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i want thinner legs

any one know some ways to have thinner legs.....i'm kinda short i dun want chubby legs.....hope someone will have some ways.....
I think you can only get thinner legs by eating less. You could exercise in a gym this would make your legs more shapely. Both suggestions require work and/or will power
you should give something more specific.
just legs in general or specific parts like thigh, calf, or whatever part??
You need to go to a gym and just use all the equipment necessary for leggys. Exercise every other day and increase food intake to prevent injury. The best and easiest exercise is the one where you lift your entire body with your toes. (You need next to know equipment. Bottom stair holding onto hand rail is good). Try 50 raising and lowering your heels. Do 3 repetitions with 2 minute breaks. Look at the shape of your lower leg after that! Smile
If you want thinner legs, best way is to lose weight and tone your muscles. Losing weight = less fat. Toning muscles = tighter look.

Losing weight: Cut back on calories you are eating and get more exercise. Running or cycling would be good for your legs. Running especially helps make your legs more lean appearing.

Toning muscles: Running is a great fat burning exercise to tone the legs, walking too. Focus on toning exercises (fewer sets, lower weight, but lots of repetitions, like 20-25 per set). Learn how to do lunges PROPERLY and those are GREAT leg shaping exercise.

I'm not gonna say it will happen over night, but you can get thinner legs.

All you have to do is:

- go on regular walks
- do squats every day
- do step-ups every day

Those are the very basics of any exercise routine focussed on slimming the legs/thighs/buns. However, I must also recommend you take a look at your diet (i.e. focus on having small regular meals; don't over-eat; try and keep away from junk food)
try jogging
You need to walk a lot, and I mean a LOT. Don't take the bike, don't take the car or the train. Even if your friend or parents live like 30 km away, go and walk to them. It's good for you health and you will definately get slimmer legs. You could also take the train and get out a few stops before you actually arrive. So think of stuff like that. Most important: it will take time. Give it atleast 6 months and you'll see the results.
Of course it will also help to eat food which is less fat. Eat chicken instead of porc, eat cheese with 10% less fat and also important: eat fruit.
The keyword is: discipline. Good luck, you'll do fine.
starving yourself and going to the gym is most likely just waste of time and in the last case cash too.

Starving yourself will make you weigh less, but you will loose mostly muscles and you will just become weak.
There´s nothing worse than starving yourself. You will loose some weight in the first weeks, and then it will stop since the body enters a "starve mode" in wich you will break down muscles and some fat. It only works really slow though, and you will not feel any better.

It´s way better to get active, and burn the fat away with some excercise.

Going to the gym is a good idea if you wanna become strong, and if you think it´s fun to train - THEN go for it. But if you just want to get thinner legs then gym wont do much good.

So what the **** am I supposed to do you wonder!
-First of all eat as much as you like, but eat the right stuff.
no fast food
no snacks
no soft drinks/alkocol/beer
Now you have the right settings to even start getting more fit.
Try running each day for an hour and you will quite soon get both thinner, stronger and feeling more well. And most likely it will make you live longer too.

Good luck
Try walking, jogging and cycling.
I actually wouldn't recommend cycling, because that would definitely create some larger leg muscles (instead of making them leaner), but just a general workout/diet will cause you to lose fat from your legs. Usually something like walking/running/swimming makes lean muscle in the legs. Avoid doing heavy lower-body lifting in the weight room, but still with lighter weights that will tone, but not make you bulk up (and lean muscle mass DOES make you lose weight quicker/better).
yeah first and foremost, work only on cardio. After you are in shape start working on weights and whatnot. You have to get your entire body in shape, not just the legs for the results you want. Also, eat a balanced meal without the cheesecake factory portions or the typical american meal htey serve at a restaurant. usually, it'sp robably only half that of what youre supposed to get.
Get a medieval torture rack......streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch Razz

seriously I agree with

Aless wrote:
I actually wouldn't recommend cycling, because that would definitely create some larger leg muscles (instead of making them leaner), but just a general workout/diet will cause you to lose fat from your legs. Usually something like walking/running/swimming makes lean muscle in the legs. Avoid doing heavy lower-body lifting in the weight room, but still with lighter weights that will tone, but not make you bulk up (and lean muscle mass DOES make you lose weight quicker/better).

