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Is there anything to worry about with GMail?

I recently joined a forum that rejected my GMail address, instead forwarding me to and forcing me to use my Yahoo account to sign up with instead. Why is this a big deal?

Now, seriously, on one hand it is very annoying to see that the government is reading my emails, IMs, and listening to my phone calls, but on the other hand, why should I worry if I'm not doing anything illegal?

What is your position on this? Will you use GMail after seeing this site? Or is the thought of government surveilence too creepy for you?

Gmail offers too many free web services, that just so happens to seemlessly work together flawlessly for me to complain.

I also agree with you on the part where you shouldnt have to worry if you're not doing anything illegal. I mean whatever idiot is dumb enough to break the law and leave his evidence on an unsecurred "Free" server of any type deserves to be caught. Right? That same person would then complain about invasion of privacy to justify their stupidity of getting busted.

As far as the free services from google. They are keeping me more then satisfied to where I can care less if there was somebody actually snooping through my email. I mean if they were snoops, it because it helps them bring you better ads that you're more interested in.
RT Cunningham
Regardless of Google's privacy policies concerning the GMail service, you should never communicate sensitive information through ANY free email service.

The best method of email communication for sensitive information requires the use of SSL. Many email clients now support it, as do webmail services.

For everyday use, GMail is as good as choice as the email services provided by Microsoft, Yahoo, and many others.
That's about where I'm at. It seems wrong that anyone but me can read my email, but then again, I don't really mind--if the government wants to spend money from an already tight budget learning from my inbox that I broke the screen of my iPod nano and that I am subscribed to Rockbox forums, let them. I'm no terrorist.

Just out of curiosity, would you sacrifice every scrap of privacy you have to catch terrorists, or would you object? I'm really not sure how I would respond to this, I don't like the thought that my communications are public, but if I thought it would help, I would let the government search my inbox, cell calls, even my bedroom floor.

I dunno...
RT Cunningham
That's just it. The government (any governement) doesn't have the time or the desire to go through every message from every person who sends email. The most they can do is filter through messages looking for key words, using various technological means.

I'm sure if you sent an email to someone important, like a senator, and included things like Osama Bin Laden, Iraq, Lebanon, Hezbollah, etc. and what you think they're up to, even though it's an innocent email, the message would probably get flagged and then looked at by human eyes (other than you or the other party).

But if I send you an email that said I was headed to the movie theater in two hours... I don't think their systems would even blink.

The point of the issue is that if you want privacy, you don't use anything that can be intercepted by any means, least of all a free email service. There are too many other choices.
Oh, I think gmail is the best. I will use it, If some server reject to access gmail, I'll choose another.

Gmail is the best, google is the best, but yahoo and MSN doesn't think so.
i dont think there is anything at all to worry about gmail. ive been using it for about 1 half year now, and i havent had a single problem. and i trust google more than yahoo or msn. they care for users privacy and have been known to reject request from governments who have asked for some personal information...

gmail is the best. period.
Wow the web site made me think of little geeks in a backroom with tinfoil hats on. I have used Gmail since it first came out. Most my emails come with no ads no ads match. When they do have ads they are more relevent then just some random ad. Yea it is hit and miss but it hits more often then misses. And yes when I get my confirmation email for odering pizza from papa johns there is an ad for pizza hut. So what.

To the OP may I suggest not using the forum in questions, they do not respect you enough to let you pick the services that you use.
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