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About 134 reasons why not to be a vegan.

This link is halarious, i am a vegan and found it funny just how many of these reasons i could relate to.

Especially the: My Uncle sais this, so it must be true.
I didn't quite realise that Vaganism included clothing and stuff... Well, you learn something new every day.
I think they forgot the bad colon gas Shocked
I was vegan for about a year and a half but no, it was too difficult for me to keep it up and I cracked one day after smelling a pizza!
I've remained veggie for the 8 years since, and think about trying again, but the thought of losing milk and cheese in my diet again is not something I look forward to I'll admit.
I suppose there is no right or wrong on this one really, the only truth in it is the truth to your own heart.
...why do the tastiest, nicest foods cause so much suffering, Argh!
I guess I'm just nieave (sp) but I dont know how anyone can be a vegan purist? i can sorta understand being a vegitarian for health reasons and the like. But how can you compleetly avoid using anything related to the death of animals?

I'm studying to be a veterinary, and I hear all sort of things about "being a veggan is better". As a future veterinary, I think that I may improve the way some animals live, and no, I don't want to be a veggan. Think this link is funny? Try these:

Sponsor a vegetarian
Guiltless Grill
I think in my country, there are not much veterinary since Hong Kong people like meat a lot.
Game Fortress
I think alot of people that become Vegans for the sake of show (you know, the whole 'Rebel with a cause' spill) and when that is the case, I find them irritating. I probably shouldent care if other people want to prance for show or not, but it is annoying. If a person has genuine reasons for veganism, however (personal beliefs or health reasons) then it is a lifestyle I can respect. I am neither vegan or vegitarian, but I don't really like meat much. Somthing about biting into what I know to be a corpse or dead flesh dosent appeal to me.
well iam a vegan, i agree lots of people do it for status, and i suspect i knnow a few who do the very same. but i wont go in to preaching, but a lot of people really believe in it as i do.

it isnt being part of a rebel without a course, that is what private school kids are for, its part of caring for animals that can be just as intelligent and friendly as your pet cat or dog. not killing them because we are to stupid to use the alternatives that are so available to you.
Starflier wrote:
I didn't quite realise that Vaganism included clothing and stuff... Well, you learn something new every day.

yep even clothing, Those darn neck ties, all of the are silk... if only they didnt boil the bug alive to get the silk. alas... How bout one made of Hemp!!
I went backpacking for 11 days once where all the meat I had was the (usually expired) beef jerky we got for breakfast every single day.

When I got back, never have pan fried steaks marinated in Jack Daniel's easy 1-hour marinade overnight tasted so darn good.
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