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Graphics card problem FX5700

Last month i have the following problem. In some games, especially World of warcraft, after some time of playing, random lines and polygons appear on screen, seem like distorted vertexes of the initial models. If i minimize the game and restore it again they disappear and the screen is ok. If i ignore the problem they get more and more till the game eventually freezes. Another matter is some colors, change order and the screen icons (in game) get a purple-like color. This is resolved too by minimize and restore again. Also random pixels appear from time to time, some times causing the pc to freeze, some times not. Confused
I suspected first the heat-sink fan, which had caused troubles to me a year ago, and i replaced it with a bigger one. The freezing is less frequent now but still existing. Any clues-ideas-help will be appreciated.

ITs a FX5700 GT card
My guess also would be overheating. I’ve got problems with the same card about 2 years ago unfortunately it has been solved by replacing the card with one from different manufacturer.
The funniest part was that the original card had fan and the replacement was only with passive cooling in any case the second one was much better.
i Think i'll do the sme, anyway this one is too old today.. sad how fast gfx cards loose their value.. Crying or Very sad
A quick fix would be using rivatuner and underclocking the card. alternatly you could add a fan or upgrade the curent one on the card.
DaveThaDawg wrote:
A quick fix would be using rivatuner and underclocking the card. alternatly you could add a fan or upgrade the curent one on the card.

I tried using a largr fan, it did made some differrence but it did not solve the problem completely. A friend of me told me that many cards of the GT seris had indeed heating problems, so i guess underclocking would solve the problem. I tried a FX5200 and it works nice, though a bit slower.

Thanx for the help anyway! Smile
i am running the FX5500 is not a bad card cost me £45 new around 90USD
stays pretty cool however it crash's with NFSU2
DaveThaDawg wrote:
i am running the FX5500 is not a bad card cost me £45 new around 90USD
stays pretty cool however it crash's with NFSU2

I have that same card as well (the 128M version) and it worked well with WoW when I played it. I've also never had any problems with NFSU or U2

I have heard of people having problems with the GT series, I believe that sometimes the problems are related to the high amount of power that those cards require, but don't quote me on that one.

Also, have you reinstalled the latest driver from I've had problems before and thought "I just installed a new driver 2 months ago!?" But sure enough reinstalling the driver helped.

I would also try reinstalling DirectX if the driver doesnt help. There was a new version of DX 9.0 earlier this year (April I think?)

I think the people who say it is heat related are most likely correct, although reinstalling drivers and directX wont hurt, and wont cost money. So I would try that before buying a new card.
this is the second time i have came across this issue now another guy playing americas army with the same card had some nasty screen coruption.

i recomended that he changed his driver version from newest to the 78.01
I say this because each update of the Nvidia drivers adds a new card and there are slight difrent methods of working ie a driver that suits a 7900GT will not nesecerialy suit an older fx model. i am personaly running the 78.01 with out any issues.
I had issues with older cards running newer drivers ie my old 460MX
wouldnt run worth a damn on anything newer than the 7*.** driver versions but using anything from 28.04 to 69.** worked prefectly.
Always read the update info on the updated drivers if in doubt dont bother with them.
This maybe common sense but i have made mistakes b4 and had 2 reinstall windows because of it... only human after all..

I hope this makes sense i am pretty tired after all.
the truth is i have corrected in the past several problems using this .. reverse update to previous driver versions. Interesting way of updating Razz
same as what i just said in my last post new drivers+old cards = Screwed up performance and or loads of errors. think its Nvidias Way to get us to buy shiney new ones Razz

ime getting a new card soon Very Happy 7950 GTx dual Very HappyVery Happy
If this didnt happen before then i would suggest looking at your temps as this is a common sign of the gpu over heating, I would update the drivers anyway because that can only do good.

I was gonna buy a rig with the e6700 + 7950 gx2 but then i relised that direct x 10 is coming out. So now i am gonna buy a laptop on the cheap work with that for four months then get my self a super kick ass rig and leave the suckers that are buying now behind.

This way teh price of Ram the motherboard for the new dual core processors and the Cpu will all come down in price nothing but good.
i had the same problem before with my FX5600 nvidia card, i started to see polygons on my screen after creating a profile and customizing the video settings. what i did was i reinstalled the drivers and didnt changed or customized it anymore and i deleted the profile that i made.

oh btw, dont forget to download the updated driver from nvidia.

You may want to try mounting one of these below your graphics card (if you have room).

I use one for my Radeon 9600 Pro and it helps immensely by sucking the hot air coming off of your graphics card and shunting it directly out the back of your case.

Just search for PCI slot fan or expansion slot fan and you will find some (usually under $10.
Is driver are updated and installed successfully?
I'm sorry to say but Nvidia is a very good company today but they really sucked when they invented the so called great FX series. I would say the best opition would be to replace it with a nvidia 6 or 7 series if your a gamer.

Problems could be like others have said overheating. Out of date drivers and other stuff. You should also check that it doesn't take more power then your powersupply can give.
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