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Five points for attracting traffic to your website

1) Good content is what attracts
Good content is always what has been the most important aspect of website building and this should not be neglected otherwise your website will be neglected.Do not make a website in a hurry.It will only harm you.Rather make something that is nice even if it takes time.And good content depends on the plan you make for your website.Because if you want to establish your self as a leader then you have to get good plans!

2) Dont minimize images
You could have seen at many websites that they tell you to minimize the use of images but although your site should not contain images that are not topic specific.But your website must contain good headers,attractive navigation and topic specifc images.Remeber that images always attract people.But dont overdo.This is what i am trying to tell.

3) Visit your website daily(And keep upgrading)
When you dont visit your website daily then what do you expect from your users.Check your website daily and see if any of the user has got some problem and if he wants to suggest you something.This will convey a good message!

4) Try to make a search engine friendly website
Remeber that most of the people use search engines to search for the topic they want.Make and optimize your web pages for lisitng in search engine and keep adding at regular intervals.Also dont stick to one search engine like google.Make your website listed in others too.Becasue you dont want just half of the traffic of the net .You want to access the most you can!

5) Make your visitors participants!
Turn unique.Make your visitors participants and they will come to your website again and again.Look like if you have a forum and one becomes a meber of it and has got some good and unique system like the points system here,your visitors get intrested.And make them intrested.

About me- I am cut my points .But dont do that!!
If you think that this tutorial is good then onate me some points.Maybe 10!
Please quote the posts while copying from somewhere friend!
Anyway, nice information! Wink
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