Light weight and lots of repetitions........and dont get discouraged if you start to put on a little weight, your legs(lower half of your body) contribute a lot of your body weight and muscle is heavier than fat...I in the past have been fatter in inches and weighed less in lb's
If you already at a nice, slim weight, then you jsut need to tone, and the gym is for you. Those raisey uppy things on your toes are great as well. Wall sits can- well, I'm not quite sure what they do other than it's a great way to torture volleyball girls that are hitting the floor enough.

If you aren't at such a nice weight and feel a bit chubby all over, then you need to eat a balanced diet and do cardio. Very Happy
I would like to do more exercise, normal diet, we should be able to achieve weight loss results
it's really hard to specifically target a body part to lose fat. the most logical thing is to find a cardiovascualr exercise that tires your legs.

still there could be a possibility that you'll increase the muscle mass of your legs doing all these exercises.
walking, walking and walking.

Another costly, but easier method will be a plastic surgery.
Running, running, running. You can also go to gym. I prefere body combat trainning.
I'm pretty sure there are instructors at the gym so you could even try asking them. Since pretty much everyone here said the right things to do, you could go to a instructor and see what they say. Other than that, it's time to go out and do it! Don't be lazy if you want results. Work hard and in the end, you'll be happy that you've spent so much time working yourself so hard. Very Happy
rainydays_619 wrote:
any one know some ways to have thinner legs.....i'm kinda short i dun want chubby legs.....hope someone will have some ways.....

Exercise! there´s really no other option! Running is probably a good idea.

chasbeen wrote:

I think you can only get thinner legs by eating less. You could exercise in a gym this would make your legs more shapely. Both suggestions require work and/or will power

gym will get you stronger, and will not really burn much fat. the gain in muscles will probably be about the loss in fat.
Again, burn fat by running, jogging, or walking.

And whatever you do, DONT STARVE YOURSELF! that is not really a good way to a healthier lifestyle! Eat a lot, as long as it´s healthy!

Good luck! =)
if you try to jogging you must persist, or all your effort will gone with wind Laughing
Can any one decide what to do reading all these suggestions? I think, NEVER!! So have a personalised advice from an expert or go googleing!
I think some responses are comming from experts, u may pm them, no? Cool
I kid you not, but I shaped up my legs by playing Dance Dance Revolution every day over the summer... try it for a couple weeks and I can almost guarentee you'll see a difference- its such a great form of at-home exercise ^_^
OK DON'T Do Squats!
Dont run to much or cycle as they will both build muscle.

Walking is great but hiking will build you up.

swim alot, you can lose alot of chubs that way but realize that your upper body will get bigger. If you get to skinny you will start to lose your breasts.

yoga is also a good choice as is pilates.

Honestly bodies are very different naturally. We have to work with what we have. If you have thick legs just make sure they look like a horse leg rather than a hippo leg wink wink. I love big thieghs on a woman. Raw power in the legs Smile
won't you spawn your upper body by swimming? that doesn't look good on women.

and you know what, walking is a very good idea.
If you live in a city, that's good. because there's always room to walk around Wink

walk to work, walk to lunch, walk to the carpark or just window shop at a nearby mall
i agree with chasbeen.

first you gotta lose the weight first, then get toned. if not, you'll get bulky muscles and not the thinner look that you desire.

cut your portions, watch what you eat. hit the gym and do a bunch of cardio to increase your metabolism.

It takes a lot of work to do it the healthy way, but then you'll also feel alot better with yourself
I find that stretching and Pilates is really good for the legs.
If you want skinnier legs, you need to eat healthy (DO NOT EAT LESS UNLESS YOU EAT TOO MUCH! IT IS BAD FOR YOU!) exercise regularly, do some after school/work activities like soccer, karate, football, lacross, hockey, dance, gymnastics, ect. if you want to eat less sweets during the day you need to eat a big, healthy breakfast in the morning. like cereal and fruit, toast and yogurt, stuff like that. with any of this you will not be skinnier overnight, but it will happenjavascript:emoticon('Very Happy')
Very Happy
man, I have the scrawniest most embarrassing chickenlegs EVER! I hate them. How can I get some FATTER legs!??? Gawd I hate my metabolism sometimes...
hmm lipo or exercise.. either one works
4ndY wrote:
try jogging

i agree here as it is in fact quite a good exercise!
not good thinner legs is chubby not very chubby.. slim i like
SPECIFIC EXERCISES THIN LEGS Listed further below for back and inner thighs

Stretching really did it for me, pilates exercises and jumprope/jack intervals of 100 counts each starting at just five minutes a day even if I had been active all day but if i was really sore, i'd just stretch all night.

