but now since I have Saint's Row on Xbox360 I got to say this blows away San Andreas. Hopefully the upcoming GTA 4 will bring me back to the Grand Theft Auto series.
i heard about siant row that is a good game but it has a lot of bugs and the GTA reeks was better they say

GTA:SA is still the best game

maybe the ppl think that saint row is better but its only for the xbox 360 and that is a - for the game.. not everybody got a xbox 360
Yeah. Got it on PC.

I cracked the Files, added some of my own, and added my own special scenes.

For example, when you go into people houses for *AHEM*, i added the scene where you can control how and where you *AHEM*

Bikes can fly, etc. Wink
yea, file manipulation is fun, the cheats rock as well, i beat the game and decided to just use some cheats and wreak some havok. lol.

yea, the XboX360 is a rip anywayz just get a modded xbox. Pe@cE
has anyone seen the GTA spoof (I think its in YOUTUBE)
There is no game like gta espeically when you fully customise the vehicles buildings etc... thats the first thing i do after i complete one of the games frpom the Grand Theft Auto series, picture yourself driving down Los Santos in a Dodge Viper with nitro, driving through the streets and spotting a KFC, McDonalds or even Starbucks. if you know were you are looking you can even add extra island or other structures to the game
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