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My NEW Layout

Hi guys, come check out my new layout at , let me know how you guys like it, and please post some suggestions. If you have suggestions, can ya please tell me how to fix it or improve it. Thanks alot.
hmmm, I had just a look to your new design. And I liked more the one before. I'm using Netscape and it doesn't look like it should be... It is difficult to explain how it looks, so, I should advise you to test your website in another browser than yours.
Pe your menu is out of center and located more to the left than your header. The table you are using has some cells who are accented and others are just flat. The reason is that you placed the tag   this means that your cell is not empty because you placed a space...remove the  
I would also advise you to do something with your advertisments... I should place this on another place. Maybe on the left or on the right, or totally on the buttom, but not in the middle... Nevertheless, if you want to make an advertisments site, you can do this, but I suppose you have another priority?

It looks like you have a good start to your website, but there is totally room for improvement.

Headings - I would make your news headings text, not graphics. Text is generally easier to update than graphics. You'll also save users who are using text-only browsers, search engines, and those have images turned off (aka: those with slower connections) some time.

Menu bars - One of the first things your user will see is the upper left corner. Thus, it is important to put something you want your user to find right away there. Currently, this space is taken up by a google search bar. I would move the search bar somewhere on the right and move the navigation bar up.

Theme - Most of your site has a gray theme, which looks really nice. The image you have up top is black with blue. The image also has no border and it does not fade, so it creates a vary harsh contrast with the white background. I would make the background color of the cityscape the same as the white background color of the webpage. Another solution is to make the image shades of gray and have the borders fade into white.

Length - It's too long! No one's going to scroll down that far because the navigation bar doesn't go down that far and you've given them no other indication that they should. Keep in mind that readers read in an 'F' pattern. That means that they read more on the top of the page, then scan in decreasing width amounts as they go down. (I hope you placed the Google ads and the spreadsheet table there by mistake.)
its cool this site....
{name here}
HTTP 404 is what I get...
I also get an error. Have you moved it?
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