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Insane hair...

I have very thick hair.... that is, I have many, many thin strands of hair that, all together, make up a huge bunch. This hair is maddeningly curly and cannot stand to be brushed when dry, straightened, or anything except washed, conditioned, combed, and air-dried as it sees fit. It takes almost 24 hours to dry out completely.

THAT SAID... anyone found a trick to taming hair like this? No special conditioners I've tried thus far have worked, and straightening irons of two kinds have failed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Damn, good info! Okay, I think I got it. I always use the conditioners that say "intense" or "deep moisturising," but I've never tried an actual conditioning treatment... can you suggest a good one that wouldn't be to hard to find at the supermarket or a local salon?

Also, "protein building" is a new keyword for me. I'll be sure to look for it from now on. Thanks!

About air drying in cold weather... I know irons and hair driers are bad for brittle hair, but is air drying in the cold worse? I live in a house with no central heating, and before I go to sleep, I have to turn off the kerosene heaters, so at night (generally when I let my hair dry), the room gets cold in the range of about 15 to 20 degrees F. Is this bad?
i cant recoomend u any conditioners , as i don no wat u get in ur supermarkets in japan , its wuld be better if u ask ur japense frendz Wink
Ah, Japan has pretty much everything America and the UK have as far as beauty products... but no problem, I'll go bug my students for brand tips.

...anything about the cold weather effect...?
wow I have this exact same problem

My advice is, don't try and keep it too under control, hair like that is a babe magnet

But anyways, I use a giant pick comb while I'm in the shower that keeps ur hair from tangling in itself, then use a regular brush once ur out but your hair isn't dry

I also use a product called Foaming Pommade from Paula Mitchell, you put some in your hands, rub them together until it turns kinda foamy, then run it through your hair and let it dry on its own, it keeps your hair from getting frizzy and makes it easy to maintain
I have this kind of hair growing out of my nose. What you need is a mini-maxi hair and fluff cutter and trimmer. What you do is actually throw away the fluff cutter and trimmer because it’s a piece of sh*t. You take the specialized nose and ear trimmer witch really gets the job done and you put that baby to work. It works for me, good luck!
Nice so japanese people take care of their hair
I like xxx1312's advise on hair.
I mainly use Pantene Pro-V anti Dandruff, and it works well for me. I've tried other shampoo's but then I see some of my hair in the shower on the floor.

But lately, I've been trying Clinic All Clear shampoo with conditioner, and its quite nice... there are few hair falls, but lets see... but my hair seems smoother.

I don't use flat iron, or hair dry blower - just a towel, and after that a comb.
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