To give you that sexy space between your thighs and lean side view

LONG AND LEAN Take all the time you need 1/2 hr. if needed to really stretch and again after

favorite workout tapes (for winter-try to get out as much as possible, ban elevators and cars)

Jane Fonda
Neena and Veena
Billy Blanks

Ballet/Pilates for evenings, mornings

Drink Nothing else but water,soy or skim milk only when craving or breaking out (acids inc. sugars cause those little zits), even if you crave a lot, if you wait ten minutes, have a small glass of water and make sure you're really craving it, you're sure you're listening to your body.

I am 4'11'',30 yr old, size 4 long and lean, have been size 10 since '96 when I was a 5/6 and my jeans were always tight at my thighs.I'm still curvy build but, can comfortably cross my legs..

The backs and inner thighs aren't utilized in our sedentary lifestyles and I abandoned work out tapes that juast built up my short, thick thighs and butt.I have slowly gone back, to them, altering their exercises to work more on my back areas instead of my front.My front gets used all day,this is more balanced.

I found eating vegetarian protein (instead of sugar and it's sneakier sister, starch ) and lettuce and water all day really helped. I start and end my day with a glass of water and a rinsed lettuce leaf.Once the junk is cleansed, you slowly crave other healthier things.Remember, there's sugar and fat in everything,even beets and celery.

When I was really craving a snack, I waited until I could get my hands on what I was really craving but was also good for me.If I was craving icecream I waited sometimes two hours until I was at the market that sold soy icecream,then I found those became too sweet for me, so it was a soy yogurt, then, plain soy yogurt , all over tyhe course of four months. Sometimes this meant waiting more than four hours to eat, which is my general diet tip.



begin and end with favorite stretches,feel free to stretch while exercising


lie on stomach, lift legs however far,however fast, take a few seconds to breath or stretch but keep going continuously until you've done 50 even if it takes an hour.
do this every night.

then, lift legs while circling them, same idea.

try to do this once every day more if you want, ,whenever you can, but listen to your body not anyone else telling you what works for your body.


While Watching TV

Lie on side on floor or bed bend leg not being leaned on, lift other leg, this works those pesky inner thighs.I never go a day without this exercise.

Take pilates and yoga stretches and alter ,maybe don't lift as high, engage an angle of your inner thigh that feels weak and flabby.Turn the prescribed exercises and stretches into repetitive 100 count exercises ALWAYS decide what you need to work on ALWAYS STRETCH before and after and during if desired.


stretch before, after 30 reps or sooner, hold ,strecth 30 seconds more
really work your calves more than your upper legs, to be more proportionate.

stand on toes on step with heels over edge start pushing heels to down from step with toes holding you on for a count of 30, then do 30 reps,hold for 30 again

I WALKED to work

I made myself a little late for my train so I'd have to SPRINT

I do my exercises and stretching every day, often twice.
diet is the best solution for weight loss....and simple exercises everyday will help lessen your weight too....don't be rushed to loose weight...have patience..
Running every day .
Agreed. Thin legs can only happen with eating less and toning the muscles aerobically, i.e. lots of walking, running and swimming. Alternatively one could perhaps have it done surgically, but that feels a little drastic and not something to be lightly messed with.
Well, you musn't eat carbs and absolutely no fats for long period of time. This will always work. The tip is to drink as much water as you can (at least 2 Lts. per day), and... well, riding a bycicle is excellent for the lower part of the body plus; It's fun!. Anyways, be very careful with this because it's not that healthy. You can start loosing muscle, you'll have terrible migranes, and if you're young- it won't be good. But anyways, it's the fastest way of loosing weight.
having chubby legs is okay, just look at all the guys that flip over chun li

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