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Big Brother's Most Reliable Secret Weapon

187 Outlaw
Everybody is always talking about their rights and freedom being taken away by the Government.......But the Government can only do so much.......They can only know so much........They need help. Who do you think helps them the most? We do.......You and I.......Everybody who uses any type of electronic device from a pager,cellphone,GPS tracker, and the most reliable and important tool of all.......The Personal Computer!!!

Everytime you get on your computer and visit a website, or click on a popup ad you can be tracked by your ip number.........Why do you think that you get so much spam in your mailbox? Because they know what sites you already been to, and they try to make a profile on your web surfing likes and dislikes.

Once they have your IP Number..........They can find out everything about you thru your or whoever you may use.

Oh I forgot to mention.........reach in your pocket and take out a $5.00 bill or a bill of higher denomination...........Hold it up to a light and look at the bar that goes across the bill. Why do you think that is there? Could it be that with all the unnecessary satellites up in the sky........That they can actually beam down and retreive information on the amount of money that all of us may have.....or have hidden anytime they want to. Just something for you to think about.

Did you know the "Power Indicator" led on our TV sets is really used to broadcast high frequency brainwaves designed to make our tin-foiled hats defenceless against the onslaught of propaganda that is constantly being beamed down to us via sattelite? Oh yeah and the pyramids are really UFO landing platforms...

Yeh people track and trade our info and I get spam emails and annoying telemarketing phonecalls but chances are no one really cares enough to pay attention to what you're doing.

The government can't be trusted to plan a bus route effectively they sure as hell couldn't organise a conspiracy, lol.
187 Outlaw wrote:

Once they have your IP Number..........They can find out everything about you thru your or whoever you may use.

yeah, no shi't. So can anyone who really wants to.

I love it when stupid people just randomly talk and use about 50 dots between each word.
Agent ME
This is a joke right?
This guy's just trying to incite the paranoid and start a few conspiracy theories.

This has got to be his funniest and most pathetic attempt yet!
Shocked I guess nobody has heard of ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers).

A mind can kill you, but a small mind can kill us all.
Sometimes I wonder about making the 5 post limit a time limit instead.

Not........... being........... rude............ or.......... anything.
Of COURSE you can be traced by your IP address... It has already been said! ANYONE can do it too if they know what they're doing.

But the US government does NOT have a few MILLION people sitting around all day doing nothing but watch what websites you go to. Hell you could go to one of the pro-terrorist websites and nothing would happen to you - not because they can't monitor your activities, it's because they DON'T.

And that line going across our notes (in Australia as well) is an identification feature which has been in them for DECADES. There has NOT been until VERY recently the technology to create a trackable device that small and even still I don't think they have them at less than the thickness of a sheet of paper.
The other day i was driving down the road talking with a friend that was in the car with me. We were discussing the high tax rate and I was going off on big thing I know my car quits running. Now call me a nut if you like but with all the computer chips in cars these days, I KNOW it was big brother that shut it down. He did not like what I was saying, and it was right when I was talking about him. Well I get a mechanic to come out and he tries to tell me I ran out of gas. So of course I realize he has sold out to big brother...I won't be taking my car there anymore. I will find someone else to repair my tinfoil hat from now on.

all of the above was written tongue in cheek Wink
Conspiracy ins't a bad thing. Unless someone start to try make people believe that man didn't go to the moon or stuff like this. Other day (in another forum) some guy started to talk about the big conspiracy between Google and the Government to rule the world. What can I do?? Laugh? That's what I did.
This guy is plain paranoid... To track how much money you have.. you need a super-powerful transmitter hidden in the 5-dollar bill to transmit back to satllites.. Shocked sadly... I dont believe any of these Smile
I don't know all about the 5 dollar transmitter counter device, or the tracking me of my porn sites.

but I do know that AT&T ownes Yahoo! and that the NSA set up eavesdropping stations in thier shops.

It seems to me that my yahoo email account was read by the NSA. all in the name to discover who is collaberating with the Al Queda.

So to say that the government is not watching your IP transmitions is BS......and just a way of hiding yourself from the truths of the world.......and i just love.....dots between words.......must be the way I think.......

as for the dollars......try taking $20,000 in cash across the US border Smile

i almost guarantee somehow they know that you got that much cash.....i don't know how they know but they seem too.

Maybe Scully was right Smile
CharKargis Olort
There are much better conspiracies out there to be concerned about. A tracking device in money? Come on, let's look at it from a technical standpoint, shall we? What is the power supply of said transmitting device? Is said transmitting device waterproof? (We all wash money) What is the range? If there was any transmitting power to it at all, don't you think you would notice your wallet getting a tad bit warm? Now then, How is each indiviual bill tracked? Seperate frequencies? Each bill transmits its own serial number? Too many things to keep track of for our gov't. I think there are better things to worry about, like where my tinfoil hat went.
LOL.. I guess I have to live as a Nomad if that's the case. Rolling Eyes
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