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How to deployment windows xp pro SP2 to another PC

Hi, I've question about how to deployment windows xp pro SP2(with another software was install on that PC) to another PC without clean installing to that PC.
I've heard that microsoft have that tools (it's call sysrep),but i'm confuse to to that
Is somebody can help me to solve that.??

i've never heard of it... and the only way you can do this is clean instal that i know of... i called microsoft one time to try to do this... and they said it was illigal Smile...good luck budy
thank's coremanshack
i know that was illegal if i use non original windows, but how if i have an original cd but my pc was down
and i have another pc so i want to use that with the same configuration and software i was installed. it's illegal or not Rolling Eyes ?
if not illegal, how i do that ?

Nice english bro. Nah just messin myte.
You could try VMware, it's free now. There is an option when you install is to "leave current file system intact". That's if you want to reinstall, or if you already have programs on that. I'm not sure it will work if you have ANTOHER operating system on there already, but it should.
What you do:
when it asks you what partition, go esc, then search for more options, and look for don't format, when it comes to the format screen, and look for "leave current file system intact". That's the best I can do atm for remembering the steps. I have done it before with WinXP SP2, so it should work.
Best of look, lut is kno if teh works??
Cheers myte Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil ZUNE!

EDIT!!! soz m8 just read ur beforeness post! So you don't have the xp cd??? Well, thwen you can get Norton GHOST 10 (i think). and CLONE the hard drive, with ALL the files that are on it. However, then you'll have to use VMWare or make a new partition on the computer you're copying to.
1. Get norton ghost (30 day trial i think).
2. Make a copy of the hard drive you want to copy with ghost. (you will need an external hard drive or some blank dvds)
3. Use norton Partitionmagic (also trial version availibli) and create a new partition on the computer you want to copy the windows xp to (the hard drive you copied). This does not format your existing data. The partition size depends on hwo bbig teh copy is.
4. once copied, should be able to use. Press del at startup, get into BIOS, and change boot order to boob from that partition.
5. Done, enjoy the booding!

That's the only way I know of so far. The external hard drive/blank dvds would be the only hard part for you i'm guessing.

again, cheers myte - last post for the day.

Arrow OUT
Thx Jaan,
I'm sorry if my english not to good enaugh... Very Happy
Jaan,all of your step explain i'm already know and right now i'm doing exactly the same.
But i think, Is any other way to do that beside i must open my case and bring my harddrive to another pc & clone? it was wasting a time.
i'm wondering how to make cd/dvd as a media to install to another pc (as a backup pc) exactly same configuration & software that was installed in main pc.
so if i'm insert that cd/dvd and boot from that, the cd/dvd will install automaticly to my new haddrive (i think like an image cd..i guess) and i'm not wasting time to install that software one by one..
But right now i can't do like that, can u tell me how..?

Well I really dunno. You don't have to open your case and put your other hard drive on the old comp. You need a blank DVD. And also, it's not illegal to download a copy of Windows, if you bought it legally, and you still have the legal CD key, but you just lost the CD.
Other than that, I don't think you have any other options.
Cheers myte
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