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How do u know u r in love???

Can anyone tell me how can we know that we are in love with someone???

How to now that what we are feeling is a real love not crush on someone????

Can anyone give me the answer...
just like what oracle told neo in the matrix

"being the one is just like being in love. No one can tell you you're in love, you just know it, through and through."
being in love means that you care more about the well-being and happiness of that person than you do about yourself

a crush is generally a physical attraction, whereas love involves an emotional connection

as others frequently say, you'll know it when you feel it.. if you're not sure, then you aren't in love
I disagree with all of the above ... somewhat.

I think your first question needs to be "What is love?" What makes you like an acquaintance and love a good friend? What makes you love your family?

My personal philosophy is that love is the emotional experience of wanting nothing but good for someone. I think that incorporates offering them the experience of physical intimacy with you (i.e. gettin' it on) and emotional intimacy, as well as supporting them and having fun with them, etc.

But that doesn't necessarily answer how you know that you're *in love* with someone. I think to be in love with someone, you should love them and feel a sense that you've chosen to invest yourself in cultivating those feelings of love. When you're first dating someone, you're getting to know them and figure out what sort of connections you have with them, but there's a time when you feel an earnest investment in them and I think that's a sign of love.

It's hard to love someone if you don't know anything about them or if you are only interested in physical contact with them. Love is a deep emotional desire. If that's there then maybe you're in love.
My tail tingles.
So that's how I know.
But if my tail tingles really bad I know I'm in an heap of trouble too.
If my tail tingles moderately, I can get away with it...

OK, now for real.
I don't know. I wish I knew. I've probably never been in love... Emmmmm, yeah. But I have a philosophy instead... you know, like when you can't experience it but you have a philosophy about it...? Yeah, that's me. OK, so here it goes, it goes like this:

If you put in a balance the amount of time you're thinking about the person you love versus the amount of time you're thinking about yourself... and you realise you're thinking about yourself more... then you're in love. With yourself. Hehehehehehe Smile))))
If you have to ask yourself that question, you aren't in love. It's something you just know.

I've been there two times in my life, one time I realized it when I was trying to make my girl at the time feel better (SOme crap in her life was goin on), and I realized I loved her and said it.

Wasn't eternal love obviously, as we broke up, but my next (now girlfriend) I also fell in love with. I realized it when she said she loved me, without thinking on it I said it back. She said "Do you really mean that?" and I realized what I'd said and that I did really mean it.

So yea, if you have to ask, it's not love really. When it is love, it will just kind of dawn on you. (Atleast in my experience).
Citizen Kane
I know I'm in love if I'm completely obsessed with a person... physically and emotionally.
When you're in love you'll just know, you can't be like well maybe I'm in love, maybe I'm not, love is a definite thing. You will know for sure that you are when it happens. It may not be love at first sight, most people "fall in love".
When the feeling they give you is one that you will sacrifice any part of yourself to feel, when imagining its loss causes you physical pain, when you must lie to yourself and all around you to keep from facing a reality that is plain to see, this might be love. When being around them makes you so acutely aware of youreself, your ego, appearance, shortcomings, strengths, weaknesses - to the point it controls every thought in your mind and everyone else appears in two-dimensions...when you can lay next to them silently cursing their faults for hours until you have to feel their touch or scream...yeesh, none of this is love. If you feel it it's there, and you should take and give whatever you can, because i have a feeling it'll be in short supply one day.

"The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for" - Allan K. Chalmers
Love is a feeling that slightly varies from person to person. For that one reason no one can precisely tell you if you're in love. If you think you fall in love with every person you date, then that is "love" but it's more of an infatuation. When you are actually in love with someone, no else but you will know. One way to know: It'll be a feeling you have never felt before, but again no one can precisely tell you what that feeling will be.
love is more psychological than anything else. so don't even try to rationalise it. u wil know u are in love when u start to defy your intellectual reasoning. most people call it being whipped but believe me that is love.
To be honest, I don't think anyone KNOWS they are 'In Love'. Otherwise, if people were genuinely in love and got married, 1/4 of them would not get divorced after 3 months.

