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Going to Paris in 2 weeks anyone been?

Going for 4 days taking my girlfriend for her 21st, any info on what is a must see, other than the obvious sites? also is disneyland far? and how much?

thanks folks

I just want to say bon voyage. Have a lots of fun and spend a lot of FRIH$ there Laughing

GF? Hmm...propose even buahahaha. Now I've got you tripping Wink

What you should do in paris depends on where your'e from and who you are as a person.

If you live in Europe, then go to the eiffel tower, bring a bottle of wine, a baguette and some cheese. Just sit and have a picnic there will be buskers, some frisbee games and a soccer gae going on which you can watch/join.
I say this just because there is a lot of similar history in europe, i mean how many old churches can you look at in a lifetime?

From anywhere else, just do a mad dash and see all the historic sites.
(and have the picnic)
steer clear of the touristy restaraunts (Tourisy=plastic seat cushions, a man out front who will practically sell his soul for you to come eat there and laminated menus)

Disneyland isn't far
it is on the suburban train line (i think a ticket costs 15) it takes 3/4-1 hour to get there. And don't bother trying to do the theme park section and the movie land section in one day.

Paris is easy to amuse yourself in, just bring a bacpack, a water bottle
some cheese and bread, catch a train into the center and walk around, you'll find something to do pretty quick.
Ok cheers for the info, I wont be proposing under the effiel tower BTW!
I was in Paris about a year or two ago. I would reccomend that you visit the various open air "galleries" you can see a great deal of interesting art by up and coming artists. The food is, of course, great, I strongly reccomend that you go to some of the cafes, I had some of the best pizza I have ever had in a random cafe near the eiffel tower.
It's been quite a while since I was there, but anyhow, if you're in to 'the Doors' you
should visit the grave of Jim Morrison. Perhaps not much to see, but a bit of a 'Mecka' for fans. Laughing
No cant say Im a big doors fan, but I love pizza!
Skip Disneyland. Paris has so much other wonderful stuff, I can't believe you'd want to go to a crappy version of an American theme park.

Paris has a romantic side and a fun side. The benefit of going with a girl/boyfriend is you can enjoy both. Hit up all the major tourist spots, because they're definitely worth it (ie, it's not all hype) and make the effort to really get out and see the town, not spending all your time at the hotel. Be adventurous.
I forgot to mention that even if you aren't so into art galleries, give the louvre a looksee.
Just go to the main things, Mona lisa, venus de milo etc.
It's well worth it, even I thought so after my mum dragged me into every damn gallery when i was between the ages 7 and 13 (she's an art teacher).

And have a beer, Europe has a quite different kind of beer (it's V. cheap for a start) It's worth a try even if you don't like beer that much.
hope to go to paris on new years eve. And if the money will rain on me i hope so Razz
One place you must visit are the catacombs. It's near the south of Paris but right opposite a metro station (can't remember which one).

It's a small section of a huge network of underground tunnels full of...dead people. The walls are made of skeletons and skulls and chambers contain piles of bones. I think the entire tunnel network is where they buried people during plagues.

Most of the tunnels are collapsing and closed to can still access them through the sewers but it's slightly illegal. Parts of the tunnels were used by French Resistance during the second world war, and parts by the gestapo.
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