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Hitman Blood money review

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman blood money's website
Must be 17^ (or say that you are :ph43r: )

Agent 47 is back, in the Fourth installment of the Hitman Series.

Your role in Hitman: Blood Money is to seek out a mole, that killed off all of your peers. In this game the storyline isn't the best part. You can disguise yourself and sneak to your target and kill them stealth-like, or you can run in and blast them away.

In Blood Money there is an all new Notoriety system witch makes you eliminate your witnesses, stay hidden from cameras, and hiding bodies. If you aren't careful your Notoriety rises after your job. If your Notoriety bar gets to high every one becomes suspicious of you, making it harder to complete jobs.

Just like the previous installments, you can switch clothes with your victims, pick locks, and you have a lot of different options of how to take your target out.
You can also upgrade your weapons with the money you earn from completing contracts.

This game is well worth it's price tag, and i recommend getting it .

I will give this game a eight point nine out of ten
started playing the game like a week ago love it as well i mean agent 47 has style someone here told me tht he dies in da end (hopefully not)and tht the graphics rock i mean i havent playn a game more intence and more violent then this game rite here man i mean fiberwire ppl shoot then hit them with stuff tht u wouldnt dream about man i feel like so killi mood when i play hitman blood money havent finished it yet acctully having diff in the second stage dont laugh u all im just a begginer meaning tht in a week it took me this long lol i am the worst player in da meaning this is a kewl game dont know wht to say about it more coz i havent finished it so wht else can i say go to your nearist game shop and by ursefl this game coz u'll love it and i know it(but ofcorse u hav to be 18 coz its not for lil kids for a fact)lol im not lieing dudes this is one violent,gore bad languaged game of the century and 1 more thing agent 47 is the cold blooded killer alright hes the man with the attitude and want to know alil trick if u die u just get 3 head shots and u wont die he'll get up and keep killin them sukaz but its our secret Razz anyway thts all
It isn't a bad game. I was a big fan of hitman2:silent assassin, Hitman contracts was a bit of a disappointment after the second game in my opinion.

They have certainly beefed up the eye candy for blood money, and some of the locations are a lot more interesting than in previous instalments of the game. Like with all hitman games you could probably complete the game in a day if you simply run through the level shooting everything that moves; I on the other hand prefer to take the silent approach and dont usually move on to another level until I have got the 'silent assassin' rating. I'm about halfway through it at the moment on the PC, and seeing as it retails for about 18 online (approx $27) I'd say it is a good buy.
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