There is no way to explain love, people say about it's your heart. That just pumps blood, nothing more. The only way to explain love is just to be in perfect co-hension with someone. You like being together, you share the same interests, etc. Although that probably still doesn't explain it. Perhaps it doesn't exist? No-one will ever know.. Question
[quote=Citizen Kane]I know I'm in love if I'm completely obsessed with a person... physically and emotionally.[/quote]

This may be true for some people, yet the majority of relationships on our little blue planet can be classified into two very different sections: Love and Obsession.

Being obsessed with, or about someone can be both good and bad. If you are obsessed with the person you love, then of course, it can be a great thing. However, if you are dating someone, and become obsessed before being in 'love', then that can be a problem. When a relationship consists of pure obsession, it can become a physical-only relationship, and a couple months to a few years down the road, you find out that the person you thought was so great, is actually your opposite both mentally and emotionally. I'm not saying Obsession is always bad, I'm just saying to watch out for it, and dig alittle deeper into your special someone's personality before making any irrational decisions.

Now, being in love, that is a beautiful thing. Yet you can't just one day, wake up, and think 'I'm in love!', and expect it to happen. Love comes to many people in many different ways, and you can only truely know you're in love when you feel you have truly met your better half.

Just a note: This has been merely my opinion, If you don't agree with it, please to disregard it. I don't like to argue Very Happy .
haha. that's a funny question. no one knows obviously except you. love is a philosophical thing. vauge and unexplainable. it is something unfathomable and infinite and therefore not governed by the laws of nature and science. maybe its one of those mysteries that we cannot explain. we just have to accept it somehow, that it exists and makes us a better person Very Happy
I miss her 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour, 60 second per minute.
Using some words from BBC world service "When ever you are, where ever you are, you just miss her and want to see her, 24 hours a day" .
as for me ... i've no idea about it .. still not get any chance to fall in love .. i surely want to one day .. Laughing
loving itself is a short, very intense feeling, but some don't realise they are feeling it because of some experiences from past.
loving is about awareness and the desire to relive that moment in different ways. in sticky love, as i like to call it, you both try to stay aware what it is that attracts one another. at the start, this might go easily, but on the run you will see that real love is about both investing in those reminders and both getting more energy (hapiness, adrenaline) back than you started with.
that way you support each other untill the end off time.. Wink

ok. sleep well for now.. haha.
well... ugh... this is my view. i'm quite surprised of it. Confused
You are truly love someone when you can die for him/her.
When you suddenly felt sweaty all over your head ... maybe that's infatuation/crush or whatsoever.

When you suddenly felt that you are in a loss for words ... maybe that's also infatuation/crush.

There's absolutely hardly anyway for you to know that you're in love, but these are symptoms that you can find out.

But don't get love harm your life =)
nappa wrote:
You are truly love someone when you can die for him/her.

hmmm that's a very hard thing to tell. You can think you can die for him/her, but you really don't know until you are in that situation where either you or him/her die.
yup, we really can never say if we are willing to die for someone. and you dont need to be willing snuff it to love some one. Very Happy

willing to die for someone is the deepest form of love. when we really care about someone, and cant keep him\her out of our head, it probably means we are falling for them Rolling Eyes
I think love makes people some unbalanced. Emotions comes into the place of logic. When you wake up, you think your love. Her name (I suppose you are male) is always on your tongue. when you go to school/work, you cannot think another thing although you want to focus on another activity.

You feel some tickle on your stomach. You want to see her, you want to talk her always. Being near her is your only desire.

If you are far from her, you mostly want to talk about her with another friend. You always want to tell your love although your friend talks about another topic.

Love songs are very meaningful for you, because they tell your story! "Oh my God!! Look at this! Sting tells my conditionals, like tells my story..." and these songs have a big affect on you.

When you see her, you get very excited... You cannot believe that she could be exist on the world... Even though you don't talk anything, you feel a big happiness since she is with you.

Probably, these feelings make you a poet! You get a pen and start to write your own story, your own desires. Lines increase with your feelings. Then, whenever you look at your lines, you think "oh, how could i write these f*cking lines?" Laughing

This is love, I think... Razz Then you are in love!
I believe in your case, it will be when your "love" demands you start using complete sentences with all the words correctly spelled out. The magic eight-ball suggests it might be "never".
you know the saying 'you complete me' - well as corny as it is , its true. You miss them when they're not there, you see them being with you forever...
I think if u are in love u stop playing computer games...
Keran wrote:
I think if u are in love u stop playing computer games...

