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Boxing: Witter V Coreley

At last Witter got his shot and took it, Corley got smashed around the ring for 12 rounds. Hatton has nowhere to run now!

Hatton is the best (apparantly), Witter has called him out so many times and Hatton keeps running. Even now Hatton run but with no excuses, they are now both world champs and the big money fight Hatton wants can happen with Witter.

Cotto will do Hatton also, so lets get those fights on and let us see who the best boxer in the world at that weight is!

Calzaghe is fighting again soon, I feel sorry for him because he keeps getting pushed aside by the 'big names' (becasue they are scared)! Calzaghe is my favourite boxer but the few decent fighters he fought stil haven't propelled his greatness. C'mon Tarver, Woods, Jones et al. Step to the plate. Byron Mitchell did and got knocked out in 2, Charles Brewer did a better job and still lost in an epic, and Lacey... Well you got batterd for 12 rounds!!!
The fight I wanna see is Calzaghe v Kessler after Kessler unifies the WBC & WBA titles against Marcus Beyer (which he almost certainly will). I would love to see a undisputed world champion in any division, and all the better if it's a British fighter. Very Happy I just hope they can avoid all the politics and matchmaking bullshit and keep the titles and get the fight made.

Also looking forward to Mayweather v Baldomir. Baldmoir's a totally under-rated fighter in my opinion, I knew he would take out Gatti. I don't think he can beat Floyd, but it could be fight of the year.
Kessler v Calzaghe would be excellent. I can't stand the politics in boxing, it really spoils potential great match-ups. It has been Big Joe's failing in getting the bigger fights and has created many critics of him. I have watched all his fights and at anytime in any fight he can pull out combonations of every punch in the book in a matter of seconds!!! When he put Mitchell to bed he batterd him with 20 odd different punches in a couple of seconds

Kessler is a good fighter and would be a perfect fight for the spectators. He would beat Beyer any day but you have to take him out of Germany!!!
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