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My New Soon-To-Be Cellphone

I'm very thrilled to think about the new cellphone that I'm hoping to get on Tuesday afternoon - a T-Mobile MDA. I'm getting this phone new from my uncle, who has connections through some people and can get me this phone for $450.00 that's unlocked and doesn't need a contract. All that I have to do is slide the SIM chip from my Motorola RAZR phone into this phone and it should work. The only thing is setting all the numbers from my Motorola RAZR to this new phone since I have all my contacts saved to the phone's memory instead of on the SIM card.

I've had this Motorola RAZR cellphone for about a year and it's been doing me quite well, but I feel that it's about time for me to upgrade to something that's something more classy (since it seems like that EVERYONE has a Motorola RAZR now), so I've decided on getting a T-Mobile MDA.

I've heard mixed remarks on this phone. My science teacher from last year got this phone over the summer and said that it does wonders for being a Pocket PC, but the phone part of it doesn't exactly excite him.

My friend online has the same exact phone (but renamed to something different) through a company named O2. He said that once I get my phone, he'll go through it with me and have me install 3rd-party programs to get the most out of that phone.

The reason on why I'm getting this phone is that I've always had some sort of a PDA, whether if it's a Palm Pilot, a Handspring Visor, or one of my HP/Compaq iPAQ's, but I think it's a hassle to carry both around at once - a phone and a PDA. I want to get this phone since it has both in one. I'll definately use the PDA functions when I have it with the phone too.

I want to hear some opinions from people here about if you have this same phone (possibly the same as it has a lot of different names), or if you plan on getting this phone too.

Much thanks in advance.

- Mike.
Whoa, that thing sounds pretty cool. I used to use a Palm Pilot all the time; they can be quite handy.
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