Whoa! very intresting Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

I have never thought something like this... let me think some Razz
Keran wrote:
I think if u are in love u stop playing computer games...

I recently fell into what I believe to be love with the best woman I've ever met....I haven't played a video game yet...And I used to be an avid gamer.
Idea For one to experience love i think it's something that is not had at first sight or thought. I think love is something that one may have to actually develop over time, just the way a guy loves his mother as she gets older, the more love he has for her, similarly to a girl. If you think that you love a girl, first of all you need to find out from within yourself whether you actually would want to grow old together. And most importantly GOD. I read somewhere that God is the author of life, love, sex etc. In fact when love is experienced in a manner right before God, the satisfaction drawn from that relationship becomes spiritual because when you love someone, you love the spirit in them and not the body. I know its a radical chain of thought but consider it. What more is there:?:
The only reason i know what love feels like is because iv felt it in my dreams. And waking up is always heart break. Its strange, i tend to judge love based on how much pain they can cause me. Funny how that works, eh.
For me, love has its own power. You know you are in love when you can feel the power of the love. True love will lead to a wonderful good and healthy life, and WILL NOT lead to sickness, hurts, and all negative issues. If you feel bad, this means the true love doesn't exist in yourself, maybe a cat love.

Love can teach us to be a good person, if we learn to take all the things in there in a positive way of thinking. Many of us have nice and wonderful times together when it comes to the beginning period of the love, or friendship.

Within that time, nothing is wrong, everything is right. I love you, you love me. I need you, you need me. I care for you. I'd die for you. Everything I do, I do it for you. The world is just for the two of us, and so on.

But yet to remember, many of us have problems with their partner - or lover - especially when it comes to a long period of time in love, ie a marriage.

This is the time where you know what actually he/she is. You'll start to hear some unwanted things, whether your partner or you yourself saying like: You are the worst human being in the world. You are wrong, I am right. I don't need you at all. I don't care where you wanna go. Go and die yourself. Everything you do, all trash, and so on.

Sometimes the hot will get cool, the difficult will come to ease, and the anger comes to happiness. If you are on that side, I respect you!

Any way some of them ended up to the worst limit, divorce. It's true that marriage and divorce is the matter of God's will, but we are here to go for it, not to wait for it to come.

Ok now lets get back to the topic. How do you know you are in love? For those who had break up with your lover, after that you know that you love him/her or not. After that you'll realize that you've been doing things right or wrong.

For me, I learned a lot after being married. I can say that my marriage is my love to my own life. My marriage is the love who tought me a lot of things in my life. I learned to be patient, tolerancy, respect others, social needs, and much much more positive things, including negative things that I take them positively.

Now I know that I'm in love... Embarassed

Frankly, I agree with some people said, love hurts. It hurts when especially jealousy comes. Also when our partner do not agree with our opinion (which is the best you could think). Or when he/she doesn't like what you like, or what you bought, or what you gave (present) him/her. Third party doesn't come in picture at all. If third party exist, means no love.

These result sometimes made us mad, angry to our partner, and therefore made any types of unforgiven mistakes. How about if we just stay calm, think rasionally, get the best approach, and make wise decision. Then we will find love is great...

That's all I could think of Smile
shishir.K wrote:
Can anyone tell me how can we know that we are in love with someone???

How to now that what we are feeling is a real love not crush on someone????

Can anyone give me the answer...

When you want be with the people forever!
If you got this idea in you head, you maybe fall in love...
I've said before i don't really believe in love but i probably shouldn't have because it really depends on your definition of love. I really don't believe in the love seen in most movies, like love at first sight and whatnot. I don't believe in any love that involves souls, aka soul mates (don't believe in the existence of souls).
justingme wrote:
When you want be with the people forever!
If you got this idea in you head, you maybe fall in love...

I don't think feeling like you want to be with someone forever means anything really. I felt like i wanted to be together forever with a girl for a year and then it sorta ended (she cheated -_-).
it's difficult to tell you. It is a kind of feeling. You can just look into his/her eyes when talking to him/her, for a short moment, sometimes, and see his/her reaction.

