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Play DARKTHRONE now ... or just take a taste ........


2 days ago my friend told me about an online game. Which is free of cost and there are 338586 members till now. Its a strategic roleplaying game...
Its been two days playing this game... And I am getting addicted to it.
I suggest you to play it..... Its gooood....

Concept is just like age of empires. You need to build your empires, collect gold, train knights, archers etc......

You just need to have any browser and an internet connection to play this game. You don't need to install any software......

Give it a try at DARK-THRONE

ENJOY THE GAME..................
Hmm, it sounds very interresting!

I´m just wondering... Will I need something like Java or Flash for this game, or is it just a text- and image based game? (like
I´m looking for a good internet game for my PSP. I just can´t find any screenshot or information on the site or with google (just some gothic images :S )
Among most of the other games.... I find this most interesting. .... And it is still in its beta design period...... What will happen when its full version will release.......


Is there any other games like this........
I have took a quick glance at the site, but it doesn't seem to have a guide on telling us how to play the game.
exarkun wrote:
I have took a quick glance at the site, but it doesn't seem to have a guide on telling us how to play the game.

Yeah, that´s axactely what i mean. In addition - you can´t even find screenshots of this game :S
The game is in beta testing period......
And its a text based RPG..... so you are not ganna find any screenshot....
BUT you can read its forum to know HOW TO PLAY THE GAME ????
Actually, i did try it for a bit, but the çonvermation' mail didn't ever reach me. I tried it again (And of course made a double check on my mail), but that mail didn't arrive either. I could get a taste of the game, but i still think travian is much better...
I play Darkthrone to, and I just want to say if you join I will pwn you Razz Wink.. or no but just try it, it's awsome Very Happy
I've played a long time Dark Throne (allmost 2 years), it's a nice game. But for me it got boring and I stoped playing.
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