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Elder Scrolls oblivion review

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls Website

With the assasination of emporer Uriel Septium, the empire starts to fall into darkness. Without the emporer the dragon fires go out and demons pore in from Oblivion. Just like the other games in the series, you start out in prison. You must find the lost hier to the throne and stop the fall of Tamriel.

You can create any character you can imagine, ranging from a Noble knight to a Petty thieve. You won't fail to be amazed by the outstanding graphics and gameplay. There is also a all new first person magic and combat system. Even after you beat the main questline there are tons of things to do. There are many guilds to join, including the mages guild, fighter's guild, thieves guild, the darkbrotherhood, and even more small guilds.

This is a game that you can play over again many times and still find new stuff.
This game is unbelievable and deserves every award it got, i'm giving it a ten out of ten.
That Oblivion description smells strongly like plagiarism...

...and people under 17 cant buy Oblivion...
Meh, Im pretty sure its a fantastic game, but my computer cant handle the graphics, which I regret very much. Ive played it at a friends house, and I must say, Im really impressed by it.
You're right with that. The graphics are awesome, and so is the gameplay. Just how you would expect a good RPG to be. I can run the game on full details with AA enabled Very Happy

I even like the fact that it is only single-player. That way I can't get sucked into it as badly as it has happened to some people playing World of Warcraft.
finally a review of oblivion good job
i just wanna talk about it
now im just tryen to make the most power full weapon
just now im tryen to get a black soul gem and tryen to use it to enchant a weapon if i can
the strongest weapon i managed to make and called it DESTROYER
was a deadric sword 24 points damge enchanted with a grand soul gem
giving it the power of fire damage of 20 points for 1 sec on strike with a range of 10 feet
a soul trap for 5 sec on strike in 10 feet
shock damge 8 points on strike for 1 sec
frost damge 4 points on strike for 1sec
absorb armor skill 5 point on strike in 10 feet for 3 sec
absorb destruction skill 5 points on strike in 10 feet for 3 sec

so what do u think?
is it cool?
i tryed it and it does a spash power like an explosion when it hits
its ammasingly powerfull defeated a 1 vs 6 easyly with a 50 damage every normal strike wow
cool weapon, no i dont plagerise
unknown wrote:
cool weapon, no i dont plagerise

well sry forgot to say that its a deadric long sword not a normal sword for sure
if it was a claymore it would have had more damage points but then you can't equip the shield on the player with a claymore so its not worthed.
good luck enchanting your weapons if i did interest you about having a cool weapon
Oblivion is great! The graphics is amazing and the story is nice.
The only problem is the lots of bugs ( not the animal but the programing problem)
I hope that they will launch anothe patch fast
Oblivion is a very good game, i use to make mods for it...
But now Dark Messiah will take it's place ;>
I absolutley LOVED Oblivion. It was a great game and took up way to much of my time. If you play this game I suggest downloading OOO... Just do soem searching in the Elder Scrolls forums and you will find it.

But, I can never be satisfied with the combat now that I have palyed Dark Messiah... Very Happy
Ah oblivion.

The game was awesome, but not without shortcomings. The most important one would be the high computer specs required to run the game smoothly. In my case, I did manage to run it on my 1.73GHz Toshiba Portege S100 laptop. But it was so slow and crashed so often that I dubbed it "Oblicrash."

On my desktop, which waaay out spec-ed the game, there were still occasions where It crashed, just sorta disappeared, or screen just went black. (The going black problem I figured out was one of their graphic rendering things, the random shutdown of the game, I was too lazy to look into).

In the beginning, the game is super addicting. There doesn't seem to be an end to the things you could do in it. (I especially liked the Dark Brotherhood things). But after you've finished the main quest, the game leaves you with a "that's it?" feeling.

Overall, it was a great game, a lot of things need to be improved, but it was great XD. And I keep forgetting to try Dark Messiah. *notes to self*

*rolls away now that she's finished blabbering*
well i need to try dark messiah hehe
well im happy playing ob livion for now even if i finished the game 2 times now there is allways something to do in it
my pc handles ob livion great with a:
2.4 ghz pentium cpu
1.5 gb ram
xfx 7800 gs 256mb grafic card
it runs smooth enough with early full settings except resulution didnt acceed 1024 by 768 ( i know my current cpu wont handle it well)

still playen it today when i have time when im not at school or work Smile
I just started playing that again the other day. I upgraded from a radeon 9600 Pro to an nvidia 7600GS and what a difference. All the detail etc is maxed out at 1024x768 and it looks terrific. Smile
This topics about oblivion never seams to die Very Happy thats a good ting
TonkPilz wrote:
This topics about oblivion never seams to die Very Happy thats a good ting

how could the topics a bout oblivion die, the main reason is that there is so much to say ab out the game that its ammasing, not counting that if its not the b est rpg its surly one of the best rpg i ever seen in my openion
eah, onlivion is jsut great, how coukld it die? There is just so much changeability to the game.
Personally i love this game. The graphics are superb.
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