And, male and female react in different way. It's life experience, try more and you'll know.
Love is a chemical imbalance of the mind can get medication for it Very Happy
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
When you're in love to stay.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
'Cause you're in love, you're in love,
And love is here to stay!
At this stage I would say it is infatuation. How can you be in love with someone that you have never spent any time with? Infatuation and a crush can certainly lead to being in love with someone but I think it takes at least getting to know the person before you are truly in love. When you are in love believe me you won't have to ask anyone how you tell. You will have the feeling so deep in you everyone will know you are in love just by looking at you.

Infatuation is >selfish< all you care about is your needs, and you like the person without caring for them. Infatuation is also more-so of a feeling instead of a real care for that person.

Love obviously is the opposite...the characteristics of love are...well patience, kindness, trusting, selfless, never fails, humble, not rude, not easily angered...ect

Love is a verb, not all a warm happy feeling you get every once in awhile... its wanting to marry the person your with and wanting to do everything in your power to make them happy and not caring about yourself....
You are in love when you think of the other person the whole time.
When you would change your entire life for him/her.
When you envision yourself how future with him/her could look like.
When the needs of the other person are more important than your own needs.
When you desire the other person to be near day and night.
When you want to share everything with that person: thoughts, experienceses, property, everything!
Mhhh... is that love? I think so...
I think a crush is a type of love, its the early stages of love so its hard to seperate the two however love is a crush in its more mature form, and a crush can mature into love depending on the people involved.

I think love is the stage where you know the person well and yet still maintain the crush irrespective of what you might know about that person and you seem to have more long term goals and hopes with allot of respect and efforts to understand each other and so forth and so on

good luck

when your willing enough to sacrifice to the one you love..coz to love is to sacrifice...and each day you woke up in the morning it brings you happiness...he/she put a smile at u...
You will notice you're in love Smile.
For myself, I am usually much happier and that happyness increases when I'm with the person I am in love with. Just trust your senses, I sometimes worry about it too but in the end I always know. As will you I am sure.
.......................................if i think nothing else but her.......then I could say I'm in love..................
..............................I got so many crushes around me but I have only one true love beside me........................that's the difference.......
all jokes a side. all of your meaning are rite but there is something bout that word LOVE. But there is a trick bout love. it has many meanings but know one on earth currently knows what LOVE really is. its not just some random thing you just say to people it has some strong meanings at least for me. You see i know i love this girl but still we are still friends i haven't told her bout my feelings. i know its lame but i don't want to ruin our friendship over my feelings but i told n she said she loves me to but i know she meant as friends so i let thing plays out. Currently i am still friends wit her n i still love her even though she has a boyfriend i will forever love S***E**A **R**E*L no matter what life holds 4 us weather shes wit me or not she will always be my number one girl. But hey!!! that how life works all those who want to know what love is. Its everything you do wit that special person from talking on the phone to romantic walks on the beach. you can't really explain what love is, but you can show it,not through intimacy alone, but the way you look at them the way you talk, seriously when you tell someone you love them its like telling them "your the only one i care for l want to give my life to you i need you in my life ETC...." But people really lose sight of that n it kills me to see people say i love just to have sex. But what do i know people think i just talk shit but its really sense. i speak from a different level so contact me trough facebook as Kadesh Hepburn or my email.
You know when your in love when you tell the girl that you like that you like her....And then you almost have a heart attack......
nice one
I'd say you know you're in love when that person makes you want to bring out the best of you in everything you do.
when you are in love with someone you are always happy... you always want that person to see

everyday... just not everyday...every second,minute and hour...
i know im currently in love because i have personally had 6 relationships and with the one im currently with i feel way more than the others..
with her i feel i need to protect her and when shes sad i feel the same way.
you know wen your in love when you feel the deep connection with that person and when that person is the only one that catches your attention and you would give your life for that person without regret and when your last breath is wasted just to tell her I LOVE YOU.... yea thats all i got
in my opinion, it's that you miss her/him every time. no matter you are happy or unhappy ,you hope he can stay with you and share it.
You just... know

If you need to question yourself about it, I would say that currently, the chances are no.

But we all consider and define "love" differently.

A good question could be... honestly; would you be willing to die for her ? Do you honestly think you'd put her behind you and protect her if you were both in danger ?

These might help answer your question a little =x

Good luck with it : )
you keep thinking of the person whom you like and you want to be with him/her all the time, and everytime you see him/her, its a different feeling meaning you are excited and happy as well.....
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